Reliant Stadium To Have Widest Video Displays In Pro Sports

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by houstonwhodat, Dec 19, 2012.

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    That sounds correct. If you divide the width by 3, then you get a 16/9 aspect ratio.

    That would be like me putting 3, 32" TVs side-by-side and claiming that it is bigger than someones 84" TV.
  2. nathanlt

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    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Jerry Jones fan, and I'm glad that Stephen Jones shows some reasonable talent as a GM. But as far as caring about which teams are better than Dallas doesn't interest me in the slightest.

    It's Dallas Cowboys or nothing, no other sports or teams interest me.
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    Actually there was a team already in the AFL called the Dallas Texans. After the Cowboys came into the league (First working name was the Rangers but changed before they ever played a game) the Texans tried to compete for fans with the Cowboys but failed so the owner Lamar Hunt moved the team to to KC and they became the Chiefs.
  4. houstonwhodat

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    Dallas has the most awesome cheerleaders and cheerleader outfits anyway.
  5. houstonwhodat

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    I read their comments.

    Texans fans are delusional if they really believe they are going to the Super Bowl.

    They will choke like all Houston teams do.

    Kubiak doesn't have it and Schaub definitely doesn't.

    Brady or Peyton Manning will chew them up in the playoffs.
  6. BrassCowboy

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    for one, if you are in the nose bleed section, why would you need to see the other side of the stadium? wouldn't you be looking at the field?

    not one kicker has ever hit it in the regular season nor superbowl. A kicker did hit it once in preseason the very first year and it was VERY obvious he was aiming for it to have his name attached to it in the media. Why not, it was the preseason.

    The original will always be in the Cowboys Stadium.
  7. theogt

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    For visual reference, here's a comparison. Jerry's screen being in blue.


    One is a TV. The other is a long banner that plays video.
  8. houstonwhodat

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    Texans screen looks like a panoramic screen then, or maybe 2:35/1 cinema.

    I don't know what they are going to do because Reliant is already built out.

    No way greedy McNair is going to eliminate some of those high dollar seats to watch the mediocre Texans.
  9. StylisticS

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    It's really hilarious. They really want a rivalry with Dallas so badly and Dallas fans hardly very give them the time of day.
  10. FiveRings

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    Houston is 10 years old, the only thing close to a rivalry they have is a hatred for the Colts from getting whooped by Peyton for so many years
  11. cowboys2233

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    Nope, Jerry is the original. They can never take that away.
  12. Dallas

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    Take this as you will. When you go out shopping and you want the best TV and picture, you go and buy what Jerry Jones has. When you go out shopping and you log on a message board before going and ask for a cheap alternative and only for said amount. You go out and beg for a CS person at Best Buy to help you and you go home with what will be hanging in Reliant Stadium.

    That is about as basic as you can put it.

    Imagine all of the electric advertising the Reliant board will be carrying along w/ some middle part being the actual game.

    Ummm no thanks. You can polish a turd a lot, but in the end...its still a piece of poo.
  13. cowboys2233

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    That sounds unhygienic.
  14. CowboysYanksLakers

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    There stadium still is second fiddle to Texas Stadium in Arlington...
  15. numnuts23

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    There's a NFL team in Houston???
  16. Gossamer

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    Pretty much like my Terps in Basketball -- We absolutely hate the Blue Devils and they don't even know we exist.

    Loved those 'DUCK FUKE' shirts -- until the University banned them, of course.
  17. Fletch

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    New and improved cup holders?
  18. joseephuss

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    The Texans don't have a better owner.
  19. Hostile

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    14 teams have never won a Super Bowl. 7 in each Conference.

    4 teams have never been to a Super Bowl. They are Cleveland, Jacksonville, Detroit, and Houston. Every other team has at least played in one.

    Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Detroit are out of the playoff picture and won't get a chance to break that streak this year.

    Houston will not break it either. Yes, I am predicting they will not go to the Super Bowl despite having the best record in the NFL this year.
  20. WoodysGirl

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    I'm willing to buy that prediction. While I think they're a solid team, I think in the playoffs they'll look more the team that got blasted by Green Bay and NE than the team that rolled through the AFC South.

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