Relax. McClay only needs to find two starters this April

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JBell523, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Verdict

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    Irving may turn out to be the better player but I think it is the subject of legitimate dispute based on the sample size so far. There is a reason Irving isn't getting more snaps, or Rod is an idiot. That is also a possibility I am willing to consider.
  2. 44cowboys22

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    I'll take that bet
  3. mcompact

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    I agree with everyone in wanting a "war daddy", but I just don't believe one of the very few (tier 1) in this draft will fall to 28. If we really want a war daddy, then we need to be prepared to trade up in the middle of the first for a guy like Barnett. IMO, Takk, Harris, Taco...those aren't war daddys. The tier 2 and tier 3 pass rushers are all mixed together. The DE's that are available to us at 28 might not be any better than Mayowa or Lawrence at this point and won't be getting as many snaps this year.

    That's why I would rather focus on a DB at 28 that can play right now and be an upgrade over what we lost. Whether or not he is ready, he's going to see the field often in 2017. We got lucky with Anthony Brown, but I'd rather not take another chance with another late round DB to fill an immediate role in the backfield.
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  4. DFWJC

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    I realize they did it last year, but finding two legit starters in one draft is actually pretty unusual.
  5. Mr Cowboy

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    If it was we wouldn't be looking, especially DE.
  6. haleyrules

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    Yes, of course, the club will not get a star Passrusher in the upcoming draft. maybe a trade or a trade up is possible. But I do get your point.
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    What do you expect from him? 2 sacks every game a 3 TFL's? he had a nice year and is improving
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  8. Alexander

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    I think what bugs people about Irving is the consistency. He can have a monster game and then disappear for a month.

    Last year he did have some injuries that might have caused part of that. But it is frustrating to see a player take over a game like he on several occasions and then disappear for stretches at a time.

    If he gets that consistency rolling, he is frightening. Consistency is what elevates tease players to being great players.

    In a way, he reminds me a lot of Leon Lett when he first started. Once he got in a groove, he was one of the best. Hope for the same from Irving, except also hope he avoids pot.
  9. Plankton

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    Irving single handedly killed the Buccaneer passing offense in the win last season while playing LDE.
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Great story. How does that answer my question?
  11. StarBoyz83

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    I'm just saying mayowa is the best DE right now.
  12. khiladi

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    Are the Jones and Garrett family starting threads on this board now?

  13. bsbellomy

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    Smart people don't rely on Jeff Heath to be your starter. You can play him and hope like hell you get more positive than negative. But you don't go into the season with him as your number 1 option.
  14. Cowboys1fan

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    We need to coMe away with a starting strong safety and corner at the minimum. This draft is 4 rounds deep of studs. I have faith. We could also trade next year 3rd and or 4th to get back into the 3rd this year due to all the comp picks we will get next season. Relax. Will mcclay is the man
  15. lukin2006

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    True, I do think we are going DE in round 1...I think we stand a better chance of finding a really good DE in round 1. I also suspect if we used our round 2 picks wiser in the last few years the defense would be less of an issue...but wasting picks on Gregory, Lawrence, Escobar and Smith doesn't help...those are early misses. I know it's still early to tell if Smith was a wasted pick, but with as many needs on defense as this has drafting a guy that high in the second round who may never play or be the same is a waste.
  16. rpntex

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    Not according to Broaddus. By the way, nobody is saying Irving can't play DE, just that his best position, and where made the biggest contribution, was at DT.
  17. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    Not that I agree with the pick, but if Njoku is sitting there when the Cowboys are up, I have my doubts they will pass him up.

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