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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Nov 14, 2006.

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    • Well there was a contingency plan if Ellis didn't work out at OLB in TC. Here's the problem. Greg played two positions; stand-up LB in the 3-4 and down DE in the 4-3 mix. With Indy playing 3 WR all the time, you have to be in some sort of stand-up defense. They also use the no-huddle thing at times. This will make it difficult for Dallas to sub in the players they need. Now they have used Carpenter a bit with his hand down and he did it in college, but this is a player with two NFL tackles. They were bringing in Glenn on the nickel, pulling Spears and having Ellis take that spot.
    • Als can play the LB spot and did it pretty well last year, but he's not much of a pass rusher. Hatcher or Glymph has to figure into this somewhere. Hatcher had been in on the inside, but since he was hurt they are staying with K. Coleman in there.
    • Now there will be a bigger bullseye on Ware. They don't have to worry about Ellis in there. They will load up with him and then just deal with whoever Dallas throws in there.
    • It sounded like Parcells wants to keep Burnett in the middle on nickel situations, but you could move Burnett on the right (his natural position) and move Ware over to the left.
    • They were talking and said had they drafted Manny Lawson he would have played right side and they said they would move Ware to the left.
    • Owens fines are now approaching 20. No one else is close. (Mickey didn't bring this up, BaD did)...
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    Who cares about T.O. FINES? That is noneya!
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    now this sounds like a pretty good idea. though Burnett may not do to well against LTs--it would be awesome to see Ware against the RT
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    I like that idea also and since it works in Madden why not make the change :D
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    I agree... OL's seem to be shifting over to account for him a bit. He would be a handful against the usually weaker RT...
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    If this were true, I would imagine that they would have put Ware over on the left whenever Burnett has come into spell Ellis. It's not like we've been afraid to put Ware on the left side this season (he's been over there quite a bit).

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