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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Nov 13, 2006.

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    • New stadium, new uniforms (which were horrible), but the same old Cardinals.
    • The Cowboys went in there and did something no one else has done, go in there and beat Arizona soundly. All of their other losses at home have been within six points.
    • I have a feeling they will start working Carpenter back outside. That's what he was drafted for. Carp got some time in there yesteray as did Als near the goal line. They will have to take up the slack. It's either Carps chance to prove himself, or Als chance to show he still belongs in this league. This is a contract year for him. I feel Ellis was the first half MVP, so this is a big loss.
    • They did get good pressure on Lienart yesterday, and with Manning coming in now they will especially have to step it up.
    • It takes about a year to get back after an achilles, so it is unlikely he would be ready for training camp. He told the trainers he wanted to come back out and be with the team as if this was going to be his last game, he wanted to be out there with the guys.
    • If you think about it, Romo has done this all on the road. I don't care who you play, it's not easy to do that. He looks so comfortable back there and that he is prepared. He is playing awfully well. He started a little slow, but he got in gear pretty fast. The best thing he did yesterday was his ability to read the Arizona defenses yesterday. He said the TO TD was supposed to be a little 8-10 yard pass. He said he and TO both saw the man coverage and changed the play. I certainly didn't think Romo would be this good. I was wrong.
    • TO thinks Haley is the guy snitching on him. They were animated in the locker room again yesterday. If this is what he needs to fuel his fire, then they need to keep it up. I think he has been trying so hard it is causing him to make mistakes.
  2. TtownCowboy

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    The guy snitching on him?
  3. trickblue

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    In regards to all of the negative stuff that makes it out to the media...
  4. Big Dakota

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    Thanks TB.

    #1. It does take a good year to come back and i said it yesterday, we probably won't have Greg to start next season considering it's mid November.

    #2. Yes Mick, YOU WERE WRONG!!!!!

    #3. Of course it's Haley. Who else would it be? I guess Jerry didn't mean it when he said he'd can the guy?
  5. BulletBob

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    Deep Thoughts (by Jack Handey) ...

    It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong ...

    But it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.

    (Slight Improvisation)
  6. tyke1doe

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    And create another media circus: "TO gets Haley fired. TO above the Team?"

    No. All these things, including TO, will be handled off season.
  7. CrazyCowboy

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    MOXIE time--GO ROMO!
  8. sjordan6

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    Finally admits that he was wrong about romo and i wish he would say how much more better Romo is than Deadslow. Mickey I still respect you as an analyst and I have listened to your reasons why you doubted romo and I understand now why. But you were so adament about him failing that it made us dislike you! Thank you for admitting your error in him and lets move on to greener grass. Romo is the real deal and has showed he can do the job.
  9. TheSkaven

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    I was wrong about Romo too and so were many of us zoners. I mean, he was an undrafted free agent. Did you really see enough in pre-season to make you think that he would be this good?

    I am definitely glad to be wrong. I can't even express how much the kid has impressed me, in every aspect of his game.
  10. Big Dakota

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    I agree, but why did Jerry shoot his mouth off to the media? Just Jerry being Jerry i guess. Obviously it was all hot air. He did seem truely angry at the time, but i suppose after thinking about he came to the conclusion as you;)
  11. jazzcat22

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    10,339 Likes Received is not the time to handle this. and JJ didn't say when it would happen either. If there are no TO incidents of major proportions. Then Haley will be gone.

    But not in mid season.
  12. SupermanXx

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    That's just awesome

    8 yards turns into 51 and a touchdown due to 2 teammates knowing what they're doing and being on the same page with each other

  13. Cbz40

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    I have been fortunate & unfortunate to see each and every QB that has ever played for the Dallas Cowboys. Mr Romo has been nothing but phenominal.

    I haven't been this impressed with a young rook QB since Roger. He brings the same excitement to the O as Roger did. Can he be as successful as Roger? That remains to be seen.......but, from what I have seen thus far one would have to suspect he has a good shot.
  14. fortdick

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    I agree that Romo has a lot of Roger in him. I am not going to say that he is the answer just yet. It looks good so far, but as teams get more tape on him, they will make it tougher. Kind like a rookie pitcher in baseball. He does real good until the league has seen him, then they start sitting on a certain pitch.

    I am cautiously optomistic that Jerruh finally got his QB on the cheap he has been seeking.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I was just thinking about this. Romo doesn't really remind me of Roger that much. Some things, to be sure, but not all. I watch Romo and to be honest, he reminds me a little bit of a young Jim Kelly. Same sure footed attitude, almost verging on cocky. Same good mobility, same quick release, same kind of vision and awarness in the pocket, same kind of arm. Not super strong but good enough. May play better from the gun then under center. Just a lot of simularities in the two players IMO.
  16. fortdick

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    He does get away form pressure the way Roger did. And he can make the throws on the run. That was Roger's greatness. The improbable being expected.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Nope, I watched Roger and while there are some things, he's not Roger. Roger's feet were better. Romo is probably a better pure passer then Roger was at the same age. Romo has something but Roger had something different from any player I've ever seen. Bottom line, Roger hated losing more then anybody I ever saw. He just would not accept defeat. He was different. No shame in not being Roger Staubach.
  18. fortdick

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    I didn;t mean that he WAS Roger, just that he has the elusiveness like Roger. We haven't had that since Roger retired. Not in a true QB that can pass as well as run away (thinks of QC).
  19. MichaelWinicki

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    Mickey has admitted his bias against Romo... I'm pleased by that. Now I wait for Hos to do the same. :D
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    I like it, ABQ. He kind of stands in the pocket the same way and his release even looks fairly similar. Good call.

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