News: Red Zone Offense Much Improved

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Doomsday101, Dec 20, 2011.

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    No wonder Dan Bailey racked up 26 straight field goals this season. For much of the year the Cowboys were able to drive close to the end zone, but couldn't punch the ball in, rather settling for three points.

    But that has changed as the year has gone on. The red zone offense hit rock bottom in New England in Week 6, scoring only one touchdown in three trips, leaving the points on the field that would've allowed them to outlast Tom Brady. That one-for-three effort matched their ratio for the season up to that point.

    Through five games the offense was just six-for-18 in the red zone, that 33.3 percent conversion rate good for next-to-last in the NFL. It's been a slow climb up the rankings after a poor start, but the Cowboys have indeed improved dramatically in the scoring area.

    The Cowboys now rank 20th in the NFL in red zone touchdown percentage, having gotten six points on almost 49 percent of their trips. They've especially taken advantage of those opportunities of late, getting touchdowns on seven of nine possessions past the opponents' 20-yard line in the last two games
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    With a few more improvements on the o line , this will only get better .

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