Redskins hire Jay Gruden for HC

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. SkinsHokieFan

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    At this point I am really not sure how anyone can make any definitive judgement on Gruden, good or bad. He has never been an NFL HC before.

    I do like this quote from Gruden today

    His success will depend on if Morroco Brown/Scott Campbell can upgrade the roster, and if Robert Griffin gets better.

    Good players make good coaches
  2. arglebargle

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    One of those teams went 8-8 and out of the playoffs, the other was 4-12. Both had super high dollar QB contracts this year as well. I don't think they'd trade their coaches though, because they understand the value of continuity, and realize that there is no magic wand of victory.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    You don't think Garrett's professional/coaching/family ties had anything to do with him being considered for those jobs?
  4. noshame

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    Jay is not his brother and I predict that while he's a good OC, he's not HC material.

    JDSTAR Active Member

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    I'm not too worried. They made the hire to appease the diva RG3. You will never succeed if your main goal is to appease a diva. The success of Jay Gruden in Cincy was in large part due to the many weapons they have/had. I don't see it in Washington.
  6. The Natural

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    With our luck that will be another team in the division hiring a new coach to right the ship. I fully expect them to go from worst to second.
  7. pjtoadie

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  8. Sonny#9

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    He is not a personnel guy--that's what Brown's and Campbell's roles are. He is very good at managing the salary cap, not overpaying for free agents, being financially smart in acquisitions--kind of like the anti-Vinny Cerrato. And, because he is the son of the famous George Allen, he is the Snyder whisperer. He is able to keep Snyder from getting his grubby mitts into everything.
  9. HoustonFrog

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    Do you think they would now after seeing his "practice" 3 years? Teams take guesses. They got lucky and guessed right after Garrett. We didn't so much.

    As far as Gruden. Wait and see. I am not impressed with him and didn't think he was even he second best coach on that staff but that is looking at the Bengals and ho they end seasons. Maybe he will be better as a HC.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    When he out coaches Garrett 2x next year. These comments will be ____________?
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  11. SkinsFan28

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    How does this hire appease RG3? I really hadn't heard Griffin linked to Gruden in any reports, and I don't know of some specific thought or connection that would make Gruden more of an RG3 guy then say Bevell from Seattle.

    Personally, I'll wait and see what Gruden brings to the table, and how he addresses the defensive side of the ball.
  12. CATCH17

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    Outcoaching Garrett doesn't mean you're a good coach.

    All it means is you know how to beat the basics.

    If we can't out athlete a team we aren't beating anyone based on schemes or good coaching.
  13. Yakuza Rich

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    When he was in Tampa they had massive salary cap problems. And in just a short time with the Redskins...they've had major salary cap problems.

    I'm starting to believe that is the key to managing banks and finances...just tell everybody you're great and they will believe you.

    Americans are a stupid people, by and large. We just believe whatever we are told. - The Wire

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Thanks for making my point!

    Sentence 2 makes sentence 1.... He would be better than Garrett.
  15. NIBGoldenchild

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    I can't speak for Tampa, but he had the Redskins on the right track, cap wise, until John Mara started whining to the competition committee.
  16. visionary

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    And there is NO WAY either of those organizations even interview him for HC today

    They dodged a bullet and we got hit

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