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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Sep 5, 2006.

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    Vandy has a proven record, but is anyone at the Ranch privately concerned?
    The question would be better asked who thinks this isn’t a big deal. They all think its between his ears. There are grave concerns. They hope he isn’t just going through this because of the field goal he missed against Pittsburg. I’m no Steve Hoffman, but there is something to the effect that he is missing wide right. His kicks seem to flutter with no power behind them.

    Will TO start?
    I don’t think anyone knows. If he goes through a week of practice and completes them there is a good chance he will.

    If Bledsoe gets hurt, who would the Cowboys call on to be a 3rd QB?
    Parcells alluded to someone yesterday. Todd Archer and I have tried to narrow it down. We don’t think its Quincy. For now we don’t know, but we’re working on it.

    See if the name Jay Fiedler comes up at all.
    I think he has some shoulder problems and couldn’t even throw the ball in camp in Tampa so I crossed him off my list, but I’ll check on it for you.

    Does it surprise you that Drew Henson hasn’t caught on with anyone?
    Not really. I think he will eventually. Right now teams have their rosters set and are familiar with the guys they have. And where is the recent tape on him? People around the league wonder why he got released. I like the guy, but he didn’t play well in practice. He had some moments and flashes, but he didn’t play well.

    When camp began, the #1 goal was to improve the OL. Has it improved any?
    I don’t think you can say that right now. I still think they were where they were when they showed up. The question is, should you have gotten a tackle in the second round instead of a tight end when you already got Witten? Instead of rolling the dice on guys like Fabini and Colombo? Colombo has done some good things, but when Parcells talks about Colombo he says he’s a tough competitor and he fights you. Now compare that to McQuinstan .. he goes on and on about his ability. In other words, you can only expect so much from Colombo.

    Is there any worry about Kosier?
    They believe he’ll be an adequate player. But they are under no illusions that he's going to be the next Larry Allen.

    Was letting LA go a mistake?
    It is, in that they didn’t get a guy better than him. Even in his reduced state, Larry is still better than Kosier. Now, Kosier can some things that Larry can’t do like blocking in space and blocking down to the 2nd level.
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    I've never considered myself to be a chicken little type of fan, but I am really worried about the O-line, and the kicker.
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    I think it will be Vinny, Tommie Maddox, and heres a wild card Ray Lucas.
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    Why do people take Parcells's words so literally and only use those words on their evaluations of players?

    Watch the tape on Colombo from this preseason. The guy looked like a quality RT.

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    still think that LA and Glover would have helped us this year.. those two guys being released were the only bummers to an incredible offseason.. i know, i know, LA is old and slow and Glover is too small for the 3-4, and cap space and contracts and bla bla.. but what are our two biggest concerns? O-Line and a backup NT.. hmmm.. LA is better than Kosier and Glover is just a wee bit better, Im guessing, than Jvonne Parker.. both will probably make the Pro Bowl this year with other teams.. and we still have cap room..

    look don't get me wrong, i absolutely loved our offseason and think we are prime for a run, but i think these two guys would have helped us.. not only that, but i liked these guys a lot and i'd like to see LA win another one with the Boys and i'd like to so Glover win his first..
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    The OL will be improved, likely greatly improved, over last year because we ended the season with the worst set of offensive tackles in the NFL in Pettiti and Tucker. I wouldn't accuse you of hyperbole if you said it might be the worst tackle tandem in recent NFL memory. Those two couldn't even make an NFL team this year (unless you consider the Saints an NFL team). Now, will it be Superbowl caliber? That's another story. But to say its no better than last year's group is rather ridiculous. It looked vastly improved throughout the preseason by both naked eye obeservation and breaking it down play by play.

    And I can't wait to meet this offensive tackle we bypassed in the second round who was going to step right in to the starting position at RT and excell for the next 10 years. I've heard so much about him.
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    Wouldn't it be something if Quincy came back. lol...

    Didn;t Parcells say a developmental prospect, tho?
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    Just what we need. 1 hot head in TO and 1 pot head in Carter. :lmao:
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    And run blocking looks to be their problem, and that has more to do with scheme and execution than it does brute power. It hasn't helped that teams like Minnesota used 9 man fronts in the preseason when TO wasn't in there.
  10. Idgit

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    Oh, just blocking in space and getting to the second level. Is that all?
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    This team was a contender last season with a merely average offensive line. This line can at the very least be that.

    This line gave up what? - 3 sacks the entire preseason? And that was without their starting LT for a vast majority of the time!

    And people can sure talk about vanilla schemes and they'd be right, but the same can be said for Dallas' underwhelming running game. I think there are more athletic, trap-and-pull plays in the playbook not used yet.

    And I think Allen is gone because he was a round peg in a square hole - he no longer fit what the Cowboys now want to do.

    The offensive line will now be able to pull and screen to both sides of the field given the athleticism of Kosier and Rivera which will keep defenses honest.
  12. dmq

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    I agree. This line is way ahead of where we were last year during the year. It must count for something that Pettiti was much stronger this summer and not injured, but still fell to third on the depth chart at RT. I certainly don't wan't McQ starting this year, but it sounds like he will be a heck of alot better than Tucker was as Flo's backup. Gurode or Johnson should 2006 should be better than Johnson- Gurode of 2005. Kosier is still a bit of an unknown, but it seems like he fits in much better in our scheme than LA. We are gonna sweep alot this year. LA just couldn't do that.
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    JJT's observation about Parcells' praise for Columbo is interesting. And makes sense too. Parcells doesn't go on and on about Columbo's ability ....
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    Not that preseason means much, but we allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL during the preseason despite attempting the eighth-most passes. If our line was going to be a sieve like it was for the final 10 games last season, you'd think it would have shown up at some point already. Our opponents weren't playing any more vanilla on defense than anyone else's opponents.
  15. stasheroo

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    And again - that was without our starting left tackle for a large portion of preseason!
  16. InmanRoshi

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    Its true that Colombo probably doesn't have a lot of athletic ability, but the strength and toughness part shouldn't be dismissed so quickly by JJT. There are a lot of good RT's in the league in that mold. Jon Runyan is a classic example, as was Big E after his injury.
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    Tui wasn't exactly a decathlete either. He was just a tough SOB.
  18. Maikeru-sama

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    I think the name on Parcells' emergency red phone if Bledsoe were to go down would be Vinny Testeverde.

    I think Carter has been out of football too long.

    - Mike G.
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    Columbo has been looking better as preseason has gone along. No reason to believe that trend won't continue.
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