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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by fifaguy, Dec 8, 2013.

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    You don't think taking more time to work on their craft will help? I think it does. It is not the only problem, but it is a start. Mostly I think it is a symptom of the bigger issue that league just doesn't take the role of officiating as serious as they need. I think the officials need more training, which they can get if they are full time. More open evaluations, too. Most of the time no on knows if a ref is given poor grades or even good reviews for their work. The refs need to see the repercussions of their work. The coaches and players do. And hopefully more competition as well. It wouldn't hurt if officials knew their jobs were at stake.
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    I agree. I think the bad calls are a result of more subjective rules, the speed of the game and better technology which allows us to see more camera games and see more plays which we can dissect and criticize.

    For example, in the Cleveland game, that PI used to be great coverage. But now because of the rules, the refs are having to interpret on the fly and very quickly, and it becomes increasingly more difficult to do. What they may need to do is subject PI and other "subjective" penalties to instant review.

    I think if the criticism of the refs continues, that's the course the NFL will have to take. However, that will slow the game down significantly and make them longer.
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    It is pretty amazing how bad they are this year.

    That PI call was atrocious in cleveland, and the roughing call on Fairley was ridiculous and changed the momentum of the game.

    The refs are impacting the game in a tangible way, and that's simply not acceptable from the NFL.
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    As the Peter King 3 part article suggests the biggest issue is the focus on grading and the overreaction to a bad call.

    Officials should be graded as to why they missed the call and not the fact they did. If the focus was on fixing the issues as to why...rules knowledge, positioning, fitness...and not to put out a point of emphasis after every week of games, things would improve.

    The system has them officiating scared and over focusing on what they missed causing other things to be missed in the process..
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    I understand you not wanting to blame refs, but the past two weeks, it is evident that the league wants a tight race. I dont think they necessarily want them to beat us, but they want it in question. That 2 point conversion was crap. Detroit quit after that.
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    Good points.
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    Officials in this league are awful.

    They directly contributed to wins in all three games and have impacted the playoff races. Philly, New England and Baltimore got some ridiculous calls at home late in the fourth.
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    You're being naive. It is the league that is causing it. I never believed it but I am quickly starting to believe that the league is using the refs to control the outcome of games. It's sounds crazy but I can find no other explanation for what is going on. Officiating has never been this bad and it always seemed to even out. Now it seems certain teams are always on the same end of beneficial calls or bad calls. I hate to feel this way but I just can't figure out what is going on.
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    That's always the way it has been. The Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70s were accused of having all the calls go their way. The Pittsburgh-Houston AFC Championship Game was a clear example. The Dallas Cowboys of the 90s were accused of having all the calls go their way. The constant complaint was that they got away with holding, and Michael Irvin got away with grabbing and pushing defenders. The later was a MAJOR complaint.

    Each generation believes it has it worse than the previous generation primarily because the current generation evaluates situations based on its own frame of reference.

    And then you add the Internet, which magnifies the situation based on the platform it gives those who complain, and it appears to be worse.

    It may very well appear to be worse, but I think it's more proportional based on more rules and the magnitude of the complaints based on the Internet and social media.
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    But if that is the seahawks or another so called "physical" defense, they say it is good coverage.

    I see the seahawks commit illegal contact/pass interference on almost every play. Since they do it so often and is not called, it is looked at as good, physical defense.

    Yet, when other teams (like the browns game) even put a hand on a wr, it is called pass interference.

    The biggest problem with officiating is that there is no consistency at all. What is called one game is not called in another. Or what is called on one team doesnt get called on another.
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    Then why in the last two years has it gotten so much worse? There are the same number of cameras around; the internet is the same; etc. But in the last year especially the calls are getting worse and worse and more of them.

    Cause and effect. Clearly something is wrong.

    They need to start looking at recruiting and training officials just like they do players. And they needed to be graded and rated just like players are. And it has to be transparent so everyone can see.

    That means full time officials that work most of the year at their craft JUST LIKE THE PLAYERS AND COACHES DO. Why should THEY be part time when no one else IS?
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    Immutable inconsistency is due to either incorrigibility or an insufficiency of integrity.
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    Pretty terrible with what happened at the end of the Skins-Giants game last week. That was no better than the replacement ref debacle.
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    Yes the holding call on Suh was horrific, but the late hit on Foles was even worse that started that drive.
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    I don't disagree, which is why I said the additional rules create a great deal of "subjectivity." Subjectivity means subject to one's own opinion and interpretation. There is no objective standard. When you get into interpreting roughing penalties or personal fouls, you get into areas of subjectivity. Some refs call it one way, some another.

    There's really no way to make that less subjective as long as you have interpretation involved. In the old days, they just let defenders destroy quarterbacks regardless. There was no room for subjectivity, unless you punched a quarterback in the face or something like that.

    Thus, IMO, you're going to continue having inconsistency because the new rules invite them.
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    I guess the refs are trying to save the Broncos now.
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    I used to think that was ridiculous.
    I railed on that very subject not long ago, but these refs...

    They're starting to convince me otherwise.
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    Over the last few years, they've implemented more rules to protect the quarterback and more rules to protect receivers. As a result, you get more penalty flags thrown because officials are now unsure of what constitutes personal foul or hitting a defenseless receiver.

    Just look at the college level as an example. How many more penalties were added because of the new rules to throw a flag when a defender delivered a vicious hit on a receiver? I think there's a more direct correlation between the number of rules and the number of penalties, i.e., the more rules you have, the more penalties you're going to have in a game.
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    Yes. All true
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    Think less league conspiracy and more football wagering and you will draw closer to the truth.

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