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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Dec 18, 2006.

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    • Kinda quiet out here today outside of the PC.
    • That was some pretty expensive spit coming from TO's mouth on Saturday. You might as well get ready for it, this will be the focus this week of the national media coming into the game. It just doesn't seem to effect this team. He tore up SF, tore up Philly, but it doesn't seem to bother this team. Parcells doesn't make it an issue, so neither do the players.
    • Either the LB or the S has to be responsible for the FB coming out of the backfield. Bill won't say who it is. I guess Thomas Tapeh will be the hero this week. According to Parcells it has happened six times and all six times the same guy was responsible.
    • Philly would rather throw the swing pass to Westbrook rather than run him, so Dallas better be guarding the flats this week.
    • Owens just needs to make a single statement on this issue and just shut up, but he won't do that. When did DeAngelo Hall become George Washington? Hall is a punk. He started grabbing jerseys, pushing out of bounds, hitting Columbo late and trash talking when the game started. Now, obviously something happened, but Hall had to come up with something to cover up the two TD's he gave up. I would like to know what really happened.
    • The irony of the whole thing is that the story of his severed tendon came out. That is what should be being talked about, but he ruined it with the spitting incident. He is forgoing surgery to stay with the team, but he just can't help himself.
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    it was funny to here mickey say hall is a punk because he sounded mad!!

    Then he said I would have run a sweep to his side and had flo shut him up.
  3. SultanOfSix

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    I'm sorry, but who controls what is being talked about here?

    Last time I checked, TO doesn't run a printing press, or hold a microphone and film others talking about him.
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    lol that is funny lol
  5. bbgun

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    You expect us not to notice a spit in the face? It's not "news-worthy"? Please. We sure as hell noticed Sean Taylor in the playoff game.
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    I swore I heard BP today say that it was two different guys making this error. Regardless they better get it fixed NOW.
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    Yes, I remember that as well.
  8. SultanOfSix

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    It's not surprising that you completely missed the point.
  9. bbgun

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    I'm gonna write you a prescription for your allergy to the truth.
  10. SultanOfSix

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    Doctor, heal thyself!
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    I watched the game again, and on the 4 down play where Henry knocked the ball away from the reciever, it was the same play to the FB, but Aoydel ran up to the FB and covered him forcing Vick to throw to the WR.

    So I think that it one of the inside LB who is not covering the FB.
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    show me the video where owens spits on the piece of crap hall.

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