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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by fifaguy, Dec 8, 2013.

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    Right now, there are so many non-calls that are very obvious to even an average fan, and so many penalties for which the infraction is marginal or non-existent, it is impossible for me to say if outcomes are being decided or points are being shaved. Bad calls and non-calls are ubiquitous, and the NFL seems to have little or no interest in fixing it.
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    Gambling interests know that, in a very real way, they are protected by the very league(s) they are exploiting.

    Sporting entities like the NFL greatly fear gambling scandals.

    Ironically their desire to protect the games integrity leads directly to an easy coercion of same.
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    I had an interesting conversation with a longtime college ref with over 25 years experience a few weeks ago, who had been on track to get promoted to the NFL. He said he was informally and off-the-record told in effect that he wasnt going to make it, not because of competence, but for other reasons. He said he's heard the same thing elsewhere in the ref community. The NFL is more concerned with other things than just competence on the field...image, having what they regard as a representative cross-section, political concerns, some nepotism thrown in too. Refs are getting promoted before they are ready or have the years of experience needed. It sounded like an environment that just doesn't promote competence above everything else.
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    The NBA did the same thing. They wanted cookie cutter refs. They chose candidates that were all 6' 4" with 18 inch biceps and 30 inch waists that had little or no experience. They went for a look over countless qualified NCAA officials with years of experience.
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    The NCAA bball officials suck too.
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    I'm watching the Patriots game yesterday. The Browns have the ball with sixish minutes left in the game and a five point lead. They put together a nice drive and have the ball in field goal distance second down and seven. At that point I think to myself, "just about time for a strange call to go the Patriot's way. Right on cue the ball is snapped, Browns QB rolls out to his right under heavy pressure. He is outside the numbers, throws the ball across the line of scrimmage to a spot less than ten yard from a receiver. FLAG. Intentional grounding. It's now third and 17 out of field goal range. It wasn't even close to grounding. The Browns were able to convert the third and 17 and eventually scored a TD but that grounding call was very very frustrating to see as a fan of pro football. Especially when I called the damn thing right before it happened.

    Then the PI at the end......

    The officials have always sucked but it is getting beyond ridiculous.
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    I thought this comment was very telling and confirms what I've been saying all along.
    It's one thing to say that NFL reffing is bad; it's another to say NFL refs are deliberately cheating. Not that it can't happen. But it's very hard to prove unless you have someone confess that he is.
    This comment comes from Peter King's answers to questions about his story on NFL refs.

    If anything, the tendency is to rule against your favorite team to overcompensate for perceptions of favoritism.

    Having said that, the PI call against Cleveland was horrendous. But that's what happens when it becomes the league's goal to feature more scoring and to cater to pass-happy offenses.
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    this is true of any job

    when you dont get promoted it is never your own competence (or incompetence) it is always someone else's fault, there are always 'other reasons'

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    Maybe. It could have been sour grapes on his part. But I didn't get that impression from him. And his story seems to fit the quality of referring we see every week out there all over the league. My guess is that there was some truth to what he was saying.
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    Why should the officials be part time? Is anyone else connected to the NFL part time?

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