Redskins: We win today, on our path but...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sunbum, Nov 18, 2012.

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    That wasn't me. But regardless its not cool to call someone a Redskins' fan on here. :skins:
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    Yea you're absolutely correct and I apologize. :D
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    RG3 looked great today. But lets be real here. One of his long TD throws the friggen over-rated and over paid Corner simply let his man run free because he thought there was a safety back there he was passing him off to..only problem there was no safety.

    The TD by Moss was just absolutely pathetic effort by the defense. THe guy didn't even look like he was really trying to outplay Moss for it.

    The Eagles have quit. They don't even care at this point and it showed today against the Redskins.

    Now I give the Skins their credit. They took advantage of that apathy and beat down the Eagles. Good job by them.

    But lets not act like RGIII was out there balling that way and making those plays against the Bears or the Steelers defense or something.
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    No worries. ;)
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    This man sees through the smokescreen of BS the media is feeding you! Preach on my brutha!

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