Redskins Hatred Reborn

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by demdcowboys#1, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. boyzjunkie

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    Seems to me we were all saying the same thing about the skins one year ago. No?
  2. RGIII

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    What makes you think you will sweep the Redskins next year?
  3. Boysathelm

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    Skins had a new head coach and offensive/defensive coordinator this year?
  4. December90

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    While I think that the Skins are here to stay and that they have turned the corner towards being good again, you are right. This is only one season, thay have to do it again for it to mean anything.

    As much as I hate the cowboys, I respect them, and love it when the two teams are playing meaningful football late in the season. We got the better of you this time, just like you have owned us for quite a while.
    Heres to hoping that the Skins rain on the start for the next decade or so.
  5. Eddie

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    I wouldn't count on it.

    That sounds like the crack head girl on American Idol after being dismissed from the auditions yelling at Simon that she's going to get signed to a record label.
  6. JackWagon

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    ... ...
  7. CitySlicker202

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    While you're correct in that the Redskins have had "ONE good season", you also have to understand that this "ONE good season" was made possible with large contributions from 2 standout rookies who will only get better in the future. Griffin III and Alfred Morris are mere puppies in this league who have grown up VERY fast. These two guys are literally the cornerstones for our rebuilding program and right off the bat they are reaping rewards.
  8. Hook'em#11

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    It has NEVER left.

    It should never leave ANY Cowboys fan. New or old.

    It needs to be taught by the old Cowboys fans to the new Cowboys fans just how much hatred is toward the lowly crappy Deadskins organization. From the top down..

    Made me sick to my stomach to see Jones sitting so close Snyder.. :bang2:

    I would rather sit in the nosebleed section of that sesspool stadium than sit next to that deadskins scum..

    I don't care what happens in the playoffs. I didn't care before neither. Dallas was going to do nothing in them anyhow.

    My friends told me all week "hey man, good luck, beat the deadskins and your team wins the division and gets in the playoffs!!!"..

    I told them, "You lost me after Beat the Deadskins. I don't care about the division title or playoffs. I want Dallas to beat the Deadskins. Anything else, especially with this current Dallas team is gravy.

    I will not be rooting for any team in the playoffs. THey all suck. But, I will be yelling "THEISMAN!!! THEISMAN!!" Every time Griffin steps back to pass..

    Yes.. The hatred remains, has never died.
  9. demdcowboys#1

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    That was Gibbs next to Snyder lol. It looked like Jerry at first glance to me too. But yeah I know man. I have always hated them, but now the hatred is at an all time high. It feels different than years past.
  10. supafly

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    This. old school fans know what the biggest rivalry is and always should be. Bandwagon fans on the other hand have no idea about the history between these teams and have a short sighted view of only the recent history. Perhaps the players themselves dont know what this rivalry and game really means either. Tony Oh No and his band of merry men. The Redskin rookies seem to know what it means.
  11. CowboysFaninBaltimore

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    Right now I LOATHE the Redskins more than ever. Throw in the Vikings as well and 40-Whiners in the playoffs. Those are three teams I wish to see NOT win it all.

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