Relax. McClay only needs to find two starters this April

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JBell523, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. mrtxstar

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    It's not that simple. Those next men up on defense that's being talked about are nothing more than scrubs. We need to draft a CB and a DE with the first two picks but we need so much more.
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  2. AbeBeta

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    TE is one of the toughest positions. That's a developmental position. You just don't see tons of success in both blocking and receiving out of the gate from TEs.

    Witten won the lottery getting coaching from Parcells and mentoring from Dan Campbell. He's wasn't a complete TE on arrival but those two were huge for him
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  3. mcompact

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    Disagree. We need a higher caliber CB more than RDE. If I had to rank it: CB-RT-SS-RDE-RB
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  4. Noclaf

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    What planet are you relying on those to as your pass rushers? D Ware to Mayoral really?
  5. Noclaf

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    I'm sorry we have seen a great pass rusher, these are not that
  6. coult44

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    This argument is funny. Sad actually. I can name better defensive units in college than this group. We have ONE defensive players that would start on a good team. Lee. That's it!!
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  7. rpntex

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    Irving's best position is at DT (3T). He made very few plays last season at DE.
  8. BoysWin

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    I believe Chaz and Emmit Cleary are better than 2017 draft options
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  9. rpntex

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    Sadly, that may be true. According to everyone I've read/heard, this is a very poor tackle class.
  10. robjay04

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    For all the hate around here about losing Carr and Mo...people seem to forget that Brown started about half the season and was one of our top 3 corners for almost the entire season and held up well. I would guess he played more snaps than Mo has ever had in his career.! If he was a first round pick...people around here would be stoked about his sophomore season but since he is a sixth round pick, people are timid to trust him. Fans seem to forget that a good number of top corners around the league were picked in the latter part of the draft or...undrafted. No reason to think Brown won't be improved in 2017.

    Scandrick improved as the season went on, he very well could be past his prime but the injury he had was serious. He will be 100% for the first time since 2014 this season. Carrol? Myself, along with the majority of this board don't see him as a great player. Obviously the team sees something in his scheme fit considering they tried for two straight offseasons to land him.

    Personally, I believe we will likely be set with our top 3 corners. I don't think we spend a first on a player we don't project will play a lot. Also, Zeke is not going to be suspended...I would take a LB, WR, TE or a DT before RB. I want a RB as well but I don't want to draft one because we feel it's a need...only if we can get a good player that fits at the right spot.
  11. dragon_mikal

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    Pass rush improves the secondary. CBs aren't as important as a good pass rusher.
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  12. CowboysWillRise

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    You do realize Irvin is 23 right? The same age Ware played his rookie year at. No that doesnt mean Im calling him the next Dware. It means he hasnt likely reached his potential.

    All Im advocating is to stop with the knee jerk reactions and let promising prospects develop. In no way am I suggesting we dont draft defensive linemen.
  13. Kaiser

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    Why are you calling Irving the next DeMarcus Ware and why don't you want us to draft more DL?

    Kidding, great post. Irving has all the physical skills to be a dominant player and he is only 23 just like you said. He is also playing for some of the best DL coaches in the game. He may or may not develop further, but I like the odds.
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  14. Floaty

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    :lmao2:You think Brown and Carroll are starting material:lmao:

    We need not one....but 2 new CBs and a new SS. That's @ least 3 guys right there.:rolleyes:

    We also need a RDE and a new DT...because Stephen Paea is garbage. Absolutely hate what we have done in free agency so far.
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  15. stilltheguru88

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    We don't need a RT. Let Green battle Cleary and may the best man win. Leave the offense alone. We score enough points.
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  16. Eanwen

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    I'm not a stat guy but to my eyes after the first Eagle game Brown looked worse as the season went on. He didn't look good against GB. He's decent for being a 6th rounder or wherever he was drafted but I have my doubts that he should start.
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  17. Floaty

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    Kid should strictly be a backup....but we think we hit gold w/ every draft pick last year.:rolleyes: Cowboys ruining another player. Go figure.
  18. Chris in Arizona

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    This unit will get torched. Especially with....

    Deserve's got nothing to do with it.

    The secondary will get better in the draft, but if not, that might be the worst starting secondary in the league. This is a passing league. The Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryans of the world will p'own the guys you named.
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  19. NextGenBoys

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    Until they run 3-steps all game and hit you with quick hitters
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  20. stilltheguru88

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    I've been going back and forth on it but I think Budda Baker should be the pick at 28 if he's there. Instant starter and I think BPA AND at a position of need. Makes too much sense to me.

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