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    • Nothing you don't already know. Ellis has an Achilles tear. They will do surgery tomorrow. It will be a long recovery and hopefully a successful one. I've had several players recover from the same thing.
    • The players are required to come in to day, workout and run. Haven't seen them yet.
    • Burnett, Singleton, Carpenter plus Junior Glymph are the likely players to replace Ellis.
    • The Colts are reasonably similar to AZ in regards to formations. Glenn played 35 plays so you will see him. Greg was one of our better pressure players. To equal that it may take more than one player. We haven't made any decisions yet. Maybe Als could do something on early downs, Carp on nickel or vice-versa.
    • Burnett kind of has his niche going now. Nickel, ST and that is working out for us. So you could say I am reluctant to change his role.
    • Sure I would like to see Carpenter step up. But what I need now is the most efficient operation we can get. It's not real complicated but there are some moving parts here that have to be figured out. He's got the brain to do this, and he is starting to do a better job on ST which is helping his confidence. Obviously he is going to be a consideration in this move. We felt we were getting a player that could do several things, I saw him do several things. When Greg played so well I moved Carpenter inside to get him some playing time. I do think he has the capability to play although I like my guys on the outside to be a little taller.
    • It depends on how we approach the Colts on who plays and we haven't decided that yet.
    • I would be surprised if Ellis wasn't ready for next TC. That's a lot of time to heal. Greg came into the locker room as I was finishing the talk to the players. Greg hobbled in and gathered the guys around and said a few things to them. Sometimes things happen in this game at an inopportune time, but you just have to go on. I only have 51 guys on my team right now. I'm thinking about several things this morning. I'm keeping Greg around, I mean he didn't die.
    • With the score 27-10, I thought, well Parcells if they block a FG then a quick score and an onside kick they are back in the game. I realize that's a far-fetched thing, but I felt we would be better to make them drive the whole field. I also wasn't interested in scoring more points. I just don't like to do that.
    • I left Terry at home because he didn't practice, so I knew he wasn't playing. I don't know if he practices Wednesday, I haven't seen him yet.
    • On M. Coleman: That's just the way it goes sometimes.
    • The heat is going on somebody to step up the pass rush. That certainly would figure in Ware.
    • ?Watkins? I still think he's a young player, he's improving. He knows more about coverages than he knew.
    • I think this weekend was a good thing in that it was a very disappointing lost the weekend before. I did everything I could do to make sure they were physically prepared to play. I practiced them well, but not over physically. I wanted to make sure they had the energy to play the whole game.
    • Almost everyone we play coming up is a contender. We do have 5 games at home which is nice. I think this can be a really good team, I think we have that capability, but we seem to mess it up at times.
    • I'm generally happy with Romo, how could I not be? You folks look at him differently than I do. I'm not looking at a rookie. I am looking at a vet with limited experience. I would be a little less tolerant with him than I would be a rook. He pulls some doozies now, he does. I think it could catch up to him. He got away with some things he shouldn't have yesterday. He forgot he was the holder on the first FG. Psychologically he threw an int, he' thinking about something he could have done differently and forgot. The play at the half could have easily gone the other way for 99 yards. I am happy with his performance, but I'm also cognizant that some of the things he does will catch up to him. His throws were kinda high in the first half? One of them you couldn't have caught with a butterfly net.
    • There were some good things in the secondary generally. Those WR are pretty good and made some acrobatic catches. I would have liked to have seen Reeves make that play. Their QB was a little out of sorts yesterday.
    • I started looking at the film on the Colts last week myself. I watched 3 games on the Colts before the AZ game which is a little unusual for me. I'm not up to speed on them, but I have an idea of how we will approach them. They are a good veteran team. You got 11 guys going out there aside from there RB that have been going out there a long time. They are a very confident team and their ability to come back. Anybody would have their hands full. It won't be easy.
    • I don't know if I stay with the safeties yet. Keith played 29 plays. Patrick played 16 or 18. We'll see how that goes. I don't know yet. I only have 4 safeties now. It is possible we pick up another one. Elam has been playing well for us on ST, Watkins was good on ST and Roy was too. Jacques is really the main contributor at corner on ST. Watkins was a factor on ST last night, I was happy with that.
    • I think it will be an interesting week of preparation. We'll see where it goes. You don't go nine straight without being pretty good. I've already looked at the SD and NE games. I also watched the Pittsburgh game from two years back.
    • Whoever tells you that was a misunderstanding (something with Haley). I heard Todd Haley on the phone, I know what he said. He has a little renegade in him. I would tell him dumb players do dumb things.
    • I've been happy with Carpenter. There are a couple of first rounders that are yet to dress for any game. This doesn't happen overnight. I think he is a good player and is improving.
    • I don't care about Haley/Owens. I know you guys do. Nothing has come up recently. SO you were reading something happened between them? You mean YOU were reading? It's nobodies business anyway.
    • Now is the time of the year you need to do something. You don't like to be backwards and forwards if you can help it. We had a disappointing loss last week. We lost the game but I don't think we were outplayed. I sure don't think that. Sometimes you just lose for some reason.
    • On chop blocks. I think originally it was a good rule and had good intent. I think what needs to be reconsidered somewhat that wit the maze of blitzing going on in the league; players are passing other players off to one another. There is no intent to engage that player and have someone else hit him. The violation is not exactly what is happening. We aren't engaging the guys we are passing them off. If you go by the letter of the law they technically you could call it I guess, but it isn't in the intent. I have never sent anything into the league, naahh... I'm not doing that. That's not me. The refs have a hard job. I like the ref from last night. He told me some things last night that we don't know about. He told me last night that they were told to be more cognizant of defenseless WR. Even if we don't see a helmet to helmet, but suspect it, we will call it. I didn't know that but I do now.
    • We'll just have to do a better job of that now. We'll just have to view it more closely.
    • We've done a little more shotgun with Tony in there; I'm not really in love with it. It helps him see a little better, he's ok with it. You are more of a one dimensional team when you go into the shotgun.
    • I will tell you this. I have no knowledge on what goes on during warm-ups. I'm not paying attention to peripheral things. If you guys want to sponsor some sort of homecoming ting for the guys then I'm sure Jerry would like that.
    • I realize we are in the instant evaluation time with Romo. Everyone knows now what he is or how good he can be. I laugh at that stuff. I just did what I thought was the best at the time. We have a long way to go. He will be tested and we will see. It won't go smoothly I promise. It never goes smoothly.
    • We split up the carries pretty good last night. I think Barber had one more carry than Julius last night for the first time. Barber is a really aggressive nose for the goal line, does some good things. He thinks he's Gale Sayers sometimes... he's not...
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    I beleive Junior Glymph is around 270lbs. Just because of that (providing Parcells beleive he can play) I suspect we will see a lot of him.
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    We will see Glymph in a role where he doesn't have to think.

    Hand on ground and rush the passer.

    No chance BP passes on a vet or high draft pick to insert a UDFA/street guy who he already cut once.
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    Love Greg, think he's a great Cowboys, has been my favorite for quite some time.

    That being said - I'm kind of excited to see Burnett get some additional playing time, even though I think he is better suited inside. I like his game. Solid player.
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    That is huge for a LB. Can he move? How is he in coverage? If BP doesn't want to change Burnett, then it will prolly be Singleton because of the experience. I don't see ALS getting hte pressure, though. That kind of sends it to Carp and Burnett in passing situations. Which one is better in coverage and rushing the passer? Carp didn't look bad at all with his hand down yesterday.
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    :lmao2: Like cheating in your heart, Bill, most folks will say it just doesn't 'count'.

    Thanks for the recap, TB.:)
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    He is the same size as Ellis. From what I remember he is very physical. The question is how smart is he and can he play coverage. Though I beleive he had sacks, forced fumbles and an INT in the preseason. Of course if he was really that good, would he have played more. We just have to remember though, he is on the team for a reason while others are not.
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    BP is a funny man.......Barber not Gale...etc....

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    "Its nobody's business anyways"

    I love this stuff!
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    Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells said Monday that he is unsure whether Terry Glenn (knee) will be able to practice Wednesday.

    Glenn is far from certain to play next week. Patrick Crayton stepped up big against Arizona and will remain a key part of the offense as long as Glenn is out. Recall that Clayton spent quality time on the Cowboys' second-team offense with Tony Romo for years.
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    He also reminded me of the play when Tony forgot he was the holder on field goals. Bill said it in the way only Big Bill can do it.

    Romo was so wrapped up in being the Our Savior that he started to walk off the field on 4th down and forgot he had to stay out there to hold for the FG. (Bill: "He's less than perfect.") Hilarious.
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    "Like our Ends a little taller..................

    What is Carpenter listed at. .....vrs. Ware/Burnett etc

    thought they were all 6'4"
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    "The players are required to come in to day, workout and run. Haven't seen them yet."

    What?!?! LOL. Is this like skipping 3rd period Science class?

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    yeah I thought that was funny too.. then I thought ***? "havent seen them yet"???
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    5,733 Likes Received why'd you draft him to play LOLB? I'm guessing he didn't. Carp can play multiple positions so Parcells liked him. That's great and all but I'm not too keen on drafting flex players in the first round.
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    you guess wrong :D

    preferring a taller guy doesn't mean he doesn't see him as an OLB, just he wishes he was taller
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    Since you can read Bill's mind, can you tell me who starts there this week? Carp, Burnett, Al, or Glymph?
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    Al, w/ Carp in the nickel

    and talk about reading minds, contrary to what he, himself said, you said that BP knew Ellis would do well all along LOL
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    Did I say he "knew" Ellis would succeed?

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