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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Bungarian, Oct 6, 2012.

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    I had a Sony 55 inch 720p that lasted a long, long time. Great TV. Now I have a 60 inch Samsung.
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    I've got a 51" Samsung ($600 ish) in the living room and a 32" Vizio ($240 ish) mounted above my computer monitor. Both are working really well.

    The wise thing would be to not spend a ton and if it dies after a couple of years, it won't be too painful to replace. $400 every few years isn't much compared to $2k.
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    You mean projection tv right ? Either way. I had one of those big projection tvs (I want to say it was a 61") Toshiba HDTV. I bought it new for a grand list price was around 2500. Anyway, it lasted me over 10 years. I figured less than 100 bucks a year was fine for me and if I could sell it for about 100 it would be great. I sold it for 150 and the fix cost was only about 100 more so the buyer was pretty happy. Craiglist IIRC. I bought a new 50" plasma to put in my home gym for about 700 so it worked out perfect...should last about 50 years considering how often I use the gym. haha.

    You need to check your signal strength. That is not a TV problem, but a signal problem. I have had DTv for about 15 years and it rarely goes out at all. When it does it is only for a few minutes.

    I have heard the same thing about them and it's kinda pathetic considering they were the ones that came out with the original ones. They were 15k for a 42" and to pre-order you had to give a 5k deposit.

    15k for a TV ? I laughed at the guy on the phone.
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    This years Panny Plasma are the best bang for the buck tv.....

    The VT is top of the line .....

    The ST is the best bang for your buck....IMHO

    and the UT lacks the filter and wireless ....but its picture quality is almost as good as the ST.

    Overall you can dial in with calibration a excellent picture with the VT...there is no better imho

    But if your considering the ST or UT....the picture quality and black levels are pretty close to a VT.

    check out AVS forums or HDjunkie....

    another great tv is the Samsung plasma....the 6500 is their best bang for the buck TV

    Plasma still has the best picture for a few more years...till the OLED come down in price.

    Im currently waiting for a 50 inch ST Panny.......hopefully will be a Christmas ...boxing day purchase :)
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    Umm...the op asked about $400 tv's. Maybe you can make him a good deal on an old one.
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    Yeah, I meant projection TV.. :eek:: It's hard to keep up with the latest terminology.

    And yeah, I just bought an entertainment center to go around the big TV, so I'm not quite ready to give it up just yet, since it's been so reliable. But I just saw a 65" flat inch Toshiba for a good replacement, so I might put that on my to-do list for next year.

    As for the OP, my 42inch Toshiba was $799+taxes and fees, I think. If it's a budget thing, I got it financed it at one of those sell-low, finance high kinda places, and paid it off in 3 months to meet the no interest plan terms.
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