Redskins’ 2-0 start: Don’t be fooled again

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by AmishGangsta, Sep 20, 2011.

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    By Mike Wise, (he's a good writer - funny read)

    Beautiful. Great. There goes the No. 1 pick in the draft. ¶ Hello, Hope. Goodbye, Andrew Luck. ¶ My name is not Debbie Downer. But as this town goes ga-ga over the Washington Redskins’ first 2-0 start since 2007, it is my duty to bring people back to Earth, even after another Sunday of grit and resolve. ¶ I do this for the scarred ketchup-and-mustard legions, who have endured a 20-year roller coaster of lofty promises and failed deliveries. Annually jilted worse than Marc Anthony, the fans wind up with burned-out graveyards of hearts. ¶ To protect Washington football fans from getting hurt again, I am providing a Redskins Fan Exam, which gauges overreaction to the team opening 2-0.

    If you identify with more than half these thoughts, you need to come to seek immediate psychological attention. Consider this test a flu shot: preventative medicine.

    7. You can’t believe Buffalo and Detroit have as good a record as the Redskins.

    6. Drew Brees is now backing up Rex on your Fantasy Team.

    12. You are seriously considering taking the Redskins over Dallas in your survivor pool.

    18. You don’t really know what Dan Snyder’s beef was, but you suddenly find yourself also wanting to sue the City Paper.
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    Wise is a pretty good writer, he's a terrible radio show host but a good writer.

    I'm glad at least someone is stomping on the the runaway train that some people seem to have hoped on after two wins. I'll start to buy in a little bit more if we're 4-0 going into the bye week. For now though I'm just happy to not be 0-2.
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    Agree 100%.

    I like that the team is more team oriented and on the same page with the coaching staff. But "special" is a bit much. Playing as a team should be the NORM not the exception. And one little break the other way and we end up losing to the Cards. Conversely, a tiny break last year and we win that game. So it's a bit much to read all these tea leaves about games that could go either way. Play like we did with AZ enough and we will lose half the games or more.
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    So this guy is basically the Redskins "little ball of hate"?
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    The post is a mixed bag, in my opinion.

    Chad Dukes and Brian Mitchell are the haters, however, there's not much they can complain about right now, but I'm sure they're waiting for them to do something wrong.

    If the Skins go 3-0, (2-0 in the division), they'll all be on the bandwagon, and DC will start going nuts (the Skins fans that don't pay attention to football, will all of a sudden be fans again etc..).

    I see a 3-1 start, before the bye, and considering what most were predicting, I'll take that.
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    we dont get fooled again....dont get fooled, no, no....
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    I wouldn't call Chad Dukes really a hater and I respect him a little bit for it. He's more of a fan with realistic expectations unlike other blind dumb homers (we have them too) who think they're going to the Super Bowl year in and year out.
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    Chad Dukes is a hater. He knows nothing about football and thinks Devin Thomas was given a raw deal in DC, when the guy is a 5th string WR that doesn't see the field in NY.

    Its absurd to call him, or quite frankly anyone on 106.7, anything but. That whole station is built on an anti Redskins schtick
  9. AmishGangsta

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    The fact that Cowboys fans like yourself, tune into to listen to him talk about the Redskins really says it all ^^.

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