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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Nov 9, 2006.

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    • I've never seen anything like the ending of the game last week. It happened so fast we couldn't get into a lot of what happened. We did have a bizarre loss to them back when I played. We would have clinched the NFC East that year and the plane ride home is the famous episode where Jimmy went berserk. We didn't lose a game after that.
    • I felt that if Dallas had lost to Carolina it would have been the end of the season. I felt going in last week that they could overcome a loss to the Redskins. I still think they can rebound, but the problem is that they are 1-3 in the division. They can't afford another divisional loss.
    • Bill can get away with anything he wants in this league. The athletes have a little more power these days than they did 20-30 years ago. He can do anything he wants and the players still respect him. Why doesn't he go off more or say more to the players? Well he very well may. We only see the shots of him on the sideline just mainly watching. I think he is doing what he feels is best for thei team. I think it frustrates him that he can't get through to this team.
    • Generally a team that has alot of penalties is considered an undisciplined team. Whether or not that is a fair assessment, I don't know. I've been on teams that were heavily penalized, they were fined, forced to run etc... The players have to take it on their own shoulders to correct these mistakes. When you hear a sound bite on a player it is generally what they are hearing from the coach. Several Cowboys have mentioned that this week so I imagine it is being addressed.
    • When a player says they need the ball more then drops a big pass like TO there, puts him on the spot. But you have to remember that drops do happen, it is part of the game. As far as the end zone penalty, they dodged a bullet since Washington didn't score. I don't think it has any place in football. When TO pulled the sharpie out a signed the ball a few years ago, Parcells was asked what he would do. He said that would never happen on his team. I would imagine that has been addressed this week.
    • Worthless questions about "Dancing with the Stars". :rolleyes:
    • I've been watching Tony doing interviews this week, he seems to be having fun with this. I can't imagine him being linked up with Jessica Simpson, what about Paris Hilton? There is a line forming for her in the NFL. Babae and I were talking and decided he broke a long tradition of Dallas Cowboys QB's by saying his girlfriend broke up with him. You think DOn Meredith is happy about that?
    • I think the Steelers are done this year. I don't see them beating the Saints this weekend. Roethlisberger played exceptionally well the first two years, but watching him on film I felt he didn't perform up to his numbers. He got away with some decisions and throws those first couple of years and I think those are catching up with him now. That's happened to Favre as well.
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    Was listening to it on the way to work.

    I thought this little gem by Aikman was very intersting.

    - Mike G.
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    I agree w/ him on "Big Ben". Batch should be starting for the Steelers the way Ben has been playing. He played horribly in their Super Bowl win, he's got the big head syndrome.
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    Troy may be a little jealous
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    This is true. Penalties such as we've had are on the players, not the coach. I coached for 20 years, so I know firsthand.
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    Anyone know any more details about Jimmy going beserk.

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    oh, come on, trick, what did he say about Dancing With the Stars?

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