Redskins would 'love to be the Grinch' in NFC East

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 22, 2009.

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    .Redskins would 'love to be the Grinch' in NFC East

    •NFL Preview - Washington (3-9) at Oakland (4-8)
    NFL Preview - Washington (3-9) at Oakland (4-8)In one corner, the
    AP Sports Writer
    ASHBURN, Va. -- With three games remaining in the regular season, the Washington Redskins find themselves in the thick of the NFC East playoff race.

    Of course, that's only because their next two opponents are the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, both at home and in prime time.

    "I'd love to be the Grinch on their Christmas," rookie linebacker Brian Orakpo said Monday. "That's what we're aiming for. Obviously we're not going to make the playoffs, but we would ruin some other people's seasons."

    The Redskins (4-9) can feel more confident about causing some havoc after Sunday's results. The Giants (7-6) and Cowboys (8-5) both lost, while Washington beat Oakland 34-13 for the first blowout win in Jim Zorn's two years as coach.

    The Redskins have held fourth-quarter leads for five straight weeks. Although they lost three of those games and feasted on a backup quarterback to win the other two, they are unquestionably playing their best football of the season - even if it is too little, too late.

    "Our players are getting it," Zorn said. "The execution of our plans at the beginning of the year were lacking in some areas, and now the plans are being executed in a way that we're being successful. We're still putting the same efforts into our game-planning as we did before. I just commend our players and our coaches for working together."

    The cast of characters certainly isn't the same as envisioned in September. The touchdowns Sunday came from running back Quinton Ganther (two rushing) and tight end Fred Davis (two receiving) instead of Clinton Portis and Chris Cooley, both on injured reserve. Graham Gano made two field goals in his first NFL game. Among those who didn't play: injured big-money offseason signings Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall.

    Jason Campbell had a 106.5 quarterback rating, topping 100 for the second straight week. Devin Thomas' 29-yard catch set up a touchdown just before halftime. The Redskins have scored 30 points in back-to-back games for the first time since 2006.

    Orakpo tied a franchise record with four sacks, and Andre Carter had a pair - tying them for the team lead with 11 apiece. Orakpo has a shot at Jevon Kearse's NFL rookie record of 14.5.

    "We have the three games left just to prove to everybody we're not going to lay down for nobody - and that goes for everybody, myself included," Orakpo said. "Regardless of what our record is. I'm tired of talking about our record, and we're not great, but we're always going to fight."

    Many of the players who made some noise Sunday - notably Orakpo, Davis, Thomas and Ganther - are young building blocks, giving the team a head start on its offseason reclamation project.

    "Those players have been significant," Zorn said, "because they've gotten their shot and they've actually worked into a position where they've created value for themselves and our football team."

    Campbell is also making a compelling argument to be a part of next year's plans, even though his contract expires at the end of the season and the front office has been looking for alternatives. He has thrown for 11 touchdowns and six interceptions since getting benched against Kansas City on Oct. 18.

    Campbell has been routinely battered behind a patchwork offensive line and was slow getting up several times on Sunday, but he didn't miss a play despite hurting his non-throwing shoulder.

    "He has had some poise," Zorn said. "Since that Kansas City game, that was a turning point for him where he had to make up his mind how he was going to play this game. And he's been tough-minded on the line of scrimmage, in and out of the huddle, getting hit and getting back up even when he is injured."

    NOTES: Zorn said DT Haynesworth (ankle), CB Hall (knee) and FB Mike Sellers (thigh) could resume practicing this week, at least on a limited basis. ... DT Cornelius Griffin strained a chest muscle Sunday but is expected to play next Monday against the Giants. ... Running backs coach Stump Mitchell has had a preliminary telephone interview for Southern University's head coaching job, according to Mitchell's agent, Burton Rocks.
  2. CowboyWay

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    If they play against us like they played against the Gmen, they'll be Santa Claus.
  3. kmd24

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    Sounds about right. Their heart is two sizes too small.

    I guess they forgot that the Grinch gives Christmas back at the end, kind of like the Redskins when they hosted the Saints.
  4. gmb85

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    Then all the sudden they'll find their swagga back and we'll have to fight hard to beat the Skins. God I hate that organization.
  5. theebs

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    I understand what they are saying and they will play us tough.

    but this article makes no sense after last night. they quit. Plain and simple. they were outmanned due to circumstances outside of their control and they in turn quit.
  6. miamicowboy21

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    Nothing new. We have to jump on them early and give them a reason to surrender. Oakland vs Denver should be shown to our players as an example of what could happen if you don't hammer an inferior team down early. The urgency has to be their from jump street.
  7. cowboyjoe

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    Theebs, buddy, maybe you can help me; or Hostile or DC
    This article was before the skins giants game, says 3 games to go,

    i am trying to find articles to get the Dallas Cowboys players pumped up and raring to go. Best I remember some skins made some comments how they should have won because they kicked our rear end all over the field till the last 3 minutes or so in the game that we won 7-6 in the first game this year we played the skins. Remember even dexter manley was saying things etc...

    so, maybe you or someone can help me find that info to post, so the dallas cowboys players can see it and get fired up like they did when you know who said that the Cowboys had NO CHANCE to beat the saints.
  8. Dallyjake

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    That game last night was a joke. show some heart!!! watch them play like super bowl contenders vs the Cowboys though. bunch of chumps.
  9. Joshmvii

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    If we jump on them like we did the Saints it'll be over early. We just have to come out aggressive on offense.
  10. kmd24

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    The article is from before last night's game ("With three games left")
  11. theebs

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    I hear ya and applaud you.

    But I dont think we need it this week. We just need to not make mistakes.

    the big thing that was said after the game last time was that roy williams was afraid, remember laron landry in the losing locker room ran his mouth about roy being afraid.

    I am all for that stuff, I swear by it, but I dont believe we need the rah rah stuff this week. I think we just need a focused team that plays solid defense again.

    If we get the same effort on defense that we got when we played them last time and last week they will have no chance with that offensive line.
  12. gmb85

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    We need to score early and often like someone said. If we can jump out to an early big lead, then it's time to kiss tha baby. ;)
  13. malbis030347

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    all they need to do is continue the play like they did last night...and if they want to try to fool us with another fake field goal try like last night I think we may even be able to defend it..! lol
  14. cowboyjoe

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    well, i just think we might need some kind of fire to light the players up like Dungy said, when cowboys have no chance, the players need to be focused and ready because i think the redskins are going to come out focused and trying to upset us and give us the grinch for christmas

    we need for the cowboys to keep building this momentum going into the eagles game, so pressure wont be so high

    thing to think about, the giants have gotten new life now with their win over skins, and if we end in a tie with them, you know were eliminated from the playoffs, so we do need to be focused

    thats a good point you made about landry saying roy w... was scared, maybe we can get that to roy williams to have roy focused;

    main thing, i dont want any kind of letdown, remember the players get Friday off for christmas. you know how we always play when the players get another extra day off
  15. zrinkill

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    I bet they also want to not suck.
  16. cowboyjoe

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    that too they will be totally mad now that they lost big time on Monday Night in front of all of america, and they will be fired up

    one good thing about the game last night, we saw the formation on a punt or field goal where the skins ****ed to one side with over half the team

    Coach Joe D should see that big time and be prepared for it;

    remember in one game, forgot which game, but we used a time out on the giants when they tried to sneak in the offensive linemen and wade said he didnt hear the ref call the player out, but we had to spend an extra timeout on that issue

    now we should be ready for the skins on some kind of fake on punt, kickoff etc or field goal attempt
  17. percyhoward

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    "The Redskins won the toss and chose not to play."

    --from their official website
  18. RXP

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    The Redskins were horrible last night. As many have said jump on them early and often, and they will fold their tents and go home just like Monday.

    If we lose to these guys, we don't deserve to go to the playoffs. No way the Cowboys can allow that to happen.
  19. theebs

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    lol well done..

  20. Joe Realist

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    This will be game that Roy Williams makes a difference

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