Rematch Super Bowl XLII (Video)

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    Hey Guys:

    I'd like to share my new video "History has a way of repeating itself".

    There is content of SB5 Cowboys vs Colts. Vengence!!!!!!!! And it focuses on a recap of the 2006 game (Cowboys 21 Colts 14). The theme is centered around a rematch in 2008 site of Super Bowl XLII (Glendale, Arizona).

    If anyone would like to download this video, here are links to the download ques. There are three to choose from. Naturally, the larger file size is the best quality and the aspect ratio (screen size), is the largest. The download time is also the longest of course. (360.88 MB) ...........

    Download Rematch_Super_Bowl_XLII_1.mpg from FileFront!

    The second best quality is also the smallest screen size (59.08 MB) ..........

    Download Rematch_Super_Bowl_XLII_2.mpg from FileFront!

    The least quality has a larger screen size, and is the fastest download time.....

    Download Rematch_Super_Bowl_XLII_3.avi from FileFront!

    My recommendation is to take the time to download the larger file. Its similar to DVD quality.

    For those of you who would like a preview, here is a link to Yahoo. Keep in mind, the image quality is inferior to the files hosted at the download ques.

    Here's to a Rematch in 2008. And "God bless the Dallas Cowboys".[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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