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    • We're really looking at how we manage our cap room this year because we have alot of players we want to keep around here and we feel good to be in that situation
    • I believe that as Ellis sees how things will work for him here that one, he will like it and two, see how valuable he is around here. We have not had any inquiries about him because we have made it clear to the rest of the teams that we are not interested in trading him. Ellis and Ware are our only pressure players and we aren't going to lose them
    • In regards to OL, there aren't any teams that have top quality tackles that they are willing to part with. We are not saying that we don't have any here as we have seen some things early that we like. At the end of the day if Bill, Jerry and I decide that we could improve ourselves by making a move, such as an Ellis trade, we may do it.
    • We would love to see the NCAA final four back in DFW. We will try to make an attempt to bring it to the new facility when it is finished. The AA Center is good for semifinals but not what they want for the final.
    • (On the Cotton Bowl moving to the new facility) We respect the history of the Cotton Bowl so much and we realize it is a sensitive issue. Jerry played in the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park. He loves the history and tradition which is the reason he bought the Cowboys. On the other hand, we are building a world-calss facility for the people of the metroplex and we would like to see opportunities for the venue. We have stayed on the sideline, but when the opportunity arrises we will likely be in the mix for such events.
    • If we could have pourde 30-40 mil into Texas Stadium and bring it up to modern facility standards, we would probably have stayed there, but it couldn't be done.
    • We have put the negotiations with the City of Dallas behind us. We are concentrating on working with The City of Arlington to make the new facility the best possible.
    • We feel there is a possibility that the Cotton Bowl could be one of the top bowls again in the new facility, but Rick Baker is really the person to talk to about that.
    • We have been contacted about religious meetings, rodeos, rock shows and internally we would like to see a political convention use it.
    • We have brought in other entities besides sports to see how this could best be designed for use as a multi-funtional facility
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    Very interesting re-cap thank you .
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    I really enjoy Stephen Jones candor and business sense.
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    Yep...Way to go Ms Mayor. For what ever you may have done for the city of Dallas, you will always be remembered for letting the Cowboys get away...again!"
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    But that's the thing, she hasn't done anything for Dallas :)

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    This statement is interesting to me. This is the first confirmation that I have read that the team is actually open to moving Ellis (all be it, for the right offer).
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    another great recap by Mr Blue--thanks

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