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    • No new roster moves today.
    • There will be some form of scrimmage on Saturday. I'm just trying to get as much team work in as possible. It helps us know how much the players know.
    • We have alot of work to do, we really do, especially on offense. We need to establish positions and get going.
    • Philosophically this is the same offense we had when Payton was here. We are trying some new things but it isn't working so far. I am really trying to determine the OL.
    • We will use some 3 WR stes. We have to determine what we want to do in that regard and who to implement in the positions.
    • I'm a little worried about the back-up NG postion. I was/am hoping one of these kids will step up. I am also a little worried about Spears not being able to practice. Everyone assumes when a player returns he is up to speed and that isn't true. You have to give him work to catch him up and at that point you are on a different schedule than that player needs. You are behind at that point and it is particularly difficult in TC. You need to be in TC.
    • Spears injury last year was probably worse than what he has this year.
    • It's always difficult to determine how the WR's are doing. Our CB's are covering so well we are having trouble, knock on wood)
    • We are trying to determine what we have and how to use it right now. You have to be a little flexible these days. You can't fit a square peg in a round hole. That is the problem with FA today. Your team is always in a transition.
    • You find out little things about the guys as you go. We had some pretty good talent last year, but you have to find the little things they need to improve on.
    • What's ewxciting these days is you get good guys and you know you have to play them. I never go in expecting anything from a young player. I go in hopeful they will be a good player. Some will be good faster than others and some never will be good. That is dissappointing.
    • I want to get our roster set so we can get them working more consistently. I tried to get them ready early last year and I think we were. I want to do the same this year.
    • RT is not the only thing bothering me on the OL. I am rotating them right now. In a short time I think I know what I am going to do but I am not ready to go with that right now. I want to see them cycle a few more days and see what they do. I want to see how they function with Rivera and Witten.
    • Marco is in better condition this year and it looks like it's going to reflect in his play right now.
    • I am still a little worried about Flo. We are trying to integrate Kosier in and I haven't determined the C yet. Mix that with RT and we have some decisions. We need to set our starters first then we will worry about depth and rotation. Plus we are trying to mix some young guys in. The added weight has helped Johnson.
    • We have more confidence in our kicking situation this year.
    • With Flo my concern is that he is coming off major knee surgery, he is a big man. He didn't play much football last year. I just want to get him back in the loop. That's all. I have a little concern about it.
    • Sean Ryan is doing fine this year. He is playing both positions. He is pretty smart.
    • Gurode is doing well. I think this is the best I have seen him so far. I understand him pretty well and I think he understands me and we can have good conversations. He just seems more suited to C. If he's gonna be the C and I don't know that he is, he is the one that has to direct blocking schemes. You can't have mental breakdowns in that regard.. If you are a distractable player you aren't going to be a good C. He has a better understanding of that thatn he used to. He and Al are both ok. Gurode has alot of ability. I have done alot of study on this kid and he is very intelligent. You only have to talk to a player to know that and I've talked to him. I tell him I want 100% focus for five hours on game day. If he can't give me that then he won't be successful. I've had guys like this before. If you keep them on the concentration track then they are good. If not they aren't. I'm not saying lack of focus has prevented him from being good. Look, you have to get this right. What I 'm saying is that you can't be a distractable player I this league. You have to know what formation the defense is going to be in. Bart Oates used to call teh protection scheme right after the huddle. Al is good at that.
    • Is Tucker being gon good for Andre? I don't wanna say that.
    • Drew isn't up to speed, but then again we aren't giving him any protection. The WR's have to start running good routes too.
    • Henry was playing well last year before he was hurt. He is playing very well right now.
    • I think we have pretty good CB's. Now we are having a little trouble with protection. The WR's are doing alright, I'm not saying they aren't.
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    One more note.........
    - as Bill finished and walked off, a reporter asked about Beriault, and he replied "it's gonna be awhile".
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    Thanks for this, but could you edit the date?
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    Amazing, you know what Parcells is gonna say three days from now.;)
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    Todays the 3rd, how'd you get confrence notes on the 6th already?

    lol - j/k.

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    BP on Gurode/Tucker:

    "Birds of similar plumages often congregate in close proximity".
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    What was with the bit on Tucker and Gurode? Was Tucker a bad influence on him?

    If so, that's the first I've heard of it...
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    I took it that BP thinks Gurode has a real shot at being the starter at Center if he can discipline himself to maintain concentration. Somehow thinking that tucker has somehting to do with that is weird. Tackle vs G/C.
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    Thanks for the recap..I think it is going to be very difficult for Beriault to make this team..
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    BP talked about players cutting up together and "cackling" together. The implication seems to be that both were more interested in cutting up together than focusing on football.

    The reporter who asked the question indicated that Gurode and Tucker were buddies.

    Parcells couldn't help but smile rather broadly when the question was asked.

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    Beriault is a goner..

    the starting O-Line will look like this: Adams, Kosier, Gurode, Rivera, Colombo
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    That is interesting. So if tucker was a bad influence, gurode is more business like this year, then that would tend to make BP more willing to go with him.
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    That should be Rivera and Witten.
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    It looks right now like Columbo and Petitti are neck and neck.
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    I think he means that they both have a tendancy to wander mentally, and thus often stayed around each other.

    IE - they kept each other from paying attention.
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    Im really psyched that Columbo is an actual contender for a starting spot. First round upside and we got him for pennies. Could be one of BP's best moves if it pans out.
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    Hopefully Pwat starts at FS for us at some point this year.

    We might finally have the FS we've been looking for to allow Roy to play closer to the LOS.
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    He was working at the first team FS spot yesterday, for what it's worth.
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    It sounds like our D could play the first game of the season right now. Our O is another story however.
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    Yeah, I read about that. Good news, to say the least.

    Question is, is Parcells/Zimmer confident enough to turn over that position over to a rookie.

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