News: Remembering Pete Gent, Who Wrote ‘North Dallas Forty’

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    Remembering Pete Gent, Who Wrote ‘North Dallas Forty’


    Pete Gent was able to express in words what many players feel about pro football, both good and bad. While his writing left its mark on the game, it’s equally clear that the game left its mark on him. Gent died Friday from a pulmonary illness at his home in Bangor, Mich. He was 69. A few thoughts:

    In the early 1970s, as pro football was becoming the nation’s most popular spectator sport, a group of ex-players exposed, through both their words and their actions, the game’s seamy underside. A novel by Pete Gent, “North Dallas Forty,” based on his five years with the Cowboys, graphically depicted the pain and anguish the public couldn’t feel or see on their television screens. Yet, despite the broken bones and sleepless nights, most of the players wished it could go on forever. Many, like Gent himself, remembered their football days as some of the best times of their lives.

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