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    Is this the Cowboys #1 rivalry or the Redskins?
    When you reduce the division to 4 teams, every team is an equal rival.

    Will you have increased security personally this week?
    I don't know about that. I know there will be increased security overall.

    Will you go on the field before the game?
    Yes. Im not concerned about it. I've done this for 17 years. I used to walk right through the middle of the stadium in Washington to get the field.

    Is the Link less nasty than the Vet?
    No. The Philly fans are passionate and I've always respected the way their passion for their team. I met with Bill Bidwell yesterday and he said the Cardinals played a Championship game there one year and when the Eagles we're introduced 10 of their 11 players were booed. This was a Championship Game.

    Last week people were tossing up items into you suite and you were autographing things. Is it safe to say you won't have your suite window open this week?
    It will take quite an arm to get something up to my suite in that stadium.

    Has the perception of Jerry Jones changed in Dallas?
    You could answer that better than me. When I first bought the Cowboys my initial days were very positive when I interacted with the fans. I made over 300 speaches in my first year.

    Has the perception in the league changed
    I'm considered to be an aggressive person when it comes to promoting the NFL. The ownership recognizes my love for the game. I would say half to 2/3rds of the room are newer owners than me, so that impacts things quite a bit. One time I was at a salesamanship club when I first came to Dallas, and I slipped off to use the restroom before my speech and I heard two guys come in say “I wonder what kind of bs that sob is going to give us today?” And the other person said “I don't know, but I know there will be a lot of it”. So I go into the meetinig room and the first thing I say is “I was in the restroom and I heard what you guys said, and I'm on the lookout for two men wearing brown wingtip shoes.”

    Your thoughts on Haynesworth?
    I hate it for the other team and their management. Its so rare. We do 35,000 plays a year in the NFL. Usually by the end of the game any frustration and anger has been knocked out of you. Now if you're playing golf and you don't have a physical release then you take it out on the club, but you don't see it in football. It was quite a surprise.

    Do you wish it was a harsher suspension?
    He took it as far as he thought it could possibly go and still have the NFLPA's permission.

    I don't think people have noticed what an incredible job your organization has done in wiping out any free agent defection this upcoming offseason. Will you talk to Gurode and Colombo about an extention.

    Those guys are playing above our expectations, and when I see those guys I see our future. But I don't get involved in airing out contract negotations.

    Do you know what TO's touchdown celebration will be if he scores this week?
    No, but I bet he'll be sensitive to the climate over there.

    I'm amazed at how the two teams are handling this. It seems to be done calmly with no bulletin board material. Are you surprised?

    No, as GM I have responsibilities about getting teams in and out of the city in regards to security. We know the emotion involved in the game.

    I'm going to ask you about Jerry Jones Inc. You have a driver, but are you driven everywhere?
    No, I drive myself most of the time 99% of the time. Unless I've been to a party and need someone else to drive for me.

    Marilyn Love has been your assistant and right hand man, how important is she to Jerry Jones Inc?

    Well, she's been there for 30 years. And a lot of times when people call me they prefer to talk to her than to me. I've always thought the people you hire purvey how you feel about them. If she brushes off people on the phone, then it makes me look like I'm personally brushing them off. She has made my life unbelievably easier than it otherwise would be.

    Is there anyone else around you on a daily basis.
    Al Phillips is around me at home on a daily basis. He's been a real friend. #1 is Jean. And she will drive me from time to time, but not often.

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    ummm. when were the Cardinals in a championship game?
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    When the heck did Bidwell and the Cardinals play in a championship game?

    Has the guy been the owner since 1938 or something like that?

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    Well, in 47 and 48, The Cards won one against Philly and lost one against Philly in the NFL Championship Game. Now, at that time, I believe it Was Charles Bidwell who owned the team. Charlie Bidwell died in the spring of 47 so Bill could have been there to see it. In those days, I believe the Cards were still in Chicago. That was the whole Madison Street thing.

    In the early 70s, the St. Louis Cards had some pretty good teams. In those days, they had Hart and the original Cardiac Cards running Don Coryell's Air Coryell Offense. In both 74 and 75, the Cards actually won the NFC East but lost in the first round both years. I don't believe that they played the Eagles either time.

    82 and 88 were the only other playoff teams and again, I don't believe the Cards meet Philly so I think it would have to have been either the 47 or 48 team and probably the 48 team. In 47, the Cards beat the Eagles in Comiskey Park so Bill could not have witnessed Philly fans acting like Philly fans do beause they played in Chicago. In 48, they played again and this time, lost to the Eagles in Philidelphia. It would have to have been the 48 team.
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    Great history lesson...butttttt....

    <LI class=black11pt>Cowboys Extend NFL-Record with 25th Playoff Appearance - The Cowboys extended their NFL Record for postseason appearances to 25 with a 20-7 loss to Arizona in a NFC Wild Card Playoff Game at Texas Stadium on Jan. 2, 1999.
    I hate to have to remember that!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah, I don't consider that one for obvious reasons.


    Your correct, there was that one other I neglected to mention. Good catch and thank you for the correction.

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    Great recap....thanks
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    thanks for the recap.
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    Jerry never ceases to just crack me up "I'm on the lookout for two men wearing brown wingtip shoes.”

    Jerry really needs to do a book. Check out King of the Cowboys if you have'nt's an absolutely great read.

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