Redskins thoughts on next weeks game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sam I Am, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Sam I Am

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    ...Sweet. ;)
  2. sbuscha

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    They can still beat us? Just like they did when we had a statue in the pocket. GW is overpaid and under performs. Look at their record. These fans are so dillusional it is sickening!!
  3. SultanOfSix

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    "If Romo is so great how come Washington didn't give up a bunch of draft picks for him?"

    I saw this on ES and thought this was funny.

    I don't know how Romo will turn out - hopefully great - but I would have responded (if I ever wanted an account on there which I don't) "because they only trade draft picks for overrated players." ;)
  4. Daudr

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    Say what you want, but a road game against a division opponent is a tough place to win. I'm hopeful, but it could be a long day.
  5. chinch

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    i see a beatdown on the skins like the Gints gave us... that was a franchise-turning moment for us however (drew benched, tuna reborn).

    the parallel could be amazing... the beating at home, by a division rival and benching an old QB. lets hope it doesn't revitalize the skins (even next year)
  6. Eddie

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    Don't underestimate a wounded opponent. Gibbs knows this game is his playoffs. He'll have his team ready, and he'll be ready to throw the kitchen sink at Romo.

    Gibbs will be blitzing 7 to 8 players every play to rattle our young QB. We'll have an opportunity to blow this thing wide open ... or we can be eaten alive by their pass rush if we allow it to.

    This is the Redskins season. They'll have two weeks to prepare for us and have plenty of film to dissect Romo's tendencies. Gibbs won't be sleeping this week.
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    I take it you did not read the whole post.:cool:

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Exactly! This will be the Skins' Super Bowl. It's kind of like the Philly game two weeks back. The Eagles put everything they had in that game and beat us, only to implode afterwards and prove how bad they really are (yet in that game they played better and beat us). This Redskins game is a trap so here's to hoping Parcells posts his signs that read "Don't eat - or smell -the cheese".

  9. kingwhicker

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    This will definitely be their Super Bowl- this will be much tougher than Carolina.
  10. ThreeSportStar80

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    This is a division game, Billy Parcells will have his young team ready for this game, better believe that!
  11. chinch

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    i see alot of excuses being made already... superbowl... tougher than CAR.

    they're 2-5 for a reason.

    sorry guys... every week is tough but this is as good a matchup as it gets for a road division game.
  12. 2much2soon

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    I don't know, man. Gibbs should of had, and needed to have, his team ready for the games that caused them to slip to 2-5.
    They may be up emotionally at the beginning of the game but I think their emotions fade pretty quick in this game.
  13. Vintage

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    Remember all the smack talk that was going on in the forums during Eagles week?

    Yeah, that worked out well....

    The Skins will be ready to play us...we will be ready to. I expect it to be a good game.
  14. CrazyCowboy

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    That was the BEST post of the day!

    Go Cowboys!
  15. sjordan6

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    Redskins will be prepared and I remember the butt-whipping they put on us last season. But this is a better team with a little more energy. I believe their confidence soared last night and this is a good game to keep it going.

    gibbs can only caoch the players he has and this redskin team is simply not a good football team. I think 2-5 says enough about thier team. Sure it may be a rivalry game and yadayadayada....but I dont see a let down in any way.

    I see a another blowout!

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