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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Sep 12, 2006.

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    He didn't sound too happy in this interview. He didn't have his normal happy-go-lucky style. I took his Vanderjagt comments as an order for him to play...

    • This loss is lingering with us a little bit. We, like every fan, were excited at the first of the ballgame. We left alot on the field. We have every reason to think we can play much better on defense and can get better on offense.
    • Bledsoe is not hurt, there is nothing to that. Yes, his play concerns me, but I don't want to dwell on him. I think the QB position is one of our strengths. I thought he had time the other night. I haven't seen him have those kind of issues on accuracy when he's had time.
    • We have to go with Flo, ready or not. It shows that he missed alot of practices as it would on any player. He showed he wasn't ready in the first game.
    • KO were everything we hoped for, but we don't want to miss FG's. In close games we need those. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mike (Vanderjagt) this week.
    • We don't want to start out with two losses in a row. We won the SB with a different team starting 0-2 one year, but it is very difficult to do.
    • I still have a good feeling about this team. We wanted to start fast, but this is a marathon. This is football.
    • I know that as far as the interest in the rivalry (Cowboys/Redskins), it is every bit as big as it has been in my 17 years with the Cowboys. We have a large fan base in the East and the Cowboys are of interest this year. They have a great franchise and are very proud and it should make for a great game.
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    How are you feeling this morning?
    Not doing too good today. That 24 hour rule for these loses lingering a little bit longer this time.

    So does this one hurt more because you let one get away or does it hurt less because you lost to a good team on the road?
    No, I’m like every fan that got excited by what we did at the start of the ball game. But we left so many opportunities on the field, that’s the frustrating part. Yes, we did play a tough team on the road. But we have every reason to believe we can play much better. So the good news is we saw potential and room for improvement.

    Any truth to Drew’s back giving him problems?
    No, nothing to that at all.

    Does Drew’s play concern you?
    Yes, but I don’t want to talk about Drew directly. I think one of our strengths this year was our quarterback position, but that was with Drew playing at a higher level. I thought he had time in this game as far as throwing the ball. You don’t get much time to throw in the NFL, and I haven’t seen him before have those kinds of accuracy issues in situations where he’s had time. I thought we had enough firepower that we can back them off a little bit. But we all know that you don’t you get to design games in this league where your quarterback gets a lot of protection and open receivers.

    Is Flozell ready to play or did he have an off game?
    We have to go with with him, ready or not. It showed he missed a lot of practices in preseason. It would effect any player, especially one who is coming off injury and it showed.

    How frustrating is it to not have Vanderjagt and when can we expect to see him?
    Well, the kickoffs were everything we could hope for, but we just don’t want to miss these key field goals. Against these good football teams these games are going to be close. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Mike this week.

    Big divisional game early in the season since you’re both 0-1?
    Nobody wants to start the season off with two losses in a row. We did it one time and won a Superbowl, but that doesn’t happen very often.

    Snyder had Cruise and Holmes up in his luxury box. Are you going to bring in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?
    I would like to bring in Nicole Kidman.

    Do you still feel confident in this team?
    Yes. Everyone wants a great start, but this is a marathon. This is football. You got to bounce back from losses and injury. We’re going to have to do it earlier in the season.

    Is the Washington/Dallas rivalry as big as it was 15-20 years ago?
    I know as far as just numbers of people watching the game, its bigger than anytime Ive been with the Cowboys. With our market we have in the East, it creates a rivalry. We’re both excited about our teams, and that makes a big game. That’s the difference in the NFL from other sports, we have fewer games. Every game is our town versus your town.
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    Thanks, dudes.
  4. Jarv

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    Drew's back problems seems to be at issue. Is someone hiding something ? I guess we'll see if he practices today. Of course, now the practices are hidden from the public/press...So we may not get the truth.
  5. trickblue

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    That's what I am wondering... it seemed something was obviously wrong. More than just a bad day at the office...
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    I HIGHLY suspect that Drew is hurt right now and no one is admitting it. Something happened after the first quarter. His entire throwing motion changed the rest of the game.

    No one on the team is acknowledging what the tv crew saw with Bledsoe having to stretch his back after every offensive series and then I saw the one clip where he was throwing on the sideline and you could plainly see the grimace on his face that looked like he was in pain with every throw.

    Anyone who watched that game should have clearly seen Drew change after the first quarter.

    I hope this is something that he can work out this week and be fully healthy for Sunday.
  7. SteveOS

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    Yeah, he was wincing when he was throwing on the sidelines, I don't think that is normal, lol. If there wasn't anything wrong w/ him, why is he throwing on the sidelines anyways? It's odd and we'll never know the truth, I just hope he heals quickly and bounces back, which I think he will.
  8. Chief

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    That's the Jerry we all know and love. I can just see the wink and the grin when he said it.
  9. MinnesotaCowboy

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    I agree..........he was throwing great and then all of a sudden he couldn't "hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle". I suspect a "little hitch in his get-along".:(
  10. CrazyCowboy

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    sure is good to know that Drew is ok.....
  11. Chief

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    I don't think he is.

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    The thing that I hate to see is people hating on him because your right he was different you could see him, he has faults but accuracy is not one of them. I hope he either gets well or we play Romo, I mean isn't that why we extended him and pay him the $$$$, besides with our line he'll probably look just as bad..
  13. dmq

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    No mention of why we played wuss ball or offense or defense? Honestly, does Parcells really think he can win playing straight up offense and defense all night. How about why did we run straight into the Cowboys strength all day? I want some real answers. Not that we left some plays on the field. Our play calling was horrible.
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    thanks roshi, once again..

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    Nicole Kidman? bleh..

    He needs to bring in Jessica Alba and Al Pacino.. for entirely different reasons..
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    You know that hit to the head he took in the last PS game could have triggered some back issues. He may be getting some spasams there? Then again at his age and all the hits he's taken could be catching up? On a positive note, if he does have some issues with the back, Bill can sit him for a week or two without having to pull him because of bad play. If you pull Drew because of bad play sometime early in the season, you almost have to stick with Romo. It's hard to go back and forth and have a leader. A perceived injury(real or imagined) allows Bill to see Romo and still go back to Drew when he's healthy(wink wink) if Romo stinks it up. If Romo gets his chance and runs with it, Drew may never see the field, but i'm getting way ahead of myself with "theories" like that:) Just a thought.
  17. Big Dakota

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    Bill said Zimm has learned what you can do with the 3-4. We did see it.
  18. theebs

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    anyone listen to the radio broadcast? During the pregame Larry brown was saying that if the cowboys struggle that jones is going to fire parcells and that we wont have to worry about him returning or not because he wont have the option.

    I personally think he is nuts and so did mickey, but hey you never know, jerry jones overeacts and has made some of the stupidest decisions in the nfl over the past 20 years, so you never know.
  19. Big Dakota

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    Well it won't be during the year, Jerry's never done that. If we go 8-8,7-9 Bill might not want to come back? Depends on why we lose. If we pull Bledsoe and still lose with Romo because the OL and D doesn't play well, then Bill, Zimm and the entire staff are in trouble. This isn't and shouldn't be a .500 team. If it is, heads will roll.
  20. WoodysGirl

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    But the question was when could it have occurred?

    I'd be interested in hearing from those who've watched the game again to kinda guess at when he could have possibly injured his back.

    My guess is when he threw the pass to Julius off his back foot.

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