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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Nov 24, 2006.


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    John Seibol (sp?) on ESPN Radio just said...
    ...that Dallas will not only have the most success in the NFC from this point fowrard, but will have the most success in the NFL; they will win the Super Bowl because Romo is the second coming of Tom Brady.

    Yesterday, before the game, Seibll insisted that Dallas would lose to Tampa Bay because the week before they had a statement win against the Colts; and in the Parcells/Dallasl era, after a statmeent win the Cownboys lose big.

    Now, after the Tanpa game, Seibol acknowledged what he said yesterday, and wen on to say that by beating Tampa the way the did - and the way Romo followed-up the Colts win with a record-setting day on Thanksgiving - Dallas has proved it is on its way. And Seibol is now predicting a Super Bowl for us.

    WOW! :D

  2. Bryan8284

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    How sweet of a day would a SB win be.

    I don't doubt the team's chance of making it there, though late January in Chicago is tough, but Super Bowl against NE? SD? Indy again?

    Tough tough games.
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    Gee how convenient. Just like an espn guy, to reach and say we will lose and then overreact the next day and say we will win the super bowl.

    If we lose to the giants I am sure he will have us finishing third in the division.

    These guys have the easiest job in america, they just make general statements and overreact to everything, they can say anything and be right..
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    These guys and meteorologists, at least the ones up here in the northeast. They tell us we're getting a foot of snow and we get about 5 snowflakes--we're supposed to get an inch and we end up getting drilled.

    These guys just flip coins and pray.
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    Looking at the NFC picture today, I think that we can all agree it would take a complete collapse for this team to miss the playoffs. If they go into Giants stadium next week and beat the Giants, we should start talking BYE week and whether we can catch the Bears for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

    But based upon how this team has played the past 5 games, you'd have to think that they are one of the favorites to win the NFC and go to the Superbowl.
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    What John Seibel went on to say was...


    Whatever the Cowboys did on Thanksgiving, they did on Christmas (as far as win/lose).

    The one time they lost was in 2000. Dallas lost to Minnesota on Thanksgiving (for the 2nd time in three years), then got shut out by Tennessee on the final game of the dismal 2000 season.


    The two other years Dallas won on Thanksgiving (and then Christmas), was 1971 and 1995.

    What happened those years?

    The Cowboys won the Super Bowl!!!!

    Just something to watch for.
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    its so funny to think that when we lost to the giants on monday nite and put romo in, we all thought it was the end of the world. and now look whats goin on.....
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    So yesterday we were going to lose to tampa and now 24 hours later we are going to win the super bowl. Got it.
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    I am from Utica, Ny. I know all about that!!

    I had many days where I got to school, only to come home at about 10 am because the weather guys blew it and we ended up with 2.5 feet of snow!!

    Good times!
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    Makes sense. I was wondering about the heart of this team myself. I've seen us drop an easy game too many times after winning a big game against a quality opponent (Redskins in Week 10?). When that happens it's because you have a mentally soft team that, quite frankly, isn't ready for the playoffs, which take a string of big wins against great teams. Yesterday, Dallas proved it was over the hump.
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    I think Siebol (sic) was being facetious.
    You have to take what he says with a grain of salt.

    I think the two "statement" games left on our schedule are the Giants game (for obvious reasons) and the Saints game because we'll have to play the Saints run AND pass and because Sean Payton knows the Cowboys.

    But the Saints can be scored upon (38 to Steelers, 31 to Bengals) and we have the receivers to exploit their secondary.

    Atlanta's receivers don't scare me and Tampa, Cleveland, Baltimore and Detroit have already deviced the game plan on how to stop Michael Vick. Expect DeMarcus Ware to play that role to the T.

    We win the Saints and Giants games, and I'm going to feel more confident saying we may be the team to beat in the playoffs. I'm still not dismissing the Bears, though.

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    Well if this was yesterdays Cowboys team he would have been right.... we are todays Cowboys team.... heck we are now seeing the future Cowboys team

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