Received the "Mel Kiper" Draft Report today...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. jimmy40

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    Is this who Kiper thinks we'll pick or is this who the Redskins hope we'll pick?
  2. L-O-Jete

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    I thought Tyler had the most reps at the combine?
  3. L-O-Jete

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    Really like your thinking, would love to see your entire mock.:bravo:
  4. BouncingCheese

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    Honestly, I hate these picks with the exception of Tyler. But I am not worried. That stupid slicky-boy Kiper usually messes picks up, (with the exception of Matt Lienart to Arizona last year, amazing that he got that) I think we will go pick someone else in the first, God i hope we get Chris Houston, I know our chances of getting Anthony Spencer are all but shot:mad:

    Kipers draft could go kablooey if Culpepper goes to Oakland, because then Quinn/Russell could drop down the boards( or if Moss leaves for GreenBay, because then Calvin Johnson could go to them), changing teams picks. We could end up with players we wished were at our pick, but were slated to go too high.
  5. JMUCowboy

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    Dont sleep on Jermon Bushrod...I go to JMU and follow Div-1AA football religiously...put this guy in a NFL weightroom, give him a year under Flozell Adams and you will have a nice steal in the 4th round. I've seen him play on more then one occassion....he's legit.

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