Recap: RECAP: T.O. Interview during Mavs vs Kings Halftime

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by PakiPride, Dec 1, 2006.

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    T.O. is in attendance for the Kings vs. Mavericks game.

    Just a heads up that their going to do a interview with him during halftime.

    Recap will come soon

    What are your thoughts on Tony Romo?

    Getting better everyday. He loves the way he spreads the ball.

    What do you expect this weekend?

    They are going to try to prove a point but we need to take care of business.

    Best Team NFL?

    Before the season everyone thought the Colts, just because you have the better record doesnt mean your the best.. But if hed have to say something itd be the Cowboys

    Feelings about the eagles struggles and Mcnabb?

    He wishes Mcnabb well, he says hes good friends with alot of the eagles players, and said they will turn it around.

    Relationship with Parcells?

    Its been great, their have been some up and downs. but at the end of the day they both want to win.

    Thoughts about pursueing basketball career, after football?

    Wants to try to play basketball one day professionally. Says the Maloof brothers show him alot of love everytime hes in Sacremento. Says hes a big basketball fan. And a Kings fan
  2. DragonCowboy

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    It's on ESPN?

    What's the score?
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    what?! what?! he should be preparing for the Giants!! CANCER!!
  4. PakiPride

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    62-41 Mavericks...
  5. Alexander

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  6. DragonCowboy

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    Wow...I thought that the Mavs would finally lose this one...

    For all the hype they gave this game.
  7. J-DOG

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    Just thought I would let you guys know.

    Kings at Mavs.

    Going into commercial TO was seen talking to Jim Gray.

    You know they are going to talk to him after the commercial.
  8. Seven

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    :lmao: Nice.
  9. baj1dallas

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    He did good, Gray game him some rope but he didn't hang himself.

    Said he was a Kings fan because the Maloofs showed him love, he'd (seriously) like to play basketball again.

    Said he wishes Donovan a good rehab and that it's a tough injury, and that Reid is a good coach and get that ship righted.

    Parcells and he have a good relationship, there's been ups and downs but they both want to win.

    Everybody said the Colts where the best team in the league but Dallas showed they were just as good or better when they beat them. If Dallas "takes care of their business" they have every chance to be in the Super Bowl.

    The Giants have some "controvery" with teammates is I believe how he put it, so they will come out and try to prove a point.

    He was "thankful" to have a QB like Romo who could "spread the ball around". It's great to win.
  10. Cbz40

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    Thank you Gentlemen for the recap.
  11. stealth

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    mavs will never lose again they are the second coming of the cowboys

    GO MAVS!!!
  12. Big Dakota

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    Maybe he can catch the red eye to LA and HOOK UP??
  13. Da Hammer

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    :laugh2: i was expectin someone to post somethin like this when i heard T.O was at the game. i know ur bein sarcastic btw
  14. ddh33

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    People left out what I thought was the most interesting comment in the whole interview. TO said he wants to win a Super Bowl to send Bill out a winner...

    Now, before that sets off a bunch of alarms, I don't think TO has a clue if Bill is coming back next year or not. I just thought it was somewhat interesting.
  15. ThreeSportStar80

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    I like the confidence T.O.'s got in the Cowboys by saying they're the best team in the NFL....
  16. sbuscha

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    Parcells silence is deafening!!!
  17. felix360

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    :laugh2: :laugh2: i see the espn headline tom. morning " T.O. at Mavs game, going to play pro basketball" i would run it past them
  18. CrazyCowboy

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    It is official....we are the BEST
  19. Bleu Star

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    I have no doubt who was the real problem in the McNabb /T.O. issues back when he played for Philly. McFlab is no angel.
  20. baj1dallas

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    yea and thanks to Paki for mentioning that the game was on TV. that play where Dampier rejected the guy, ran the floor, got the pass from Dirk off the fake for the two handed monster dunk was beautiful.

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