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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Oct 5, 2006.

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    • Philly is quite banged up for this game. Stallworth was limited last Monday and he didn't practice yesterday. He is listed as doubtful with a bad hammy. Westbrook is listed as questionable with a bruised knee. They have been draining his knee and doctors say that usually means some cartlidge damage. He also didn't practice yesterday. The BU CB Hood is listed as doubtful and Sheppard is listed as questionable.
    • Owens is reportedly experienceing no problems with his hand. Reports are that Gurode is fine and will practice today.
    • The Cowboys last year, when healthy, did pretty good business on offense against the vaunted Philly defense. That didn't even involve TO, it was Glenn. McNabb and TO were both playing at that time, so Dallas is optimistic they can have some success.
    • Philly is holding down scoring on defense, but they are giving up alot of passing yardage. Dallas figures if they can hit a few big plays they can do well.
    • McNabb is playing pretty well. Dallas realizes they have to contain him in both passing and running. It is doubtful they would have been 6-10 with a healthy McNabb last year.
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    Its funny how people think the second Philly game was more close to reality of what the Eagles were than the first one. Fact is, once Flo went down our season was over. These Philthy fans forget we had the hapless Torrin Tucker protecting our QBs blind side and a hurt Rob Petitti as our RT. Plus wasn't JJ still not fully recovered. Then you add in TO of all people to this offense and a good but young blocking TE in Fasano. Not to mention Kosier actually being able to pull unlike a fading LA and top it off w/ a beefy Gurode who is playing the best football of his life. This offense is just getting better and better. I think Philthy's defense is in for a rude awakening if they bring the house against us.
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    Thanks for the recap TB.
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    I like to listen to what the opponents are saying leading up to the game. Many of the Eagles radio hosts think the Cowboys o-line has not improved over last year. We've allowed 3 sacks in 3 games this year. Last year, we were averaging about 3 sacks in every game.

    If the Eagles really think that this o-line is not playing well, and choose to blitz, they will pay dearly. All it takes is TG or TO one on one against a member of their banged up secondary to take it to the house.

    IMO they would be better served to try to confuse Bledsoe with different coverage schemes.
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    I think that is probably pretty close to what they are gonna try. I think I even read Lito saying something about that in an article.
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    Nice is too bad Philly is banged up because the media is going to use that as an excuse when we kick their back sides.
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    the consesnus among fans and radio talk hosts is that this game is a lock for the eagles because the town is so hyped up and because bledsoe is immobile.

    I have heard no other real good arguement, it all goes backk to "yeah but bledose is immobile and the eagles are going to bring pressure"

    so basically a lot of people do think the dallas oline is bad and they think if they just lay some hits on TO and blitz bledsoe the game will be a blowout.

    I am starting to wonder how the eagles can win this game, i really dont see it. The crowd is going to be crazy, the cowboys just have to keep composure at the start until it dies down a little. The eagles should not win this game unless the cowboys offense just hands it to them.
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    thanks for info man keep it coming.
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    I have heard several "analysts" say that if you get into Bledsoe's face he will make mistakes. I think that to a large extent this was true. I'm hoping that Drew is getting more confident that the OL will provide "close, but no cigar" scenarios for these blitzing LBs and DBs and not let them distract his reads...
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    i really hope that the Eagles bring the house often against Bledsoe cause u know what, those 10 yard receptions by Glenn or T.O will turn into 30, 40 yard receptions. both guys will have huge games this Sunday against the Eagles
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    "....and in this corner, weighing one metric ton....Theeeeee Excu-sesssss!!!"
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    You cannot ever discount home field advantage...especially up there with the crowd hype and the garbage that is going to come down on the Cowboy players and coaches...

    In all honesty, I really don't see a Cowboy victory...I hope I'm wrong, however I think the Cowboys just want to go there, and get the damn game over and get out alive, win or lose.

    Besides, a loss is not the end of the season...
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    I agree this is going to be tough in front of a hostile crowd but I think if Dallas can weather the storm in the 1st qrt of the game and be be ahead or no more than 3 behind I think we will give them all they can handle and have a real chance to win.

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