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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Dec 11, 2006.

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    • Nothing went right last night. It was one of those deals that happens to teams in the NFL every year. I felt it would either be this game or the Atlanta game. I did not feel they would run the table. NO's fairy tale was better than Dallas'. You have to give credit to Payton and his staff. They knew were all of the weaknesses were and exploited them. Drew Brees was also fantastic. I didn't know he was that good.
    • There were some strange calls last night. Parcells said he did know that throwing the red flag was a penalty but it in the heat of the moment he went ahead and threw it. I still am a bit baffled by not measuring on the penalty on fourth down. Weird that the illegal contact over-ruled the PI. They decided to pick up the flag. Missing the facemask on the KO return was hard to believe as well as the Karney TD. How it wasn't a TD. The one on Ware for an "Unfootball-like move". What is the difference between that and rushing to the line for a blitz?
    • I know that every time I see a Jerry Austin crew, weird stuff happens all over the field.
    • The utmost thing that happened in this game was that the Cowboy defense could not handle what the Saints were doing offensively. Brees said last night that when Dallas rushes the LB's they don't cover the flats well. Payton also did a good job of getting the safeties into coverage. It resulted in two touchdowns.
    • Taking the knee at 3:00 was more humiliating than running plays in my opinion. As a team you would rather them just run some dives. I guess it was a nice gesture, but it didn't make Dallas feel too good.
    • The Saints have really been a good story this year. Karney said he hadn't scored a TD since HS, then said he forgot one he scored at ASU. The guy that ran over Roy had never scored a TD either. They weren't at full strength and manhandled the Cowboys.
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    One day later and... yep, loss still sucks.
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    Your right was not pretty.

    Thanks for the recap TB
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    Thanks for the recap Trick, I didn't think anyone would be doing recaps after that loss :)
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    lets just forget this game ever happened.......they kneeled with 3 minutes left!!!!! embarrasing
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    Thanks for the recap TB.
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    Mickey nailed it. They stomped a mud hole in us and proceeded to walk that son of a gun dry.
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    I'd vote the onside kick, up 35-17, as even more humiliating. I wonder what Bill thinks about that off the record.
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    That was Bad..very bad...

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