Red River Shootout - Texas vs OU

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by ABQCOWBOY, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. burmafrd

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    you never know- that might be a good thing
  2. burmafrd

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    at this moment it is 689 yards total offense to 214 yards total offense
  3. BoysFan4ever

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  4. jimmy40

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    I fully expect Deloss Dodds to give Mack another contract extension in the morning.
  5. rkell87

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    texas didn't get a safety
  6. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Pathetic performance.
  7. jimmy40

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    damn, worse than I thought.
  8. rkell87

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    and now you know why we were critical of the defenses performance in the previous games that we won.
  9. Dallas

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    Favorite line by the announcers all game long.

    About halfway through the 2nd quarter one of the guys said, "Texas looks like a wreck on Turn 3 at a NASCAR race."


    My condolences to my site friends who are Longhorn fans. It had to be tough seeing that on NTV.

    Maybe next year.

    Mack has to go, I would think.

  10. Biggems

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    it was ugly to watch, brutal.....but it isnt like we havent seen it before between mack and stoops....this is like the 4th or 5th as upsetting as it was, it doesnt bother as much as it did the first few time.....but make no mistake about it, it does sting, since OU is the team I hate the most, and UT is my favorite team.....

    what was the worst about this game.....the two injuries to the Horns players after the game was already over on the player carted off and one leaves with a wrist that looks like the elephant man's head.

    one thing that really did tick me off.....OU had all kinds of time on offense, they had a hat on every UT defender....their blocking was immaculate today. However, on the other side, the UT blocking was nonexistant. OU had defenders camping out in the backfield all game long. Ash looked like Tony Romo back there running for his life, trying to dodge defenders and make things happen....and then, when he did make a play, his WRs and TEs would drop the ball. It looked absolutely like Romo and the Dallas offense.
  11. Zordon

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    not surprised. these guys barely hit in practice. mack is a soft *** coach therefore we have a soft *** team. go give saban a blank check and rededicate ourselves to winning football.
  12. Aikbach

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    This is definitely not the same OU team that struggled against UTEP, might be a genuine top 5 team for once.
  13. ragman

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    Why Mack Brown still has a HC job is beyond me.
  14. Rynie

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    He and his teams are the most overrated every year.
  15. jimmy40

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    you don't pay attention, this was no surprise. I posted this weeks ago, I did say Adams instead of Davis though.

    ok I know I'm just looking for things to worry about so here we go.
    Ash is a terrible deep passer and we're done playing defenses that can't make plays on bad passes. I wish we would have run more 3 step drops where Ash has to make a decision and get rid of the ball, he can't wait till he's done with his drop to read defenses like he's done the first three games. Espinosa is just terrible at center. Why do our running backs have to bounce so many runs outside against terrible defenses? Is it strange that our backup Oline looks bigger than our starters? The jet sweep ain't gonna work with Dlines in our backfield. Burgeron and Brown are bad bad men but are having to work way too hard with this Oline, hope they don't get hurt again like last year. Have to be happy with Mike Adams actually making plays on balls and not dropping them. I still think our receivers won't be able to beat press coverage against actual defensive backs.
    Our corners look the same as last year, great job one play then completely lost the next play. Phillips looks completely lost on every play at safety. Our linebackers just don't seem to be very good. Interior Dline really gets pushed around at times. Our defensive ends can get after the passer, this and running back are by far the best positions on the team, no surprise there.

    Yeah yeah I know we're 3-0 but I've seen this before.
    Now someone convince me that I'm wrong to think we are in big trouble going into Big 12 play.
  16. DWhite Fan

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    I wore my favorite Longhorns t-shirt to my daughter's volleyball tourney today. Needless to say, even though I did not have access to a TV, I was constantly informed as to the butt-kicking that was taking place by very helpful OU fans who just happened to be at the tourney too :(
  17. MC KAos

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    i was thinking the exact same thing...sigh...

    i hope we go 5-7 if it means mack will "retire"
  18. Sam I Am

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    Mack is a good coach, but I've said for years he is way to soft on the players. He is the Wade Phillips of college football.
  19. cowboyzz11

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    UT is the club med of football teams


    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Ugly game for the Horns. OU Nation, congrats. I hate to say it but didn't look like we belonged on the same field with OU yesterday.

    Good win for OU. See ya next year is about all you can say if your a Horns fan.

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