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    • I really do have fun on the Miller Lite commercials. I told Rhonda I haven't had that much fun in years.
    • Bledsoe should be the QB right now. I think this is a playoff caliber team. You have to find out if he can get back on track. If you are going to be a stationary QB, which he is, you have to be great at all of the other aspects. The OL is struggling a bit, but it's because they are protecting a stationary QB. If you read between the lines, Parcells really likes Romo
    • I think Parcells has this thing on track. They had a setback against Jacksonville, but that is a good team. It doesn't diminish the quality of this team. I think they are on track to win the division, but it is a tough division. I think defensively they are very good. I think this is a good football team.
    • It would be fun to coach again... on Sunday. Maybe some other times of the year, but coaching is a 7 day a week thing in the NFL. It is tough on your family life and you never have any time for yourself. There are great rewards if you are successful, but it is a grind. I would never consider coaching again. I had a ball doing it, but I also like my life now and doing NFL on Fox. We have a really good time and we get to watch every single game at once. We watch alot of college games and go have a cold one after the gig on Fox.
    • It would be an honor to be in the HoF, but I'm not holding out for that. I had alot of fun doing that.
    • Troy was down fishing a few months back and we talked about what would have happend had I stayed. We had a great team and could have won a bunch more (SB), any idiot could see that. If you look at my track record, I stay around about 5 years and I get antsy, as I did then. I just wanted a change in scenery and spending more time with my family.
    • Jerry and I are fine. I think people confused us for being better friends than we were and blew it out of proportion, but I have great respect for him as a business man and his passion for the Dallas Cowboys. I was talking to Bill not long ago and we talked about Jerry's passion fro this team. It sometimes can get in the way as he is so intense about it.
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    Appreciate the recaps as always!

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    Some interesting things in here...

    -I guess he thinks the Cowboys are good? He said it about five times it seems.

    -It sounds like he's saying he's not upset at the rift that happened between him and Jerry, because they were never that close to begin with .. lol :D
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    You take with the QB situation in Dallas?
    Bledsoe should be the QB right now if you want to go to the playoffs. With the zone blitzes out there today you have to go to 2nd and 3rd WR’s, and the more mobile QB’s have a better chance to be successful at that. Stationary QB’s can be successful, but you have to be so, so good at OL and WR to do it. You read between the lines, its obvious Bill likes Tony Romo. I think if Bledsoe continues to struggle that you’ll see him.

    As a guy known for rebuilding a team in Dallas, what do you think of Parcells rebuilding job?
    I think they are on track, and I really think they got a good team. Losing to Jax on the road is not the end of the world. They beat Pittsburgh and Seattle at home last year. And Dallas was in the game and had a chance to win it. I still think Dallas is on track to win that division. Drew has to get back on track and protect the football. Defensively they are very good. Kicking game, who knows? But I think they got a good football team.

    What is your typical day like?
    Just to give you an idea … If I wasn’t doing this interview, I would be out there fishing right now. I bet I’ve had 7 or 8 owners come down here visiting. Belichick has been down. Jack Del Rio has come down a few times. Some of those guys you think are “lifers” look around and say “Gee, no wonder you haven’t come back”.

    Do you ever get the itch to coach?
    It would be fun on Sundays and a few days out of the year the year. I talked to an owner a few years ago and he said “Our city is right on the water”, and I said “Yeah, but when would I ever have time to get to it?”. Coaching is a 7 days a week job. Even my last stint with the Dolphins I was just an hour away from my house in the Keys. I went home 1 day in a 7 month period. You don’t have a life in NFL coaching. I advise my friends in college coaching that’s the difference … in college coaching you have a life, in the NFL you don’t. Its a completely different world. Some things are more gratifying like the accolaides and the money, but it’s a grind.

    So do you ever consider college coaching again?
    No, I had a great run in college and NFL. And I had a ball doing it. But I enjoy my life now. And I really have fun doing what I do on Fox NFL Sunday. Terry, Howie and I have a lot of fun on the set. We get together and watch college games at the hotel on Saturdays. We have every NFL game on TV sets on the set. And then we get together after the broadcast and drink a cold one and watch the Sunday Night game. I really enjoy my life.

    Do you think you’ll be in the HOF one day?
    I don’t know. It would be an honor, but I don’t get too carried away with it. I live day to day and don’t look back. It would be an honor, but I think its held against me that I didn’t stay in the league longer.

    Do you ever look back at the situation in Dallas and see how things could have been if you would have stayed?
    Troy was down at the house fishing and we talked about it one night. That’s just my personality. I was at OK ST. five years. Miami five. I was just antsy and ready to move on. We could have won a lot more in Dallas, but that wasn’t important to me at that stage of my life. I wanted to spend more time with my family, and got married right after that. So I moved on. I look back a little bit, but not a lot. I know we could have won more and players wanted me to stay, but it was time for me to go.

    How’s your relationship with Jerry?
    We’re fine. You know, people thought we were a lot better friends than we actually were at the time, and now we’re on the other side. I have great respect for Jerry. He’s the best business man I’ve ever known, and he’s more passionate about his team than anyone I’ve ever known. Parcells and I talked about it one time. He’s so passionate about it that it hurts you to let him down.
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    I think that Jimmy has been saying he and Jerry were never that close for a long time. I remember him explaining that they happened to be roomates on the road for that one football season in college and were more acquaintances and former teammates than anything else. They both have explained that they never hung out socially or anything like that.

    From what I've read, Jerry and Jimmy have been okay with each other for the better part, if not all, of this decade. Remember the segment they did when Jimmy returned to Valley Ranch for the first time that aired during the pre-game of the Thanksgiving Day game in 2002 against the Skins? They'd been at peace with each other by that point for a while. I recall seeing something where Jimmy was very touched when Jerry sent a big flower wreath to Jimmy's mother or father's funeral, can't remember which, and that helped start breaking the ice ('99 or '00, around that time I think).
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    I think we know what he's talking about there...
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    Jerry is a great owner and Jimmy knows it!
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    I think actually he also made catering arrangement when Jimmy's mom died too.
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    I bet that was a funny conversation ... comparing Jerry stories.
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    Thanks for the recaps.
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    I remember reading about that, and I believe he had a catering service hired for two weeks so that the family could mourn and not worry about eating...

    I believe I read this in Jimma's book...
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    Trickblue... fantastic sig my friend. And thanks for the Jimmy interview. Good read.
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    Except if you read IR's recap that statement is totally different.
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    in addition to the cushy fox gig, i think he won't coach again b/c he DOES want to be in the HOF....he is on the bubble now, but if he comes back and fails like he did in miami, he knows it becomes more of a long shot.

    i think he likes his coaching track record as it is.
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    does it scare you that Parcells really likes Romo? remember he also really liked Vinny and Bledsoe.
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    I also noticed that the transcripted interpretation of Jimmy's comments on Jerry's passion were very different between the 2 listeners.

    That is how rumors get started hehe. They say drastically different things really.

    That is a particularly touchy subject for Cowboys fans. The subject being the degree to which Jones interfered or still interferes with certain things. Now I'm not casting an opinion on whether Jones should have the right to or not, as Owner and GM. I'm just saying that there is a perception that due to his passion he gets in the way. That may or may not have been what Johnson said. Now I have to go listen to it myself, aaargh.

    thanks for recaps. Interesting stuff.
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    There is no one I would rather have owning the Dallas Cowboys then Jerry Jones. You may be able to fault some of his actions, but never his passion for the team and to win.

    We will miss him when he is gone.
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    I agree. I have not agreed with every move Jerry has made but I think Jerry will do what ever it takes to produce a winner.
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    Not really since anybody who could get those 2 QB's and the teams they happened to be on to the AFC Championship and the SB.. even if they lost, hadda be doing something right.

    Meanwhile in that same 96-98 time frame Jimmy was wallowing in mediocrity with the Dolphins and not getting them any farther than were recordwise before he got there.

    Oh sure he was "saddled" with a Marino whos time had come to an end but is that the only excuse to come in 2nd behind those BP teams when some would say that a washed up Marino was still better than those other guys ever were at decision making and whatnot. And washed up or not his TD/INT ratio wasnt bad those 3 years.

    Thats why indeed for the sake of his HoF aspirations he better just keep doing tv. Not saying he couldnt get to another SB with the right team but that in and of itself doesnt prove anything. Ask Switzer.

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