Recap: RECAP: Press Conference-09/14/06

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    • Everyone practiced, no roster moves. Really nothing new. We worked on long yardage today. Alot of the hard work is over but we still have a couple of things to work on.
    • Defensively Washington is the same as last year, but offensively they are different. Both of the coaches come from the (Don) Coryell Tree.
    • They have a better receiving corp this year. Cooley is a nice player for them. THey are deeper at RB. I kind of expect to see Duckett show up.
    • Both kickers kicked about the same today. I've watched them both alot this week. We will make the decision later on who to play. There is a possibility we use two kickers. I don't want to but we may.
    • If we use two kicker it will either effect the offensive backfield or LB corp. That will take away a pretty good ST player for us. A LB would effect our nickel package or goal line package.
    • If I were to take two it would be in order to save our selves some feild position on KO. Last week the Jags averaged starting on the 19. THat's 10 yards less than the average. It may not sound like much, but it can amount to 40 or so yards over the coaurse of the game. We are if not the only, one of the very few carrying two kickers. It is definitely a problem.
    • Flo made the whole practice again today. We practiced pretty hard today. He's been doing that for two weeks now. Hopefully that will get him ready to go.
    • Flo made definite progress as a player and in his workout regime. You have to watch theat as one bad game doesn't make a season for a player. Sometimes we are too quick to judge a player. He only played 25-30 plays in the preseason, that's not alot. I've never had a problem with his motivation. I don't know who made that observation. Whoever it was doesn't count. When a guy is at your conditioning program everyday at 6:00 am, he has some motivation.
    • Not sure who will return punts. We did practice with Rector some. If I take two kickers we might have to go in another direction.
    • What I am seeing with Washington is a hybrid of the Buddy Ryan system a few years back. They do use parts of the 3-4 as well.
    • If you have a WR that can get yards after the catch, it is a good match against that type of defense.
    • We have quite a few plays where TO does the catch and run. I would be a bit hesitant to do a hitch route though. Running after the catch is something that TO brings to this team.
    • I think the Redskins really want to use 3 WR and a TE or 3 TE and 1 WR if you want to count Cooley as a TE. That is really their two basic sets.
    • There is only ramification to being 0-2 and that is only if you don't recover from it. It's a little early in the season to see what the result will be.
    • It is really important to get off to a good start. The way our shedule is we have some difficult games and several road games to start the season. The home games at the end of the season can really be beneficial if you can win early.
    • Probably only two or three coaches in this league will tell you they like the bye week where it falls. It falss where it falls, nothing you can do about it. We will just play 14 games in a row.
    • Coaching in the league is no more difficult than it ever was, I just think there are more peripheral issues around the team than there used to be. Agents, hangers-on, people with agendas; just a lott of characters around than what used to exist. The scrutiny is much greater than it used to be. Coaching really isn't that much different. The way that it is set up, no team really has an advantage over the other. The way the divisions are set up is for the fan interest. It's a much bigger machine than it used to be, just a lot more to deal with. The whole organization used to be about 35 people, it's much larger than that now.
    • In some ways I wish there were more division games. I think that's healthy, but, by the same token you get to see different teams from different parts of the country. That is set up for the fans and it is good too. We also play about every night of the week now.
    • I think Gibbs has taught me a thing or two. I watched alot of what he has done over the years. He has been a very influential coach. The one-back system he developed in the 80's. Much like Bill Walsh, Coryell and other people. I don't think he would take credit for any defensive innovations. I haven't talked to him since he took the job at Washington. That's just the way it is, nothing personal just competition. I have a high regard for him.
    • Archuletta is a good in the box aggressive tackler. He and Taylor are both good physical players. You have to account for them or they will hurt you.
    • We have challenged our CB's to come up with plays this weekend. They are going against a top WR in Moss, you certainly don't want him padding his stats.
    • We tried very hard in practice today. We had some mental mistakes yesterday, but not so many today. That's good.
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    This will be huge as I expect our front seven to be solid. If teams feel like they can throw on our cornerbacks by pretending they aren't there this is going to be a long, terrible season for us. Our CB's have to make teams pay for throwing at them.
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    Thanks, trickblue!
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    I always find it interesting that there are fans who think there are guys out there like Flo who could be probowlers every year if they just tried a little harder. It's just not that easy. The guys who aren't motivated and don't work hard end up like Chuck Rogers.
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    Man, is it Sunday night yet? It's always harder for me to wait for the next game, coming off of a loss. It's much better waiting, coming off a win, hopefully the Boys can get this much needed win, against the hated Deadskins. I think they will, but you never know in this league.
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    That is what makes football the number 1 sport in USA. The anticipations, unlike baseball or basketball win or lose you play the very next day or 2 in football they get us drooling about mid-week for our Sunday fix. As well as the fact that 1 game each week counts so much more when you only have 16to play than the other 2 big sports here in the US
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    You think?
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    I think we'll be okay. This isn't Kevin Mathis and Charlie Williams we're trotting out there each week or anything even close, LOL. I think what you saw last week was actually a lot of good coverage offset by perfect passes to extraordinarly tall wideouts. That will certainly not be the case every week, and a slightly better pass rush will also help to make sure the "perfect pass" part of that doesn't happen too often either.
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    He sounds shocked about having to carry two kickers, but how did they not see this coming? Vandy hasn't kicked off in years, and even if he does kick off, he's not a guy who's going to boom it into the endzone.

    Parcells is such a field position guy, he had to have known that he'd either have to sacrifice that or carry 2 kickers.

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    Hmmm, wasn't Vinatieri available when we signed Vandy? (Rhetorical question of course). :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
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    Very rhetorical since Adam was singed by the Colts on 3/22 and we signed Vandy 3/23. Not available, sorry.

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    Parcells said two things that may give away our offensive gameplan.

    First he said he may bring two kickers which implies Vandy does FGs and wants the other guy to kick-off. That means Parcells is putting a higher premium on field position for this game, which indicates he expects it to be a low-scoring/conservative game that again may come down to a FG. Secondly, he said having a receiver who gets yards-after-catch (i.e. TO) is importiant in this game, again hinting that we will use a conservative short (get the ball out quick) passing game to supplement the run. So it loks like once again we'll be going with the boring, conservative, manage-the-game appraoch.

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    You just keep on ignoring the answers to that same question don't you?

    Again. Vinatieri was signed before Vanderjact. Vinatieri visited the Colts before he was scheduled to visit the Cowboys. Vinatieri was offered a large contract contingent on his signing it before visiting any other teams. That does not even take into account the revenge factor he could exact if he were to be successful with the rival Colts (Pats rival).

    We never had a shot. read that over slowly, maybe it will sink in.

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    You make an excellent point Danny. When the idea of signing this guy was initially discussed, the two biggest points of discussion, relative to this topic were (1) Vinnie is available for slight more money and (2) Vanderjackedanotherone can not kick off and neither can our punter.

    I honestly don't have any idea how BP could not have been aware of this fact.
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    Can anyone comment on why Bill wouldn't go with a hitch route for TO vs the Skins? Is there a match-up he thinks TO would lose?

    How about a red zone hitch-..I don't think there are too many Skins defenders TO couldn't get to jump the route inside, especially considering Owens' wco expertise.

    PS Great summary, TB!
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    I think that is just some BP talk, I don't think he is going to tell the skins what he will and will not do in this game.
  17. LaTunaNostra

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    True enough, but it's not his 'habit' to mention any particular play/route either pro or con before a game.

    Sounded like a comment on how well the Skins do something (pregame flattery or not).

    Could it be the Skins blitz package would render short hitches problematical?

    (here comes Winicki to let us know Drew's not accurate from six yards:D )
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    memo #1 to boneheaded about challenging your defensive coordinator to actually put some defensive plays together that bother a QB every once in a blue moon

    if you dont rush the QB's, even the ebst CB's suddenly look average or worse

    memo #2 to same coach...dont let butthead defensive coordinator line up your worst of the 3 CB's against Santana Moss, especially when the game is on the line (see last September's game)

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    The hitch comment was a response to a question. It was the media person who mentioned the hitch. Parcells said that he wouldn't run a hitch short of the first down on the hypothetical the media person gave him.
  20. Doomsday101

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    Then again BP may turn around and run the hitch play to TO anyways. I would not be surprised to see him do that if the skins CB are laying off the line of scrimmage. I believe some things from coaches what I never believe is when they talk about things they may do in the game.

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