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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Bungarian, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Bungarian

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  2. justbob

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    Not a Phillips --had my 47 inch 4 years and it is toast...Repair company(who doesn't sell them) said Samsung or LG...For what its worth
  3. WV Cowboy

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    I have a 17" Samsung in the kitchen, a 42" Sony in our bedroom, and a 55" Samsung in our living room.

    Myself, I prefer the Samsung.
  4. TheCount

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    Samsung is almost always a good bet.
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    Agree, my last TV was a Phillips that only lasted about 2.5 years before it fried itself. Apparently it's a problem with Phillips -- they use cheap capacitors that don't tolerate heat well and don't last.

    I always thought the sort of standard advice was Sony, Samsung, or LG, with Panasonic there, too.
  6. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

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    I also agree about Phillips. I have a Phillips in my bedroom, and while I've had it for some time and it still works, it's also a piece of crap. Several of the inputs just randomly decided not to work anymore about 2 years in.
  7. Duane

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    Had luck with Panasonic and Pioneer TVs in the past. Don't think Pioneer is making TVs right now though.
  8. Dallas

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    Depending on how much you want to spend and what type of room you want to put it in.

    Dark room = Plasma all the way

    Light room = LED

    I just got a new 65" Panasonic VIERA TC-P65VT50 Plasma. Nothing on the market as far as plasma can beat it. Its absolutely gorgeous edge to edge and uses a single sheet of glass w/ small bezel. The calibration you can do w/ this set is 2nd to none.

    About $3500-3700 atm.

    Good luck

    My last set was a Pany plasma as well. I moved it to the upstairs living room. The blacks even on that old tv are excellent. Its only a 1080i set but still puts out an incredible picture. One of the reasons I stayed with Panasonic for this new TV we got.
  9. Sarge

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    I have a 50" plasma (Samsung) and it is the best TV I have ever owned.
  10. theogt

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    All of my TVs are Samsungs. You can't really go wrong with one. I would find out their product life cycle on the TV you want and then wait until they release the next years model. Retailers will run big discounts on the prior years model.
  11. diehard2294

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    I have a 55" LG LED Tv

    I have had it for 3 yrs now and love it
  12. WoodysGirl

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    Weird, I've got a 27in Phillips tube TV I've had for years w/no problems... And it's been moved three different times.

    Anywho, I've got a big 65in Toshiba box HDTV.. I've had it about 8 years w/no problems. Been debating getting a flat screen of the same model, so I can free up some living room space. I was gonna hang it over the fireplace (that I don't use).

    Just not sure what I would do with the box TV, since nobody's really buying those types of TVs lately.
  13. justbob

    justbob Just taking it easy

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    I think it is the Phillips LCD s and LED ; My didn't even last 4 years and it went to sizzling and burn out --cost to much to fix it..
  14. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

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    ----Just remembered, I do have a 42in Toshiba LCD screen that I've owned for about a year or so. I haven't had any issues and it has a great screen.
  15. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    If you're looking for value, I got a 36" Panasonic a couple years ago. Great picture quality and I've had 0 problems with it and moved it back and forth to school a couple of times.

    Might come a little cheaper than a Samsung or sony too , which is why I got it.
  16. Haze

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    Great tv, love mine!
  17. BTX

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    I have a 50'' Samsung led that I really like. The only problem is I have Direct Tv and when a storm rolls in I sometimes lose my signal.
  18. CowboyFan74

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    I have a 50" Phillips plasma and have had to repair it twice already and its started to make clicking noises again...:mad::mad::mad:

    ABP: Anything but Phillips
  19. Doomsday

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    Have 2 Panasonics TVs, couldnt be more happy.
  20. Rynie

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    Never, under any circumstances, buy a Sony product.

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