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    I have to admit I wasn't to worried about the Deadskins until reading a few posts on this board.

    Then I started thinking... Why is it that the media always chooses this game to talk about the awesome Deadskins. They have been over rated every year for the last few years. They could barely hang with the Bears. C'mon do any of you really believe we will lose this game? No way!! They have a good defense which we will expose.

    Our Boys will jump ahead easily in this one. We will win by at least 14. Cowboys 31, Redskins 13. Forget about all the other crap you have been reading.
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    I agree.

    The bears had a bunch of chances to win that game and killed themselves. They moved themselves out of feild goal range with false starts and had a tipped pass intercepted in the end zone.

    The bears are a horrible team with a rookie playing his first NFL game with about a week of preparation with the first team.

    Brunell was to old to play last year and is a year older now. Their confidence in Brunell is based on the fact that he is mobile and can get out of the pocket. The bad new about that falacy is that so is McNabb, and the boys have prepared their defense for just such occasion.

    The skins believe their defense is top ranked based on the fact that they can disguise blitzes. Thats not much to be confident about playing against a veteran QB with an extremely simplified passing game led by Bill Parcells.

    The fact is that the redskins will not be able to move the ball and give up some points trying to force passes into a pretty good upgraded coverage secondary. I for one, will crank up the volumn and be standing when the boys get the skins in a 3rd and long situation.

    The fact about this game is that it will be won on every pre-snap read the veteran QB makes as he approaches the center to face a fairly average skin defense attempting to play above their heads on a special night in Texas Stadium and Dallas Cowboy History.

    Redskin fan, do not ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee!
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    Had the Bears even had a subpar QB, they would have won that game. If Washington plays like that again, the game will be over by halftime.
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    I just dont see the reasoning behind them making brunell a starter. I'm guessing they are not in rebuilding mode, which should scare the crap out of redskin fan right now.

    As much as I hate to say it, and with 20/20 hindsight, they are starting their testeverde.

    Just think how much better shape we would be in the year with a young 2nd string QB with 8-10 games NFL experience!
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    Yea, they banned me from the redskin message board becuase I told them the same thing.

    Their fans were under the assumption that the only time the bears came close to scoring was when they got that fumble and scored.

    I posted the stats that the bears almost scored three other times, but shot themselves in the foot. If the redskins didn't intercept a tipped pass, the bears would have kicked a field goal and won the game.

    The bears could have very likely scored 21+ points on the redskins defense with that rookie QB.

    They didn't want their season ticket holders getting those facts, they banned me.
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    I'm not all that worried about this game. I know the Redskins D is solid but don't forget, they did lose Antonio Pierce and Fred Smoot from last year's defense so I think they are a little less effective on D from last year. And why Brunell? Is Ramsey hurt? I thought that's why Brunell was playing this week but as the week goes on it seems Gibbs is just making a change not due to injury. If so, I'll take my chances facing Brunell. He really can't run anymore and that was his game. I know Ramsey has struggled but he's a tough SOB and he scares me more than Brunell. DAL 24, WAS 13
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    This is the most comfortable I have felt we would win in some time. Instead of wanting or wishing for a W, I'm completely convinced we won't lose Monday night.
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    "I'm not all that worried about this game." - Novacek84 begins...

    Yes, we should win this game. Easily. However, it's exactly this type of game that has a way of sneaking up & biting us all on the butt.
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    I used to be worried about situations like that when Switzer, Gailey and Campo were the coaches. BP won't let his team overlook opponents.

    I seem to recall time and time again where Switzer would suddenly tell the team to "start cooling off the jets" when they had a lead midway through the 3rd quarter, only to have the opposing team make a come back at the end of the game. We lost many games that way, including one in Arizona in 1997, where we made Kent Graham look like a league MVP in the 4th quarter.

    Truthfully, I think we match up well with the Redskins, and I think this will be a very competitive game, like MNF last year.

    Regardless, I still think we win, as we have done so most of the last decade through the coaching and QB carousels in Dallas.

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