Recap: RECAP: Since I dont see this yet, Tony Romo on ESPN 103.3

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RCowboyFan, Jan 12, 2006.

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    Didn't do recap, since I thought someone might already do it. But here are some of the stuff I can recall.

    -He thinks he can play right now and play well, as he felt the improvement through the TC and season.

    -Doesn't think he needs to go to NFL Europe or will be sent to Europe, as he has shown to coaches that he has improved well enough.

    -On whether he is thinking about getting some time in games or is frustrated about it, says this TC, whether BP says it or not, he will be given a chance as they chart everything.

    -Since he has this last year, not sure if he will be here. Would like to stay here but also knows this is business.

    They discussed about Troy Aikman, on whether he was Hall Famer, and whether he likes to have 3 SBs rings or 50K in yards, obviously picked 3 SB rings.

    Anyway, personal impression was again, Real Cocky guy. He seems to think he is ready to start in NFL and will excel when given a chance. Good to see his confidence, but sometimes when he talks like that comes across as arrogant to me , but thats just me maybe. Its the opposite on how I feel about Bledsoe, I hate his play, but when Bledsoe talks, you instantly like the guy, he just knows what to say I guess.

    Anyway, anyone else has anything to add as to what he say would be nice, since I might not have recalled everything he said in proper context or the way he said it.
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    Here is my copy from what I posted on another board... I hesitated to post it because you-know-who will surely get involved... :(

    I should clarify that Romo did sound a little cocky to me, but it was so far below what some guys are like (some WRs, for example) that I made the comment about sounding more confident than cocky.


    They just had a pretty lengthy interview with him... Not sure what to make of this guy. He said he was really getting antsy to play. Said that last year (his second year), he really didn't feel that he was ready to step on the field and lead the team to wins. But he said he made a big jump this past offseason and training camp, and now he thinks he's ready. He also said that the coaching staff knows they have something in him, and that even though he can't prove it because he hasn't played, he knows he's ready.

    Other interesting comments were that while yes, he believes Parcells runs every position as an open competition, he also sees the relationship Bledsoe has with Bill, and knows it'll be very tough to beat him out. He did say that if he ever got on the field, he thinks he'd play so well that they couldn't take him off it.

    One last thing, said he's getting to the point in his career that he needs to play, and hinted that he'd leave when his contract is up if he needed to, even though he'd prefer to play here.

    BTW, none of this is said with an air of real cockiness, but more confidence.

    Like I said, I'm not sure what to make of this guy. I can't tell if he really is playing that well and really has taken that step to the point that he's ready to win as an NFL QB, or if he's just an overconfident undrafted small school QB who thinks he's a lot better than he is. It was a little amusing to hear him suggest that he'd leave to play somewhere else if need be -- as if he'd really be in demand.

    Anyone want to guess what will eventually become of this guy? Just another backup scrub QB, or the next Jake Delhomme?
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    Thanks for the recap!
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    Thanks for the recap.......I hope he's ready to play.
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    You are probably right. I probably used the wrong words. Like you I was lost as to what words to use to describe how he sounded.

    Yeah, I would agree, he sounded very confident, on the borderline of cocky, without sounding like that I guess. But yeah, he didn't sound off like a Randy Moss or TO or Chad Johnson or even Keyshaun Johnson type cockiness.

    This TC should be interesting indeed from that point of view, as to whether Romo will get a true shot at unseating Bledsoe or not. Maybe he is indeed going to prove that he is worthy of being a Starting QB in NFL for long time.
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    Great recap guys!!! Thanks.

    It looks like our young guys are ready to make a push.

    Man, TC seems so far away.
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    I hope he's ready to play, cause if we don't fix the OL...Bledsoe might not last 16 games :D
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    You know, I was not looking forward to TC, till I heard Romo today. Now I am interested in seeing if he is indeed that much improved.

    But really, we all know, it ain't going to happen. Bledsoe will be starter barring injury, only problem to that is, if Romo never gets a chance to play this coming season, he will probably leave, well unless they give him mucho money to stay. I don't see how Cowboys can commit that way, without seeing Romo on the field? It should interesting regardless though.
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    that's why i want them both in europe. can't wait that long to see them play
  10. RCowboyFan

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    Well according to Romo, and he seems pretty emphatic, he wont be going or needs to go to NFL Europe. So don't hold your breadth about seeing Romo. I guess there is a chance that Henson might go though.
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    I like cocky in a QB. Or swagger.
  12. RCowboyFan

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    Me too, but I like it on the field, not just talk :D
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    Who? Nors?
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    Does he remind anynoe else a little of Delhomme? They both just seem to have an attitude that I like. Haven't seen enough of Romo to make a real judgment on his ability, but in preseason, he's shown some moxie, IMO.
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    I hate arrogant people.

    They're never as good as me.
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    I was waiting for someone to bust out the "M" word.

    Mods, we need a "moxie" emoticon.
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    Hey, I'm not advocating anything crazy, he's a number two QB, but from what I've seen, I like him. I like the touch he can put on the ball. Bledsoe was good this year, but touch is one thing he doesn't have.
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    You're right. He seems to be BP's pet project. And we all know what BP thinks about sending guys to Europe. Pretty much the kiss of death if you consider what happened to Hutchinson and Stoerner (who went to Europe before BP got here). However, Romo has not thrown a regular season pass since 2001. Pretty soon he'll be on the same boat as Henson as far as rustiness and inactivity. To me this is a make or break year for Romo, he'll be a 4th year guy (remember that unwriten rule), no playing time, undrafted free agent, etc. he better prove on the field he can play or will end up elsewhere considering his confidence.
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    Yes, they need a little of that. But there is a fine line and it is different depending on the personality, between confidence and cockiness, and then just arrogance. The perfect example of this is probably Jim McMahon, and to me he was right on that border, no good or bad opinion either way from me. Can you see Troy Aikman with a head band and sunglasses, and unshaven :laugh2:
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    Thanks for the posting this. I have no problem with a player being confident in himself even if it comes of a bit cocky, I think you need a bit of cockiness in this business where so many are critical of you as a player. It is up to Romo to show himself be it on the practice field or pre-season games that he is the man for the job and as a fan of this team I honestly hope he can.

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