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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, May 10, 2006.

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    • There was nothing surprising in what Bill said last weekend. There were 70 members of the press present.
    • No matter what Bill said, many didn't believe him.
    • Bill has always maintained that they choose players as an organization, so nothing is different in that respect. It is Bill that makes the decisions on who plays, who is active/inactive.
    • Many in the media are taking clips out of context to make Bill appear to contradict himself.
    • Make no mistake, Bill was totally on board with the signing of TO.
    • No one saw the Jerry/Jimmy rift coming, so now reporters want to be the first to report a rift between Jerry/Bill. They will keep up the stories if/until something does happen so they can say they reported it first and say "I told you so".
    • We as the media have been irresponsible in handling the Cowboys since Bill has come aboard. Many are reporting things that just aren't there in order to be "first".
    • This "marriage" has worked better than anyone predicted. Jerry has worked hard at it as has Bill. It has been a dissappontment to many in the media.
    • Bill told Skyler Green that if he gets to 200 that he becomes an "ice wagon"... he told him he wants him at 192.
    • Right away he started with Stanley the same way he did Ferguson in NY. He wants a big NT, but not a fat one.
    • Boy is Bobby Carpenter athletic. It's hard to judge without pads, but he runs very well forward, backward, sideways. He looks very athletic.
    • Jason Hatcher is unbelievably athletic as well. Some raised some eyebrows when Dallas took him that early, but he is sure looking the part of a player so far. He couldn't be stopped at the rook camp. Dallas is very excited about the potential of this guy. I am told he is more athletic thatn Canty.
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    No kidding.

    The articles since have ranged from he is either deluding himself or is an outright liar.

    Thank goodness we have the media to keep us on the right path. There is just no way he was being honest with himself or the fans.:rolleyes:
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    Musers : What were your thoughts on the press conference?
    Mickey: I was just amazed because there were 70 press credentials handed out for the thing. It felt like Moses coming down from the Mount. And now everyone’s upset because he didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear. What did you expect from him? Did you think he was going to get up on the podium and start ripping Jerry Jones? You wanted him to talk, then he talks and then you don’t believe what he’s saying. I think he said pretty much what you would expect him to say.

    Musers: Some people say he’s totally changed his tune on how the organization is run. But isn’t this the way its always been?

    Mickey: This is what he’s said from the beginning. Don’t take sound bites out of context. He had one sound bite that people are playing where he said “I make the decisions” but that soundbite was taken from a question asking him about who was starting and who was a backup. People put soundbites together to prove the point they want to make. When Bill came here he said “Ive been a general manager before. I know the deal. I realize you need a structure in place.” And don’t kid yourself, if he veto’d Owens vehemently, he wouldn’t be here. Jerry said he repeatedly asked Bill, and called him one last time right before he handed TO the contract to make sure he was okay with it.

    Musers: My theory is everyone is predicting Jerry/Bill tension because everyone in the Dallas media was caught so off guard by the Jimmy/Jerry blow up that now everyone will keep predicting a Jerry/Bill blowup and keep making things up until its finally right. Just so they can claim they were the first one.

    Mickey: No one remembers all the failed predictions, but if you’re the first you can really brag about it. In the media there is a rush to judgement so people can say “You heard it here first”, and I think at the detriment of the reader.

    Musers: And hasn’t the Bill and Jerry relationship gone much smoother than anyone thought it would originally?

    Mickey: Absolutely. Jerry has worked hard on it, and I think Bill has worked on it too. They both knew they need to get along. And notice that not only is it Bill and Jerry now. Now Jeff Ireland is getting mentioned by both repeatedly as a significant contributor in the decision making process about personnel.

    Musers: I think the only thing of significance to come out of the press conference is called his punt returner fat.
    Mickey: Yeah, the guy shows up at 200 lbs. instead of 192, I don’t call that fat. When you look at him he wasn’t fat, but I think Bill was trying to make a point. Bill said when he met him the first time in the hallway at the Ranch he said “I got the word out on you. You need to be at 192. I heard when you get to 200 lbs. you become an ice wagon”. Green was fine with it, he understood. Montavious Stanley was another one … so right away he starts with him, the same he did with Jason Ferguson when he was with NY. He wants his nosetackle big, but not sloppy.

    Musers: How did Bobby Carpenter look?
    Mickey: He looked really athletic. Its hard to judge a LB without pads on, but he looked athletic moving forward, backward and laterally. The other guy is Jason Hatcher .. 6’6” 290 and ran a 4.7 at camp. I know there were a lot of arched eyebrows when they drafted him, but its hard to find guys that big and that fast. He hasn’t played DE very long, but he was dominating at Grambling once they moved him there. Nobody could block him in mini-camp. The only one who came close was when Shannon Snell clotheslined him. He’s pretty athletic and they are really excited about his potential. I’m told he’s even more athletic than Canty. I was looking at his stats from High School, and he was a 210 lbs. WR who averaged 36 yards per catch. He only had 28 catches and had over 1,000 yards.
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    Yeah, I guess the rift caused Bill to go right into Jerry's office and sign an extension.:rolleyes:

    Wasn't Hatcher a reach.:rolleyes:

    Thanks for the recap.
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    like it matters. If the media did not play the part, Bill would create the drama himself. Take his 'Am I staying or going' episode last year. He could have cut out 90% of the drama with a quick little quote saying "I dont know", "yes" or "No" but yet he let this play out and drag on till it became an ESPN headliner on SC.

    I hear terms like 'master manipulator' and such. Whos he manipulating? When your manipulating your fans, is that really a good thing? To manipulate, you have to want something that someone is not ready to give you, or give up. What the hell do I have that Parcells wants that he does not have already? I am a fan of the team he coaches. He will never get me to buy any tickets, shirts, cards or anything associated with the Cowboys so long as el dorado is on the team. He will never again have an ounce of my resepct. Nothing he can do will add or take away from what I give him already. Instead I prefer the term 'playing games'. Its the same thing with a more accurate connotation.

    I dont know what the end goal for Parcells is. I have no idea wether hes staying or going after this year. I tend to lean towards going, but thats nether hear nor there. What it boils down to is we have a coach who is a curmugeon and has become a drama queen. If theres not enough drama in his life, he creates its. He coulda stopped all the questions about him, el dorado and the draft with a timely and quick PC after each incident. Who leaked the el dorado signing to lubbock of all the cities in the world to break that story, why would it be the city that Bob Knight coaches in? coincidence? I think not. Why would he leak it if hes on board with the signing and Jerry wants to wait till Monday after his vacation? Why did the story break that thursday night. He wanted drama! He got it. He should be happy now. Great, we have a happy coach and a happy lit stick of dynamite. WOO-HOO! Hope it stays that way for all our sakes.

    Just hurry up and get the Parcells era over with already.
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    So, all it would take is a quick PC and now fledgling ESPN Radio in Dallas, desperate for listeners and ratings, drops speculating about Bill/Jerry/TO, the three biggest sports personalities in the market, to talk about the Dallas Stars regular season win against the Edmonton Oilers to fill their time slots?

    In your world, do pink unicorns fly around in the sky and are rivers made out of chocolate?
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    You really think that would be the case ?
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    With all due respect, that's exactly the type of thing you DON'T respond to. Cheney said it best when he called out reporters for not asking questions but making statements. That's what they do.

    Example: Suppose I start saying you beat your dog/child/wife. Are you really going to respond to something like that? Absolutely not, because then you give more life to it--& you dignify it by giving it some sort of credence to begin with. Same for the "Parcells is retiring" rumors. If he responds to them, then he's in essence saying those rumors were correct to begin with. The only one who needs to know is Jerruh. Other than that, while it would be nice for everyone else to know, there's no need for Parcells to waste his time.

    Is he a drama queen? Absolutely. He always has been. And that's exactly what this team needs this year. We've got a MAJOR drama queen headed our way in a month. Parcells, if you look at his history, has always done what's needed to keep the attention on himself & off the players. That way, the media aren't pestering them about why they dropped a ball or missed a block or made a bad throw--instead they're focusing on Parcells. We need that this year. Far better for the media to be focusing on Parcells (& I absolutely think he'll manufacture something to keep the media attention on him thru the season) than on a preening TO. Takes a bit of wind out of his sails & sends a message that he can't hijack this team the way he did the iggles.
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    Jason Hatcher is unbelievably athletic as well. Some raised some eyebrows when Dallas took him that early, but he is sure looking the part of a player so far. He couldn't be stopped at the rook camp. Dallas is very excited about the potential of this guy. I am told he is more athletic thatn Canty.

    Can this be true? Wow.....we could be loaded.
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    And highly motivated. This could get scary for QBs. I think this year our defense finally arrives. Last year showed some glimpses, but I think the heat gets turned way up this year.
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    How can you speculate on something if the person your speculating has come out and said "whatever". Its there on record.

    So yea, I do think if Parcells had of spoke after signing el dorado, we would not have LBOH spewing daily diatribes about it. All she could do then is say she thinks it stinks and wont work. Steve Dennis could keep that inline.

    Nothing funny about the way I think, infact I dont understand the premise that Parcells is doing the right thing by not talking.

    Think about this. Jones signs el dorado one week and says lets wait till next Monday and anounce it, that way I can finish my vacation. Thurs night the story is 'leaked' and broken in Lubbock Texas of all the places in the world. Why? How? Who leaked it to the city where Bills best friend in the world lives and works, with no other connections to the cowboys. (Knight is another cut from the same cloth btw). Any guesses. Why did he leak it?

    Then Parcells just shuts up for 5 months.


    Draw your own conclusions here, cause Parcells wont speak on this. Again, your left without information cause he wont talk about it. He will deny anything you imply. Without facts, you have 2 choices, speculate or drop the whole thought process.

    I just see so much smoke when I look at the boys this year. You can see whatever you want to. I just dont like pple that play games I think Parcells is playing games with us, the media and maybe even the players themselves. Who knows, maybe hes even playing jones for a fool.
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    Well a little bit of difference. 1) you are accusing me of a crime. I would certainly defend myself from that. By attacking you. Prove it. Show me the medical records of my wife/dog. Wheres the police reports from wifey or neighbors. Wheres the pictures of the bruises I left behind etc...this is something that will develope into a legal matter and take on a life of its own.

    Now lets say you started saying I was cheating on my wife. Thats something again I would defend myself, but theres no way you can prove or disprove that unless you have access to the person I am cheating on my wife with.

    But I would never let an accusation go unanswered unless it was assinine. Ala, I am trying to take over the world or soemthing. While silence may be golden, it is assumed silence is an admission of guilt in the morality of America today.

    Now your last point may carry some validity. Using himself as a shield for el dorado, I did not consider Parcells that smart. I highly doubt hes being that noble butI will consider this point of view as something I had not considered before. His actions this year will tell the story, like so many things this offseason, we are gunna have to let the year play out and see how it all shakes out before we start SEEING any hint of the truth. Only problem at that time, is its too late to actually do anything about it by week 10 of the season.
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    I agree that Parcells was not necessarily doing the right thing by not talking. But since he didn't talk we can only speculate as to how much good it would have done. I think for HIM it was the right thing because he needed his time away to recharge and get ready for all the media crap. The truth is I don't think it would have made a damn bit of difference had he spoken right after the signing. The Hansen / Galloway media factions would still have twisted whatever he said to mean whatever their agenda called for. And they would have had more sound bites to cut out of context to prove their points. I think Parcells silence is and always has been a moot point.

    I think that is the meat of the matter right there. I don't know how KLBK got their info and it really doesn't matter. They were reporting what they had learned. It is not the media's job to speculate it is their job to report (something Galloway / Hansen and friends need to remember). If you can't go get some facts then shut the hell up and write about the Stars getting bumped in the first round.
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    thanks as always for the coverage roshi...
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    Forget the Parcells/Media talk for a minute. The interesting football observation in Mick's discussion was the discussion on Skyler Green.

    I can tell you, as a long-time observer of SEC football, that Skyler Green was an absolute phenom his first couple of years at LSU. He was a very dangerous playmaker that every team had a difficult time controlling.

    However, the last couple of years he did level off and wasn't quite the star he was his first couple of seasons. He was a dangerous punt returner, but just not quite the explosive player he was before.

    I never really thought a lot about it, but Parcells comments are very interesting. It's obvious he spoke to some people around the LSU program who gave him the info about Skyler's weight.

    I really found that interesting. It may solve a little bit of the mystery about what happened to Skyler his last couple of years at LSU. Parcells seems to think his weight is VERY important!
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    And the accusation that Coach Parcells wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Owens signing isn't asinine? There was no credence to that media concoction.

    But it continued to grow. It didn't go away after he met with Drew Rosenhaus. It didn't falter after he called former coaches and players for opinions. The denial was in full effect. And they were wrong, again.

    Yet even before the signing there were the proclaimations that Parcells wanted no part of him. I distinctly that being a Mort special even during the season. Once again, this is a tall tale that got legs and but they expect that Parcells should come out right away and refute a tabloid-type story?

    He knew his level of interest. He also knew whether he wanted him or not.

    He also owed the media and honestly, the fans, explanations for nothing. Jerry Jones stated the case. Stephen Jones did also. It was the emotional immaturity of the media and fanbase that simply dismissed both accounts and wanted to hear him speak to it, yet even when he did, the disbelief continues.

    This is different from the wife/dog beating scenario also.

    In this case, your neighbor and even the supposedly beaten wife came out and said you didn't beat them almost immediately after the story broke, but still the press had to wait to hear it from you and even after that, you are lying or covering something up.

    Sorry, you cannot defend the press a bit on this one and Coach Parcells has handled this perfectly. The media is trying desperately to make themselves appear less wrong. This is more about covering your backside and spinning a false story that laughably was your own creation. Nothing like painting yourself into a corner and then trying to find a way out.
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    I think Green's dropoff his last two years have more to do with a nagging high ankle sprain and ensuing corrective surgery than 8 extra pounds.
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    I have to respect your opinion on this as you appear to be well qualified to make such a judgement.;)
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    I tend to agree with you. Unless you let a high ankle sprain, or an ankle sprain for that matter, properly heal, it will always nag you.

    And an injured ankle affects your ability to run and, more importantly, cut.

    I personally think that's why Julius Jones was so ineffective last year, until he had that break out game against the Panthers.

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