Redskins propose kickoffs moved to the 40 yd line

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cej757, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Beast_from_East

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    They suck so bad on special teams that they want the rules changed................HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    No way this passes.........might as well just get rid of the kickoff all together if you are going to do this, virtually guaranteed touchback on every kickoff.
  2. Bungarian

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    If you are going to do that just get rid of it and start on the 20
  3. Blackspider214

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    If you want to move it to the 40, then just get rid of them all together.

    Will not pass.
  4. jimmy40

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    so your going to give the other team the ball at midfield on 80% of your kickoffs? Before 1974 they kicked off from the 40, I don't remember anyone trying a lot of onside kicks. Funny thing is they moved the kickoff to the 35 to promote more excitement by having more returns.
  5. Yakuza Rich

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    You don't have to do an onside that only kicks it to the 50. You can do onsides of various lengths. And if you get the onside, you get an extra possession that the opponent doesn't get. Get 2 onsides, then you get 2 extra possesions which are huge. To give them a field position at no worse than the 50, the trade-off is worth it. Get 3 onsides in a game, you've put yourself in a tremendous odds to win the game.


    COWBOYSNUM1 Active Member

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    Very bad idea, I would rather move the kickoff back to the 30 yard line.
  7. khiladi

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    How so? On-side kicks are primarily dictated by time left. Further risk of no recovery remains the same whether from 40 or the 35. I mean your still talking drive starting at around the fifty.
  8. EPL0c0

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    Dallas had 5 KO returns for 164yds against Washington last year. that's an average of 32.8yds/KO return.'s obvious why they want this change :)
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  9. jimmy40

    jimmy40 Well-Known Member

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    yeah, nobody is stupid enough to try that
  10. bkight13

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    Not in the NFL, but it works for a few high school teams that onside every time. The field position is not as important as getting a couple extra possessions. Remember if it works, you have the ball at their 45 yd line.
  11. TheKey

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    This wouldn't reduce impacts on kickoffs, it would increase them. Right now, most teams go for the touchback. If the kickoffs started from the 40, it would be smarter to squib it down to the goal line than to boot it out of the end zone.

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