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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Aug 22, 2006.

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    • Bill was actually having a hard time even grumbling after the game and even apologized a couple of times.
    • Parcells did note Romo's fumble and how it cost a TD
    • Romo deal is 3.5 mil this year and next year would have been 4.5. This year he had a half mil roster bonus and next year it would be a 1 mil roster bonus. You don't pay that to a back-up. Dallas didn't want to deal with him being a RFA. He will become a UFA at the end of the season and Dallas is contemplating what they will do.
    • I think Henson will make this roster as you need 3 QB's. Baker looks good at times and at other times looks like an undrafted player. Cutting Henson would cost the Cowboys 3.5 mil this year. It is much cheaper to keep him.
    • Vandy felt his groin tweaked so with it being a preseason game they would hold him out. He's been told he is expected to KO and do FG duties against SF.
    • Adams is getting re-evaluted today. They think he got kicked in the calf but it also feels like that when you pop your calf, so we will see.
    • Outside of Flo, no other injuries and no dehydration last night which they feared.
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    Yes, Romo needs to hold onto the ball, but if the play had been reviewed (which I assume it would have during the regular season), the call would have been overturned because it was clear Romo was down when the ball popped out.
  3. The Realist

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    The play was reviewed.
  4. ConstantReboot

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    Did you watch the game at all? The play was reviewed and was found inconclusive to it being overturned. So it was ruled a fumble.
  5. aikemirv

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    It was clear that is WAS a fumble.
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    If FLO is hurt for any length of time....we are hurting!
  7. tyke1doe

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    Yes, I saw the fumble.

    No, I didn't see the review or even know there was a review of the play. I was flipping between that and Fat Financee on HDTV Discovery. :eek::

    My bad. :D
  8. CowboyWay

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    I saw that show a couple weeks back. WILD !!!!!

    Hey buddy.......pass the milk !
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    we better all hope and pray that Flo didn't pop the calf... i watched the play in question a half a dozen times and never saw him get kicked. if he goes down, we are in trouble.
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    Romo got an extention..I havent seen this posted anywere
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    I am scratching my head about this too? His deal was barely 2 Mil or so I think when he signed two year extension last year. Mickey is almost tripling that amount, unless there was a new deal signed or Mickey is talking about the new deal being offered.
  12. peplaw06

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    It says Dallas is still contemplating what they'll do... so doesn't sound like a deal has been reached.

    Says next year would have been 4.5 if they had picked up the option and paid his roster bonus, which they didn't because you "don't pay that to a backup."
  13. jbz64

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    He was talking about Bledsoe contract not Romo's.
  14. peplaw06

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  15. big dog cowboy

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    Thank goodness!!!
  16. JackMagist

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    Either Mick or tb was confused here (I’m betting on Mick :D ). I heard Mick later on BaD Radio this afternoon and the he was talking about Bledsoe's contract being 3.5 this year and 4.5 with a $1 mil roster bonus next year.

    Obviously if Romo had a two year deal he would not be a UFA at the end of the season. But he will be as it stands now and he the Cowboys have not decided what to do about it yet. I did read another report that said the Cowboys are offering a 3 year deal but Romo wants a 1 year deal. Romo is not convinced that the Cowboys will give him his shot at the starting job and he does not want to be tied to a team that will not give him his shot. With the way Jerry has been talking him down in the media (repeatedly referring to him as a "rookie") I don' blame him.
  17. marchetta

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    Actually, he didn't get kicked. He was blocking and the calf just popped. You can see that when he was blocking on a sweep play to his side, his leg just gave way. You can actually see the leg do this sudden twisting popping motion. At first, I thougth his knee gave out, but afterwards you can see him reach for his calf. The part I'm worried about is his body language on the bench after the injury. He sat there with the trainers working on him, and he was shaking his head in disgust. He seemed to be thinking "What now? Dang, another injury." So, I think this might be a little more serious than BP led on during the PC.

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