Reliant Stadium To Have Widest Video Displays In Pro Sports

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by houstonwhodat, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. houstonwhodat

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    This news just in:

    The Houston Texans are now saying the are going to have the biggest video displays in all of pro sports.

    Even surpassing Jerry World's screens.

    Ya'll check the dimensions and see if that is true. I have never been to Dallas' new stadium so I couldn't tell you.

    "Today, the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation voted to approve replacing the Reliant Stadium video display boards, making them the largest in Texas and the widest display in professional sports. Each video display will measure 52.49' (H) x 277.17' (W) with 4.4 trillion colors and a 960 Hz refresh rate for jitter-free HD images."

    “Our game experience is consistently rated as one of the finest in the world and these spectacular video boards will help us elevate to an even higher level of performance for our fans," said Houston Texans President Jamey Rootes. "Starting next season, the energy, excitement and entertainment we deliver for each home game at Reliant Stadium will be matched with exclusive video content, real-time information and event enhancements to provide an even better experience for our large and loyal fan base.”
  2. AsylumGuido

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    Tag! You're it, Jerah!
  3. JohnsKey19

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    Jerry is a lot of things in this business - some good some bad. But Jerry has always been ahead of the class as an owner/businessman in the NFL. It does not surprise me that Jerry started the trend of party decks and oversized video displays that some initially mocked but soon most teams will follow.
  4. WPBCowboysFan

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    Lofty goals the Texans franchise has!
  5. Reverend Conehead

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    Uh oh, Jerruh's gonna have to respond now. lol
  6. houstonwhodat

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    I remember when JJ was down in Houston for the inaugural game against the Texans which Dallas lost.

    You could see JJ checking out the stadium and could tell he was jealous because the Boys were still playing at the old Texas Stadium in Irving.

    So what did he do, created the monster that is now in Dallas.

    Guess they will have to outdo each other now.
  7. dcstands4

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    the houston-dallas rivalry is BACK people!!!
  8. Lonestar94

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    Glad to hear. Now Cowboys Stadium wont be the center of attraction.
  9. nathanlt

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    The problem with the Reliant Stadium video screen, is that it doesn't show the Dallas Cowboys game on it.

    Worthless, really.
  10. theebs

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    Dan Snyder said the same thing back in 2010.

    And the difference of course is that the video board won't be hanging over the middle of the field like in Arlington.

    Funny how other teams are so obsessed with this though.
  11. poost

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    Those dimensions are really weird. To compare Dallas' is 72' high and 160' across. This board is going to be very wide and skinny looking. I wonder where they will put it.
  12. Cogan

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    Well, if you consider better players, GM, Head Coach, owner, record, etc., then they are one of the most worthless teams in the NFL. Come on, you can be a fan without being blind to reality. The Texans are on their way up-strong at almost every position, while the Cowboys have averaged a .500 record over the last 17 seasons & haven't shown any inclination of improving under Jerry Jones.
  13. WoodysGirl

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    Don't think there ever was a real rivalry beyond Houston folks.
  14. houstonwhodat

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    I think JJ's screen is awesome.

    However it does look like it's in the way in the middle of the field.

    Can you see over to the other side of stadium if you aren't in the lower bowl?

    Didn't a kicker hit it?

    On the flip side, looks like the Texans season tickets are going to go up again.

    Somebody has to pay for it.
  15. houstonwhodat

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    But the Texans have the most unimaginative name ever.

    The Texans? That's all they could come up with?

    Matches the creativity of their coach.

    Didn't Dallas start out as the Texans?

    See how long that lasted...
  16. Future

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    Yes it will. I bet half of football fans don't even know who plays in reliant stadium.
  17. xwalker

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    277.17' (W) x 52.49' (H) (ratio = 5.3)

    The aspect ratio would cause the picture to be completely distorted on a single screen with those dimensions.

    Jerry's screen is 160' (W) x 72' (H) (ratio = 2.22)

    HDTV aspect ratio 16/9 (1.78)

    SDTV aspect ration 4/3 (1.33)
  18. poost

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    That's what I was thinking. I don't think they will have a single screen display. More like the main picture in the middle with other things on each side. (ads, game clock, down distance) things like that.
  19. Zordon

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    :lmao2: at those idiotic facebook comments at the bottom.

    the truly hate us for some odd reason.
  20. tupperware

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    But can you buy panties in their stadium? That's the real question.

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