Recap: RECAP: Jerry Jones says no more high priced kickers

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by TEK2000, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. TEK2000

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    Was listening to the Dunham and Miller show on 1310 The Ticket this morning and Jerry Jones said he will not go after anymore high priced kickers again and also will not spend a high draft pick on a kicker. (By high draft pick I took it to mean a first day pick)
    He said they will go back to the ways of old and stick with DEVELOPING kickers rather than spending money in FA on one or a valuable draft pick on one.

    SO, one try and its over... they went after a big name kicker in Vandy and he didn't work out so now he pretty much refuses to spend any money or value on a kicker from here on out.

    I guess that concludes the Mason Crosby hopes.
  2. aquavita

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    Ugh. :( Bad move by jerry in my opinion....i'm really getting sick of having to just walk away from the TV every single time we line up for a field goal.
  3. stealth

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    lol Not hard to have seen that comning.

    But honestly building kickers for the team hasn't been super duper effective.

    have we ever taken a high draft kicker?
    I am not thinking we should or anything, but who in the second round would help us more than crosby?
    I can't think of a position of need other than maybe a lineman or defensive back that might help us down the road.
  4. DipChit

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    One and done huh?

    Too bad he didnt do that with baseball rejects.

    I mean alls well that ends well, but yeah.
  5. wileedog

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    On the bright side, *IF* Gramatica is truly back to his TB form he certainly won't cost a fortune to wrap up for a couple of years, and he's only 31.
  6. silver

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    jerry feeling that awful sting to the wallet. $2.5 mil down the toilet will do that to you i guess. hey jerry it's the holidays. tis the season to be jolly.
  7. Doomsday

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    I dont like it, they make one mistake on a kicker and he throws in the towel. How many years and how many games have been effected by the devolpment of kickers who suck? When is the last Dallas drafted a kicker at all?
  8. ninja

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    Define "high draft pick." Also, Jerry could have a kicker in mind in the upcoming draft and lead other teams to believe that the Cowboys aren't interested in a kicker. This isn't a "read my lips, no kicker drafted with a high pick" type of political statement.

    Also, Maybe Steve Hoffman, the former kicking coach will be coming back.

    And if Gramatica works out(like Columbo) then problem solved! No worry.
  9. jcblanco22

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    I wonder if we brought Todd Peterson (former Seahawks, Falcons kicker) in for a workout at all these last few days before settling on Gramatica. He had a solid year last year and is sitting at home.
  10. braw

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    When we won Super Bowls in 92,93,& 95 season, we had no high priced kicker or drafted kicker. In all the 5 victories in the SB it never came down to field goal. And in the 8 SBs we have played, I have never seen where a missed field goal cost us the game.

    Viniterie has made winning SBs with a kicker en vogue.
  11. silver

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    in '93 when Lin Elliott went down the drain we signed a semi-high priced vet in Eddie Murray. so it has been done in the past.
  12. CrazyCowboy

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    Guess that means not to Crosby?
  13. SmashFactorGolf

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    Jerry has just got to sit back and revel in how much money he is saving on a Pro Bowl caliber qB he has a cut rate price, and how much money a trip deep into the playoffs will pay off for him............heck dont know how it stacks up, but he has probably made what Vandy cost him in sales of Romo Jerseys alone:p:

    Jerry wont go hungry.....but hey he fully deserves to be making big bucko's, he is the one taking the risks.............hope he is flourishing , deserves it
  14. cobra

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    I think this is influenced by the success of Romo.

    A big question since the aging days of Troy Aikman was whether the Cowboys would trade up in the draft or draft a blue-chip quarterback.

    Jerry Jones was opposed to doing that and wanted to see if we could get quarterback help in the lower rounds or through free agency/trade; part of that theory is because it is such a crapshoot in getting one. Odds are that you would miss and then have wasted a good draft pick and/or big contract. So the idea was to try to search for bargains. It didn't work for awhile, and the one high draft pick on Quincy Carter was an enormous bust (kind of like Vanderjagt). So Jones was set on developing a player to be good at quarterback instead of breaking the team to find a franchise one.

    Romo showed that theory was a resounding success.

    I guess Jerry will stick with it for kickers too: try to develop a good one on the cheap, never overpay for one.

    That frees us to use our high draft picks and money on other positions that are less crapshoots.
  15. DipChit

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    Understand your point. In fact thats one reason I didnt have as big a beef with Vandy as some people did. For one thing you cant say he actually cost us any games and even in the Indy game I wasnt that mad with those 2 misses simply because as it was unfolding I was thinking we werent gonna win the game by settling for FG's anyway.

    The thing is.. if you have a crappy kicker it doesnt matter.. until it matters. If you're good enough to get away with it never coming down to that in big games, more power to ya.
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    I wouldn't be surprised if it worked out that way.
  17. Rampage

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    wow thats shocking news:rolleyes:

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Grammy could be here for a while. He is 31... we took andy at 36... .so maybe we have a 5 years... who knows
  19. TEK2000

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    I did define my interpretation of what he meant by high draft pick.

    He also included that they have no intention on bringing in a dedicated kick coach... siting the fact that no other NFL team had a dedicated kicking coach while Hoffman was on our staff.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Give Jones credit for learning from the Baseball reject experiments. He kept trying and trying only to learn that it was a wasted effort all along. He's now applying that learning to the Vanderjacht case and thinking "burn me one, shame on you; burn me twice, shame on me". It's a good philosophy and I'm glad Jones is subscribing to it.


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