Redskins' Monk, Green Elected to Hall

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    Redskins' Monk, Green Elected to Hall

    The Associated Press

    PHOENIX - It was a Hall of Fame day for the Washington Redskins, with Art Monk and Darrell Green elected to the shrine Saturday. Former commissioner Paul Tagliabue failed to get in for the second straight year.

    "There's going to be a party at Redskin Park soon," Green said while talking by teleconference with Monk.

    Also voted in were New England linebacker Andre Tippett, San Diego/San Francisco defensive end Fred Dean, Minnesota/Denver tackle Gary Zimmerman and senior committee choice, Kansas City cornerback Emmitt Thomas.

    In his eighth year of eligibility, Monk finally was chosen. He concluded his career after the 1995 season with Philadelphia, but spent 13 years with the Redskins as one of the NFL's premier receivers. Monk held records for most consecutive games with a reception (164) and career catches (820). Both have been surpassed, but Monk didn't play in as wide-open an era on offense as many other receivers. He was one of the most consistent possession and third-down receivers in the league throughout his 14 pro seasons.

    Green, one of the NFL's speediest and most skilled cornerbacks for two decades, spent his entire career (1983-2002) with the Redskins. He holds the record for consecutive seasons with an interception (19), and had 54 picks for 621 yards and six TDs. A member of the 1990s All-Decade team, Green made seven Pro Bowls.

    "This is incredible. This is so special," Green said when informed of the vote. "This is out of this world. This literally transcends football, everything I have gone through to do what I was able to do. It was more than the ability to run and cover. It just goes so far beyond that."

    The other player in his first year of eligibility, receiver Cris Carter, was not elected. Carter finished his 15-year career second on the career list in receptions and TD catches.

    Inductions will be at the Pro Football Hall of Game in Canton, Ohio on Aug. 2.

    "I looked forward to the day we are going to Canton," Green said, breaking up with emotion. "Hopefully, there are several hundred thousand hotels there, and several hundred thousand tickets."

    Perhaps the most surprising outcome was Tagliabue again not getting enough support.

    In his 17 years as commissioner, the NFL experienced no labor stoppages, while its revenues from TV contracts skyrocketed. There also were expansions to Jacksonville, Charlotte, Cleveland and Houston under his watch, and several teams moved into new stadiums, many of them built with public funds.

    But many, including some reporters on the 44-member selection committee, found Tagliabue unapproachable and uncooperative.

    Also failiing to get in were Redskins guard Russ Grimm, Buffalo Bills receiver Andre Reed, Oakland Raiders punter Ray Guy, Denver Broncos linebacker Randy Gradishar, Chicago Bears defensive end Richard Dent, Miami Dolphins guard Bob Kuechenberg, Vikings guard Randall McDaniel, and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas.

    Senior committee nominee Marshall Goldberg was not elected, either.
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    Much deserved
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    Congratulations to Chili, he was a neighbor of mine at A&I back in the eraly 80's. He is a great person, very friendly and always smiling. When you saw him play you knew you were watching something special.

    This honor is well deserved, to a man who in my opinion is one of the greatest CB of all time, and one of the classiest people to ever put on a uniform, even if it was a Redskin uniform.
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    Congrats to Green and Monk, even though they are Deadskins they deserve it!

    Now hopefully Drew Pearson can join the rest of the HOF Cowboys.
  5. Duane

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    Green was a great player and a great person. Congrats to him for getting in.
  6. Cajuncowboy

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    I'm Glad Monk and Green are finally getting in. They deserve it, but until they enshrine Bob Hayes the Hall is a sham IMO.
  7. apickmans

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    super pumped about Monk finally getting in. Appreciate the classy posts.
  8. Mavs Man

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    Finally. That's good to hear about Art Monk.

    Darrell Green - well, that was a no-brainer. He was a classy player.

    Hats off to 'em both.

    Now, too bad Emmitt Thomas isn't part of our coaching staff.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    Not to take away anything from those who got elected today, but the HOF is still a joke.
  10. playmakers

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    Could someone fill me in on why Derrick Thomas is not getting in. Didnt he have 6 sacks in one half against the Raiders and 7 sacks total against the Seahawks. I remember he was a flat out awesome speed rusher. I dont see how Tippet made it over Thomas.
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    Please move to NFL Zone

    This is a non Dallas story but Skins deservedly enshrined.
  12. Sandyf

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    Hats off to those that made it, they are deserving. The HOF is still poorly represented by many players who are deserving. Unfortunately, it is only about the sportwriters (voting members) who believe is worthy which is poor at the very best.

    To many veterans from the other eras left out, to many current era left out because of bias. Until the HOF fulfills its true meaning, it never will be a true HOF but fortunately it is a 1000 times better than the Baseball HOF who absolutely have no clue.

    The HOF is about players, coaches, owners, league execs, and mostly about the fans. If not for the fans, none of it would truly matter, and the last thing it is not about are the minimal number of voting members who truly have bias against certain players and always will whether they deny it or not.

    Hey, maybe ever voting member should be on that new show where they are hooked to a lie detector, maybe then would the truth really come out.
  13. Nors

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    Did you ever see Andre Tippet play?

    One day Thomas will get in too.
  14. cowboyeric8

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    Who cares? What other news do we have going on? Go root for the Patriots somewhere else.
  15. Nors

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    Bob Hayes is not a HOF.
  16. Ren

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    it's about time really, not much else to say then Congrats to them both

    well deserved
  17. Nors

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    OK - guess no rules apply to where things are posted.

    And you brought up Patriots in this thread for what reason?
  18. big dog cowboy

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    His whole game was rushing the QB. He couldn't cover and wasn't good in run support either.
  19. IndianaCowboyFan

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    You are wrong. No one changed the way defense is played more than Bob Hayes.
  20. MCowboys

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    Congrats to Art Monk and Darrell Green for making it. Both were very deserving. But really, what is with the HOF and receivers? Art Monk takes 8 years getting in, Cris Carter doesn't get in, Michael Irvin didn't get in 1st year. Is there such thing as a 1st ballot hall of fame receiver? (other than Jerry Rice)

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