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    Audio Recap:;5417506;;/fileinfo.html

    EDIT: Recap by InmanRoshi

    Nothing new on the roster or anything else.

    What was the source of your irritation at the end of practice?
    I didn’t know I was irritated.

    Were you pleased with practice today?

    What were you not pleased with?
    Some other things.

    How would you assess TO in two practices?

    Normal. Trying to get worked back in.

    Pleased that he’s back?
    Yeah, it helps you coach the team when you have all your players.

    What shape is he in?

    Difficult to assess right now. I’ve never seen him at game shape.

    Have a feel for if he’ll play his this week?
    No, we haven’t talked about personnel for the game yet. That will probably be Saturday. That will include QBs. We haven’t even started thinking about NO.

    Is there a chance Bledsoe wont play?
    In the whole game? No.

    How is Spears?
    Pretty good. Pretty good. He’s got some work to do. When you play that position, or any position, you don’t get in tune watching. We have 3 guys playing that LDE spot: Coleman, Ratliff and Spears. I don’t know who will start right now.

    There is a SI website report that says you demanded to Jim Mauer …
    A website huh? I would like to live my life like you guys. You think a website is a credible source? That’s the kind of BS that I’m trying to avoid this summer. What happens is that someone makes something up. Then I have to respond to it. Then it makes a life of its own. You guys live on that stuff. I’m telling you guys that I’m not going to participate in it. I’m going to go to Jim Mauer and demand it? Think about it.

    You don’t demand things?
    Not from the trainer.

    He’s back to practicing. We’re trying to give his feet a chance to settle. Is there something unusual in pro football about people practicing? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do here? Practice. You guys talk about everyone but the guys who are practicing. Maybe some Sunday you should write something about the folks in the press box and what they’re eating instead of what the guys are doing on the field.

    It appeared you were asking Drew Bledsoe to be a commander in practice.

    I don’t remember that. That’s why I want practice closed. Everyone has rabbit ears and they don’t know the context of why I’m saying it. I’m just trying to coach my team. I want some leadership on my team when things aren’t going well. I’m just trying to leave them on their own a little bit. At the end of the day they have to execute on their own under durress. I’ll give them a design to execute and get them in shape to play, but that’s all I can do.

    You seem to be harping on that more this year.
    Well maybe I’ve re-evaluated how I do some things.

    Is the way they function on their own progressed to a satisfactory level?
    in some situations. It’s a difficult situation to just throw your offense out there and let Zimmer just indiscriminately call defenses out there. Even though they’ve been practicing against their own defense, they’re not prepared to do that yet. Not like they will be doing the regular season. The source of irritation .. a couple of things happened in sequence. So when you see that you take notice.

    Can you solve that by taking the play calling away from Zimmer in practice?
    Maybe I just let Bradie call it and not let Zimmer call anything, that takes him out of the equation. But I got to get the defense ready to play too. I can’t hurt one side of the team by trying to help the other. Yesterday our pass protection was good, and this morning we didn’t do well.

    How is Fabini progressing?
    I saw signs of definite process the last 5-7 days. But he’s a little up and down. When someone is his age you start to worry about that. He will get work against the Saints.

    He’s practicing harder than he’s practiced in some time. He’s doing pretty good now. I ‘ve never had a guy that size come off an injury like this. You take a guy who weighs twice as much as the guy rehabbig him, you can have some problems you don’t get in the average person. I think he’ll be alright.

    Does it usually take a year to rehab?
    The average person and average rehabilitiation, then you can say it takes a year. In these cases, once you get to the 20 week period you’re a long way down the road. You get to the point where the range of motion and strength is perfect, but when you put the work load on it you have a problem. That’s the last step. That’s where he is right now. The last step. After this week, the workload really decreases. Two-adays is over for the most part. The heaviest work of the season, we’re right in the middle of it. That’s why I’m saying this week is the big push. Like Hannam’s knee has been bothering him a little bit, but I’m already seeing progress with him in the last couple of days since its kind of lightened up.

    Did Burnett have the same problems from the ACL?
    He didn’t quite have the same problems as Flozell did.

    How has he been doing?
    I’ve been pretty pleased with him. I teased him in the offseason that he had more surgeries than tackles last year. But he showed up in good condition. You can help but see him out there.

    When you say you’re not going to coach the players as much, are you doing the same with your coaching staff this year?
    Well, we meet all night. An inordinate number of meetings. Then warm up drills. Then technique drills. So when team period comes I want to see what they know that we spent the last 24 hours doing. I don’t want to see a coach spoonfeeding themm information during the team period. I want to evaluate them. Early I’ll let them do it, but not now. My coaches have good intentions. Once in a while they’ll lose sight or maybe they don’t pay attention about how I wanted it done in the staff meeting. When they do that, they get spoken to. I used to be one of those guys who got spoken to myself. Frequently.

    State of the NFL in Lousianna after the hurricane.

    I don’t really think about that. We have a game to play in Shreveport. That’s the way I look at it.

    Miles Austin?
    He’s green.

    Proctor and Watkins with the 1st team today?
    Was Proctor at right guard? I was trying to get him a little work at right, since he’s been playing left. He’ll have to swing.

    Are you proud of Aaron Glenn’s career?

    Yes. He’s the poster boy of how you do it. He was always a serious young man. We talk about things other than football, and I like talking to him. He asks me a lot of questions about things. I have a very high regard for him. He’s a serious minded kid and he’s a friend as well as a player. Aaron is kind of a quiet guy who stays to himself. We were just talking the other day about how much longer he wanted to play because he has a good body. God was very good to him. I told him You might be Darrell Green. He said “Yeah, if I can stand these young guys at that age I might be”. He’s at year 13, if he made it 3 or 4 more, and quite frankly we might consider him in some future plans … but I’m not sure how many he can make it … but with Aaron it will be someone who’s heart isn’t in it anymore, not such much if he physically couldn’t do it. Like that guy Julio Franco for the Mets? Ive never seen anything like it. 47? He’s a phenom.

    Could Aaron start for you if you needed him to?

    Yeah, I would think. He’s feisty though. He doesn’t like sitting around.

    You still thinking about usuing hm as kick returns?
    If I needed to I could.

    What do you dislike about training camp?
    The only thing I dislike is that I feel like I become totally ignorant to what’s going on in the world and my family and all of that. Its like being in a time warp. I’m in a 200 yard corridor. I haven’t been off the campus. I got a car out there but I don’t even know which one it is.

    Do you get out of the corridor in the season?
    Yeah, once I get in Dallas. But here its from the offices to the field to the weight tent and back.
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    Whoa... he is in a bad mood today it seems... :laugh2:
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    He is major league P'OD today. Ouch.
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    These guys better quit asking stupid questions or he is gonna come down off that podium and pound someone...

    Parcells: "Would you consider SI a credible source?" :laugh2:
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    here it comes...............TO'd
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    BP called the SI report BS hahahhhahah
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    "See this is the kind of BS I have to put up with. You guys make something up and then I have to deal with it, but then again you guys like that kinda stuff"...
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    BP said he does not demand things from trainer
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    Wow. He outright called it made up.
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    Great answer from Parcells! "Is there something unusual in football about someone practicing? Why are you making it such a big deal? Maybe after a football game you can write about what the reporters ate for lunch."
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    oh my god! too funny! roshi take off your suit and put on your cape! thanks in advance roshi....;)
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    rabbit ears hahahhahahah
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    Interesting to see if SI trys to respond. I bet they don't.

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    where did you get that picture in your sig?
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    Parcells: "We talkin bout praktiss."
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    Wow! He IS in a bad mood.

    Slapped Babe down--"That's why I want practices closed. Everyone has rabbit ears."
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    "Isn't that what we are supposed to be doing here? Practicing? All you guys want to do is talk about who ISN'T practicing. Why don't you right about some of the guys in the press box, what they had for lunch. Don't write about what's going on on the field." :laugh2:
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    I know! He's spitting fire, and no one is immune. I think the redundant questions are really starting to get to him at this point in camp, that and all the attempts to start controversy, with Drew/Romo, with Owens, Glenn, you name it.
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    jeez i need a recap NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :D:D:D, i guess i could just go to and listen for my dang self eh?
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    I certainly wouldn't expect him to acknowledge any report like that as truth. It makes everybody involved look bad.

    I've been dealing with coaches (football coaches in particular) for 20-something years, and for the most part, they're among the most dishonest people I know. I like them, but I don't believe everything they say.

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