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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Phoenix-Talon, Dec 19, 2005.

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    You Know what hockix're right. Take a couple of days (although it took me longer) to get over this Redskins beatdown. When your team gae the Eagles a royal shalacking I was ready to change QBs, and headcoaches! But after cooling down, I realized that there are so many factors that determine the outcome of games just can't pinpoint it all down into one player, or One coach, rookies or veterans -- yes, that includes kickers!

    It would help to start focusing on the Panthers. But it will also be comforting to know that your team has greatly improved from 2004! It may not seem lke it right now, but the Cowboys are moving In the right direction.

    I'm currently here in Redskin's country -- they are hyped off the hook (sought of speak, meaning this was the game of a lifetime for them. They'll never forget this one). While it truly was a pivotal game, it means nothing unless they can beat you guys in the same fashion in your house -- that 1-point victory could have gone either way).

    So buck up buckaroo Cowboys -- at least you swept the Eagle this year! Don't count on that year!;)

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