Recap: RECAP: Mickey with BaD Radio on The Ticket.

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Sep 27, 2006.

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    • I was just talking to somebody and they told me the reason bad reporting is prevelent today is because with the internet that they can't just sit on a story and wait til it's accurate. They have to get it out there before checking all of the facts.
    • The police report everyone had seen is not the final police report, but a preliminary observation.
    • I've had alot of police officials tell me that you don't quit the investigation if you think he attempted suicide and that he would have to be held for a 72 hour observation period.
    • Lt. Watson was so terse because he wasn't so much mad with the media as he is with someone leaking the info. I would imagine his superiors told him to get a handle on the situation.
    • I don't have a professional opinion on this, but just seeing him yessterday, he didn't seem like a depressed person at all.
    • I don't know if his combination of supplements and pills made him make a bad decision on what he was taking.
    • There are tents on the lawn everywhere where stations are doing live reports. There is also a helicopter flying over. THis is very Irvin-esque in regards to the media attention.
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    thanks trick. The 72 hour period mickey states was in psychiatric care.
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    heh - the cowboys are back!!!! we've got the spotlight again and we aim to keep it! hopefully by winning, but this is a start!!!

    while i agree with the outcome of the 1st bullet, i disagree it's an excuse to do a crappy job when accurate reporting IS your job. but in a world of instant gratification i do see why it happens.
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    Clear the air TO.......

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