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    • The thing I noticed about Merriman last night, is that they asked him to do one thing last night: Go get the QB... maybe the Cowboys should do that with Ware. They play in different systems. Does Indy ask Freeney to stop the run? They have one move. Merriman also plays the position he played in college. Ware is learninga new position.
    • The kicker is once again flying under the radar with Bledsoe having a bad game. Vanderjagt has been cleared by the trainers and Parcells continues to tell him he needs to see something in practice from him.
    • I think we also got an answer to Adams on Sunday. Maybe he isn't ready yet. He didin't look good, but you have to take some lumps to get him into playing form.
    • Columbo also didn't look that good. He let the Jags in on one interception, and he didn't run block particularly well.

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