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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Aug 28, 2006.

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    • Bledsoe is showing he will be the starter over Romo. His two starts have produced a QB Rating of around 128.
    • Maybe the WR we should have been talking about all summer was Terry Glenn. She is having a great off-season. She and Bledsoe seem to have some great chemistry going.
    • Dallas complained that NO only ran 19 plays in the first half, well SF only ran 18. This is probably the best thing we have seen all summer. Apparently the defense is doing something right and could be their signature for the season.
    • I don't know if you will see TO this week being it is a short week. One practice today, two on tuesday and a walk-thru on Wednesday.
    • They did run the ball pretty well against SF. Better than they had in the previous two games, although NO lined up in 8-man fronts and took a chance with the WR
    • Gurode had a really nice game. Two key blocks on two big plays. It was encouraging to see how well the OL played in general. McQuistan, Columbo and Kosier all played pretty well. Also McQuistan never played very much college ball. You have to see a good performance again against Minny on Thursday. Parcells said that the OL went from dissaray to gelling in a week.
    • TO needs to show Parcells he is healthy enough to play. The only way to do that is to practice. He hasn't played much football in the past year. This isn't practice of 20 years ago. It is basically running through plays. What happens if he plays against Jacksonville if he goes down in the first series with the bad hammy. What if Dallas didn't take/keep another WR? WHat do they do then?
    • TO has it wrong. This isn't about "proving yourself" in regards to his ability, it's about proving you are HEALTHY.
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    Did he say ANYTHING about the fines or T.O. missing the team meeting?

    It seems to me that was a rather interesting or maybe important topic that Cowboy fans would have been interested to hear Mick talk about since he's around the organization. We all know he needs to be at practice once he's healthy enough to participate.
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    Amen to that.
  4. jman

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    Seemingly, no word on what "excuse" TO will be using to explain his absence from rehab and a team meeting.
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    Did Parcells really say that? I was under the impression that he was being sarcastic saying that the media was claiming the O-Line was in dissaray and then all of the sudden they were gelling and Parcells wanted to know which is it.

  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    That is the way I took it but who knows with the Tuna.
    Maybe he was being sarcastic but honest at the same time.
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    That's the correct impression. I just listened to it a little bit ago. He said that he's seen what they've been writing about the Oline, and now all of a sudden it's gelling? Sarcasm all the way.
  8. CaptainAmerica

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    Yeah that was it. He was directing a little sarcasm at them, the way I took it.
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    How does Mickey know TO won't practice today? Sounds like a guess.
    He is a questionable source of team info.
  10. TX_Yid

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    I for one am glad that there is a reporter out there reporting on the team and how it's coming together, as opposed to "reporting" about the TO late to meetings bull****.

    The analysis of Saturdays game has been virtually non-existant.

    On that note, I paid attention to Petitti and thought he did a good job, his guy never gave him any problems. The sack I thought was all Tyson Thompson missing his block, although I've heard others say he wasn't to blame.

    Anyone else a bit disapointed in Fasano? Haven't seen anything outstanding from him yet, am I hoping for too much. With all the talk of 2 TE sets I was hoping for big things in the passing game with lots of completions to Whitten and Fasano but they've hardly seen the ball.. maybe we are saving it for the regular season though.
  11. CrazyCowboy

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    great recap....thanks
  12. UppityCracker2

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    How does Mickey go without commenting on the fine? I think that should have been the first comment/question.
  13. 50cent

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    Simple, Mick is never in the know under BPs tenure. His eyes and ears have long gone with Campo. I've been saying this for years. Mick is just as close to the Boys as you and I are. He just works on the grounds.
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    Even though it's a 2 TE set. Fasano, for now will be more of a blocking TE. So it seems for preseason anyway. I remember reading that somewhere back in TC. He will get some passes. But with TO, TG, PC, JW....he's the 5th choice, maybe 6th if you use the RB.

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