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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Oct 26, 2006.

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    • Jerry handled the game pretty well in his box better than most would I think.
    • I never anticipated Romo would come in in that ballgame. In fact, I didn't know til after a few plays because we were making our way back into the booth.
    • I think Tony will be a good player in this league. Now, this is a tough stretch to put him in especially going into Carolina. They may be usuing him now with Julius Peppers playing.
    • If he turns out to be the guy they think he can be, then this could be a really good move for the Cowboys. He could be the answer for the next 8 years if he plays like he should. They think they have found a diamond in the rough.
    • I think Jerry said it best, for the short term this may not be the best thing, but it could still salvage the season. The Cowboys aren't giving up on this season by any means.
    • Romo will still have some of the same things Drew went through. I think his mobility did have alot to do with the decision.
    • Even though Romo is mobile, if you look back a few years, the mobile guys get sacked more than the pocket passers. The mobile guys hold onto the ball a little longer thinking they can buy more time, but they need to realize that a sack ususally kills a drive. You have to get the ball out quick.
    • Tony plays with an energy that Brett always played with and he gets the ball out quickly, but that's where they comparison should end. I love Brett, but I feel over the years they have lost to lesser teams in the playoffs because he got careless with the ball. Tony needs to eliminate those mistakes and I think he can.
    • I think it will be a little easier for Tony to protect the ball because he has been in the league a few years. He's been practicing with the guys and played some preseason games so he should be a little better at it.
    • Terry Donohue used to always say to me that you can't throw a ball through a carwash without it getting wet. In other words, you risk an interception everytime you throw the ball, don't make it worse by throwing it into heavy traffic.
    • The interception on the screen pass, well he will learn not to do that. The int in preseason where he threw down the middle is a recipe for disaster. When Eli through the early TD when the ball left his hand I said it would be an interception. If Roy had not been tackled by the ref he would have made the play. That was a dangerous pass.
    • The route Drew threw before the half is a bad route for being that close. It will get intercepted alot. I saw that Bill said later that Drew threw to the wrong WR on that play. It was a bad decision on Drew's part, but as bad as Dallas played they could have been in the lead at half. It hurt them and changed the direction this team is going.
    • I do believe they can go back with Bledsoe if they need to be One, Bill wants to win and he will put Drew back in if he thinks it is a better situation. Two, I know Drew well enough to know that if called on he will go back in and play to the best of his ability. I knwo how Drew felt the other night with all of the emotion, but give him credit. He stood up there by Bill and didn't go sulk on the bench. Some guys are able to do it.
    • I got a call from a prominent coach after I retired. He said they had a place for me to play. I asked if it meant a starting job and he said they had a young guy they wanted to play. I told him that was not the place for me and Drew is the same. Some of us are fine with doing that and some aren't. I'm not and neither was Drew.
    • I'm excited to watch Carson Plamer this week. I've never seen him play in person. I also am looking forward to seeing Vick. I do want to ask the Atlanta brass why they are so sensitive to Vick being criticized. There are 32 QB's in this league and they are all criticized. Why do they think he is more criticized than anyone else. I want to know that.
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    Great recap trick! You recapping fool, you. :)
  3. CrazyCowboy

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    Troy Aikman has to be a pleasure to interview.......easy to talk with
  4. DipChit

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    That always cracks me up.

    Why is it that even a person that never actually played any football but merely watched a few games here and there knows that if he were the QB he should "not do that", but a guy whose been around football.. practicing it and playing it his whole life.. still has to "learn" it? ;)
  5. Hostile

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    • Amen, amen, and oh yeah amen.
    I'm sorry Aikman critics, but this guy is simply a great analyst who tells it like it really is.
  6. JPM

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    That's interesting....
  7. CalCBFan

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    Because we are sitting in our living rooms eating and drinking, not standing in a swamp full of alligators trying to bite or butts, being charged by 3 angry hippos trying to crush us. A lot of lessons can be forgotten in that situation....
  8. bbailey423

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    the one thing Troy said that stood out to me was the same thing I was thinking...why would you throw that route to the short side of the field...especially that close to the goaline....Drew knows better than that...still puzzled by that. Even those of us who play Madden for a living would never do that. Actually, those of us who play Madden for a living would have just run the ball...but clearly that is not an option in Dallas with this OL
  9. joseephuss

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    Eli threw a very similar pass later in the game that Watkins should have intercepted. Eli still makes some bad desicions.
  10. Maikeru-sama

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    He also threw a gimmee INT right to Bradie James as well, but he dropped it.

    - Mike G.
  11. JPM

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    He does and we should have made him pay for them.
  12. joseephuss

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    It is more difficult to complete an out route around the goal line, but not impossible. I don't think the out pattern is the problem as much as the rest of the situtation. Madison is a physical corner. Glenn really isn't a physical receiver. Madison could afford to be even more physical with Glenn and play the shorter routes because the Giants rolled coverage to that side. If it was a different corner with no safety help, the route may not be that bad. The way it was covered made it a poor pre-snap choice by Drew. Then he followed that up by being late on the throw and left it a little inside as well. An all around bad play by Drew.
  13. joseephuss

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    That was the difference in the game. The Giants made plays and Dallas did not. Both teams put themselves in position to make some plays and the Giants took advantage of theirs.
  14. ykc

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    Pure speculation, but is it posible that Tony saw that hold and threw it to Jones expecting a holding call? Even then, I would have liked if he threw to his feet and not lobbed in the air

  15. CoCo

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    Yup, watched this one again last night and Watkins has it in his sights but lets it go right through his hands and hits him in the face.

    I thought it was interesting that BP in his comments yesterday said that Watkins routinely intercepts a pass each practice and isn't sure why he's not making those plays in the games. He was referring to the Burress TD and teh fact that Watkins was right there but didn't even jump.

    I think he's still got rookie butterfly's of sorts but that its gonna come eventually. Hopefully soon.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Atleast he wont get sacked in .003 seconds... he will have a chance to make a play
  17. trickblue

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    Could have... I never thought of that...
  18. wileedog

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    Romo said as much after the game. Said he thought he had a "free play" so he tried to squeeze it in there.
  19. trickblue

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    It makes sense... he hesitated on that throw a couple of times...

    Maybe Joe Gibbs will send a tape for us to the NFL... ;)
  20. JPM

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    I saw a replay on ESPN and after the pick Romo was screaming at the ref and signaling for a hold. Since the Giants were able to negotiate better field position on a punt I'm thinking Tony was hoping for a call for us.

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