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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Aug 10, 2006.

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    • The Cowboys want to play the young guys early to get a look at them against better talent. This is the way to do it.
    • Sam Hurd is getting noticed. He was first noted as Sam Hurd's son in TC. He is a large angular WR. He looks bigger than he is. Yesterday with Glenn and TO out, Crayton and Hurd were starting.
    • Pat Watkins. You're hearing lots of buzz about him and not Coleman. Now that doesn't mean Coleman is not playing well, but he could be fighting for a place on this roster.
    • Pat McQuistan from Weber St. Bill yelled at him two plays in a row yesterday, but the Cowboys have a real interest in him.
    • Mike Vanderjagt. It was another shaky day for him. He missed three FG's yesterday. If this guy had the name "Schwartz" on his back he would have already been out of here. Now he is Mike Vanderjagt, so you hope he can pull it together. Bill is not going to like two active slots on Sunday held for kickers. Throw in LaDoucer and McBriar, you have four spots taken by the kicking team. Deep snapper can possibly play anohter role on the team, but not here.
    • Marco Rivera. He is the key to this club. He is not old for an OL. He could have been graded a "C" last year and he was hurt. The Cowboys paid him a ton of cash. We all talk about Flo but Rivera's return to solid status is another critical part of this team. If Dallas is going anywhere, every postion on this line has got to get better.
    • Tony Sparano graded Flo a C+ so far this camp. This is not good news.
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    I know some say don't worry about Vanderjagt but we've seen it in sports millions of times when a guy isn't mentally there. He missed that last kick in Indy horribly. Then he's sucking in camp. I guess questions will be answered Saturday nite.
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    We continue to get conflicting reports on the OL and thta is understandable given this is so subjective. Though Sparano gave Flo a C+ I also read Sparano's recent interview that said he's basically getting better everyday in his physical & psychological recovery. I'm also seeing his name showing up positively in various reports of late. While I wish Flo could step right back to where he was pre-injury it is clear that he's gonna be work in progress.

    While Norm says Rivera is a key he fails to mention that Sparano spoke very positively about his return to "Green Bay" form.

    I think Norm's report is misleading. Though there is lots of work yet to do it seems like most reports have the OL arrow going up. Not suggesting it might not be messy, but rather its not all doom and gloom.

    Read a report on one drill that suggested the middle of the OL (Kosier, Gurode & Rivera) were starting to get in sync and looking better.

    Not sure there is anyone on this OL at this point that is without an optimistic viewpoint.
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    Could be a little media delivered incentive from Sparano to Flo too..
  5. TheHustler

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    Thanks for the recap!

    Guess we're not the only ones starting to worry about Vandy missing so many kicks.....
  6. Alexander

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    Norm Hitzges' level of worry is always something I try to calibrate my worry with.:rolleyes:
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    i am not worry about vanderjagt yet. we still got time before season starts he gonna be ok.
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    It has to be his mechanics. A great kicker wouldn't fall off the edge over one off season. This guy has been too good including last season.

    If you look at the picture of the kick against Pittsburgh, (see below) you can see he pulled his eyes/head up to look at the kick and didn't stay down on the ball.
    Very similar to a bad golf swing. I believe that's why he missed it so far right.

    (I can't wait to read all the responses to this post mentioning Henson's throwing mechanics that this post is likely to generate!)

  9. 1fisher

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    you are correct.... I kicked some in HS and if you raise your head to find the ball your chances of missing are greatly increased!
  10. Dayton Cowboy

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    Could be a confidence thing.. Especially considering how he went out in the Colts last game
  11. Alexander

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    Confidence, maybe even doubt.

    So then he starts thinking about thinks he usually did effortlessly. It's just like a batter trying to get out of a slump. When you push, your mechanics suffer.
  12. TheHustler

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    Can't wait to see Watkins in a real game.
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    But the good news is FLO is moving towards a B plus

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    He could be psychologically damaged.
    Damaged goods?

    It would kill me if he missed a kick like that in playoffs for us.
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    Well given his history I hope we're never in a position to rely on him to make a big kick because if so we have huge problems.
  16. Tuna Helper

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    Norm Hitzges is clearly the "master of the obvious". I stopped listening to him a long time ago.
  17. Future

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    no, they wont be answered till he takes a kick in the 4th quarter in a 2 point game against philly, nyg, or was
  18. CrazyCowboy

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    nice recap...thanks
  19. big dog cowboy

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    Thanks TB. I hope Sparano is really riding Flo. This grade may nothing more than a tool to motivate Flo than a assessment of Flo's play so far.

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