Recap: RECAP: Press Conference - 11/16/06

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    • We claimed Mount Stanley. We are at 53 players now. Everyone practiced today. Nothing will change unless something unforseen happens tomorrow.
    • This is important. We need to start piling some wins up. We need to start doing something. We have some home games but we have to play well to win them. I think this win would do us a lot of good confidence-wise.
    • I told the guys that this thing is a long way from being over and you can tell that every week. It's just impossible right now, particularly in the NFC to see how this thing is going to go. Look at GB, they started slow and now have put several wins together I believe.
    • I don't have to tell these guys they can play with Indy, they now I feel they can.
    • I want to keep some gas in Julius tank. We were able to get him out after 14 plays. I told him today that if we can make it to next Thursday he would be fresh for the stretch. It's important that Marion be fresh on third down. He is also playing ST. He is doing a lot of things that are going unnoticed. He is goin now into a role that all coaches want. He will do anything you tell him to do. He has endurance, stamina, training. He knows the game. He is a very aggressive runner and everyone knows he is out there when he is in the game. They know he will take them on.
    • You can't play good defense ever without a good FS. They are a QB of sorts at times. I think it is a vital position on a good defense.
    • I didn't say Barber had some Gale Sayers in im, I said he THINKS he has that in him. He doesn't... not a bit. Marion tends to get through the line and break outside. Julius takes on the safety and that's what I want them both to do.
    • I am not reluctant to have Watkins on the field. You will have to live with him making some mistakes. He was tentative at first and playing too cautious. When the season came he did the same thing. I think a little bit more now, he is less tentative, more studious and his preparation is much better. He is a little better off than he was at first of the season.
    • We've had some problems at S over all. I think Roy is an improved player as far as knowing what he's doing, that kind of thing. They stay away from him a little bit, they do. I think he's been ok. Couple of balls he didn't find that he could have, but that happens playing back there.
    • AZ was intent on throwing last week, Edge got through a couple of times but Roy didn't get tested much. Number of tackles doesn't matter. I just want a player to do his job when he gets the opportunity.
    • Edge had a lot of carries at Indy, it looks to me they are trying not to do that as much with Addai. He has been a very good draft choice for them. He is a good player.
    • Until I get an idea of the sensitivity level of the player and what he is about, I try to stay out of trying to talk much to the player until I know I can make an impact. I've talked to Vanderjagt more as we are going along. I'm not afraid to coach him or say soemthing to him, in fact I have. But as far as sitting down and talking to him, I don't know if I would do that or if it would help.
    • I've talked to Flo, but I am going to keep that to myself. I've gotten the needle out a little, he knows. You've got a big powerful man against a high-motor high-effort player in Freeney. He is a really good football player, a football-playing dude.He nor Harrison was highly recruited. These guys have some attributes you can't see. I don't know him nor have I met him, but I know he is a football player.
    • Hoyte has some attributes you can't see. He's like that. If you can start getting some sense of that in a player, you have come a long way and studied them.
    • I just think I have to rest Ware more and we are having a hard time doing that right now. He's playing in the 60's every week. We have to reduce his number of plays. I'm not worrying about him in regards to sacks as you are. If you watch closely he is doing some other things.
    • The same rephrased question about Ware: Is this some kind of Abbot and Costello routine? Who's on first? You guys using hand signals or something?
    • After I look at the practice film today, I'll know more about how we will approach them.
    • Carp has been doing really well. He's faster than Als and looking better every day. He's a good solid player.
    • I heard about TO's book. I don't know anything about it. I don't know if I'll have time to read it or give it out for Christmas.
    • Things happen in games, a quick score a fumbled KO. I can't say we will do anything exclusively against them. You have to adjust as you go.
    • We are gonna have to score to beat them. They are scoring a lot of points. I don't know if we will being going for it on fourth down or not. I'll have to check my-go-for-it or kick-it ratio chart.
    • I mentioned to you guys yesterday that we were looking at different spots, DL was one of them. That's why we picked up Stanley. He knows half-way what we are doing. We aren't the only team that claimed him.
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    That reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail!


    Nobody would take the time to stop and right aaaaaargh as they are dying!
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    Is anyone else having MAJOR problems with the feed?
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    I normally can't listen during the day, but you should try the DMN blog. They usually have a link to it on their site, as well.

    BTW, thanks Trick. Great recap, as usual. :)
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    Wow, he was in a jovial mood today.

    I hope he doesn't retire at the end of the season, just because of how much I would miss these press conferences.
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    That's some pretty good praise coming from Parcells.

    I really like Barber
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    Loved how he shot down the "T.O.'s book" question. The guy can see right through these questions and know exactly how to tactfully answer them.
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    Sounds like Carp is doing better in practice.
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    This is the BEST news I have read out of Big Bill's mouth! Thanks!
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    Perhaps he was dictating?
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    Thanks for the recap Trick.
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    • Better nickname for Montavious Stanley: Mount Stanley, or Full Monty? I think I may have to change to Mount Stanley.
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    I don't know why I thought the opposite about both backs. I thought MBIII would take it straight up and Julius would take it to the outside.

    Can someone enlighten me on Bill's strategy on this one?

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    Bill wants both backs to attack the safety, like Julius does.
  15. Martice

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    Reading comprehension is becoming a lost art!!!:eek::
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    I also like the news on Carpenter, hopfully he plays nearly the entire game.
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    What does that mean? :confused:
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    It means he's officially started to tear into Flo's "you know what" about being the dominant player that he's capable of being.

    Bill has always said that the only time he has a problem with a player is when his expectations are higher than the player's. I think that's where he's at with Flo right now. If Romo doesn't have to run for his life 6-7 times a game, he could be even bettere than he already is. There's plenty of blame to go around, but Flo's haulin' around a truck-load of it.


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    Bill wants Julius and Barber to both take on the safety, because when you try to go outside and avoid him, it attracts more defensive players, Julius is doing it, Barber is not, hence the Gale Sayers reference, once Barber's past the line, Bill wants him to go straight, not dance around like Sayers

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